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AIDS Therapies Resource Guide

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Chemical Synthesis

This service provides chemical synthesis of lead compounds for use in additional drug development studies. Compounds must previously have been successfully synthesized to be candidates for this service. Synthesis of new analogs is not supported.

  • Investigators provide the synthetic schemes to be followed; NIAID contractors will modify or optimize problematic steps as necessary.
  • Complexity and cost will limit potential scale-up efforts, but synthesis of up to 1 kilogram of a simple small molecule often can be accommodated.
  • Synthesis of radiolabeled compounds can be accommodated on a limited basis.
  • Drug metabolites and reference standards for analytical assays can be synthesized.
  • Drug substances can be synthesized under GMP guidelines.

The current contractor for this service is Starks Associates, Inc., Buffalo New York.

NIAID’s point of contact for this service is Dr. Mohamed Nasr.

Last Updated July 07, 2009