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Timothy G. Myers, Ph.D.
Bldg. 50, Rm. 5509
50 South Drive, MSC 8005
Bethesda, MD 20892-8005
Phone: 301-496-0502
Fax: 301-496-0449

Research Technologies Branch

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Useful Links

Useful microarray-related resources and links:

mAdb NIAID* Access the mAdb database.
Stanford Genomic Resources* Locate microarray references and access genome databases.
Stanford University, Microarray Database* Perhaps the best overall Web site for spotted microarrays. Also, a repository for microarray data available to the public.
Microarray Gene Expression Database* Grassroots working group effort to standardize microarray data, recommendations for data exchange formats.
NCBI's Gene Expression Omnibus* Repository of microarray data available to the public.
EBI's Array Express* Repository of microarray data available to the public.
Mouse Genome Informatics* Access the genome and gene expression databases and receive Sequence Project updates.
Affymetrix* Produces GeneChips®, an alternative array technology.
Axon Instruments, Support* Receive application notes on using the scanner.
External RNA Control Consortium (ERCC)* Microarray community effort to standardize controls for assessing platform performance.

Companies that provide labeling kits, amplification kits, and fluorochromes for microarrays:


Agilent* Fluorescent Direct Label Synthesis Kit
Fluorescent Linear Amplification Kit
Ambion* ArrayControl™ Spikes
MessageAmp™ aRNA Kits
GE Healthcare* Fluorescent Nucleotide Conjugates
CyScribe™ First Strand Labeling Kit
CyScribe Post Labeling Kit
CyScribe&3153; Direct mRNA Labeling Kit
Enzo Life Sciences* Cy3 and Cy5 cDNA Labeling Kit
Genisphere* 3DNA Detection Systems
Invitrogen* SuperScript II Reverse Transcriptase
Fluoro cDNA Labeling Kit
Molecular Probes* Fluorescent nucleotide conjugates
NuGEN Technologies* Ovation™ Amplification kit for cDNA amplification
PerkinElmer* Fluorescent nucleotide conjugates
MICROMAX™ Labeling kits
Promega* ImProm-II™ Reverse Transcriptase
Qiagen* Omniscript RT Kit
Label Star Labeling Kits
Stratagene* FairPlay® Microarray Labeling Kit
SpotReport™ Alien™ Validation System
Universal Reference RNA

This list is not comprehensive and may not include all the comparable companies or products. Companies or products listed in this table are neither endorsed nor specifically recommended by NIAID.

*Note: Some of the links on this page connect to information sources outside of NIAID and are provided as a convenience for World Wide Web users. Please see the NIAID disclaimer.

MicroArray DataBase (mAdb)

In collaboration with the Genomic Technologies Section at NIAID and the Advanced Technology Center at NCI, the BioInformatics and Molecular Analysis Section (BIMAS), NIH Center for Information Technology, offers the mAdb microarray data analysis system.

Notice May 11, 2007: The Affymetrix Dataset creation/extraction tools have been updated. You now have a choice of methods for calculating representative expression values from probe level intensities. In addition to using the uploaded MAS5 calculated expression values, you have the choice of calculating expression values from the uploaded CEL files using the robust multi-array average (RMA) algorithm from the BioConductor package. More information about this update.

mAdb website

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Last Updated August 20, 2012