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NIAID’s point of contact for this service is Dr. Steven Turk.

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Drug Formulation and Manufacturing

This service can be used to develop, manufacture, and assess a variety of pharmaceutical dosage formulations.

  • Physical and chemical properties of bulk drug substances targeted for formulation development can be determined.
  • Formulations can be developed to enhance drug solubility, improve bioavailability, enhance drug stability, deliver to target tissues, and treat specific patient populations.
  • Formulations can include tablets, capsules, semi-solid preparations, and sustained-release products.
  • Stability and release properties of formulations can be evaluated in vitro.
  • Formulations can be manufactured, packaged, labeled, and shipped under GMP guidelines.
  • Long-term stability studies of manufactured formulations can be conducted.

The current contractor for this service is SRI International, Menlo Park, California.

NIAID’s point of contact for this service is Dr. Steven Turk.

Last Updated July 08, 2009