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Leading research to understand, treat, and prevent infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases
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Steve Porcella, Ph.D.

Chief, RML Genomics Unit

Research Technologies Branch

Major Areas of Expertise

  • High-throughput Capillary/Sanger DNA sequencing
  • Affymetrix microarray technologies
  • Next-generation DNA/RNA sequencing
  • High-throughput TaqMan (Q-RtPCR) analysis
  • Human and pathogen genotyping
  • Advanced bioinformatics and biostatistics (experiment design, data management, statistical analysis, exploratory analysis, data mining, and database integration) for all of the above

Program Description

Located in the Rocky Mountain Laboratories (RML), RML Genomics enables intramural NIAID investigators to use state-of-the-art applications in microarray and sequencing technologies in their research programs. Our staff provides expertise, instrumentation, and analysis and interpretation of data.


Our facility is equipped with specialized instrumentation dedicated to the science of genomics, which entails answering biological questions by investigations at the DNA and RNA level.

  • Qiagen’s BioRobot3000
  • OmniLog Phenotype Microarray Incubator/Plate Reader from Biolog, Inc
  • DNA Analyzer 3730xl from Applied Biosystems
  • ABI 3730xl

Research Group

Steve Porcella, Ph.D
Craig Martens, Ph.D.
Dan Bruno, M.S.
Dan Sturdevant, M.S.
Dana Nelson, B.A.
Eric Dahlstrom, B.A.
Jennifer Hashimoto, B.A.
John Lane, B.S.
Kayley Schulmeyer, B.S.
Kent Barbian, M.S.
Kimmo Virtaneva, Ph.D.
Kishore Kanakabandi, M.S.
Pamela Fawns
Sarah Anzick, Ph.D.
Stacy Ricklefs, B.A.
Stephen Amish
Ted Cosart, M.S.

Last Updated October 31, 2012