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Research Technologies Branch

Biological Imaging Section

Protocols: Culture Dishes for Use on the Confocal Microscopes

Plastic Slides With Chambers

Good Ones

  • Lab-Tek II chamber slides, Nunc number 154461
    Order from Fisher Scientific, number 12-565-6 (2 chamber)

Not Good

  • Gasket material left behind
  • Lab-Tek chamber slide, Nunc number 177429
    Available from Fisher Scientific, number 12-565-20 (2 chamber)

Glass Slides With Chambers

Same as above, but the slide is glass rather than plastic.
Lab-Tek chamber slide, Nunc number 177402 (2 chamber)
Available from Fisher Scientific

Chambers With Coverslip Bottoms

  • Nunc chambered cover glass
  • 1 well 12-565-472
  • 2 well 12-565-471
  • 4 well 12-565-401 (old # 12-565-103n)
  • 8 well 12-565-470
  • Order from Fisher Scientific (on Ambis)

96 Well Plates with Coverslip Bottoms

  • SO (special optics) 96 well plates, Corning-Costar
    Catalog number: 3614 TC treated; 3615 not treated
    Info at*
  • Whatman Uniview, number 7706-1365
    from Whatman, Clifton, New Jersey*

Culture Dishes With Coverslip Bottoms

Small coverslip in center of bottom, Mat tek number P35G-0-10-C: Mat tek Co, 1- 08-881-6771

Entire Dish Bottom Coverslip

Available from Bioptechs, Butler, Pennsylvania*

Tin coated for temp control: black 04200415B $57/10
Uncoated bottom: black 04200415B $35/10

Note: Plastic slides cannot be used if collection of DIC images is required.

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Last Updated April 05, 2007