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Animal Models of Infectious Disease

Eligibility Criteria and Preliminary Data Required

You may request services if you are an investigator in academia, a not-for-profit organization, industry, or government worldwide. You need not be a grantee of NIAID or another National Institutes of Health Institute or Center. However, you must have appropriate preliminary data to support advancing the product you wish to have studied to the requested stage of the product development pathway.

Please contact the appropriate Product Development Specialist in the Division of Microbiology and Infectious Diseases to discuss the preliminary data you have available and to learn of preliminary data required in order to derive meaningful data from the studies you propose. In general, to progress to animal studies, you must provide in vitro efficacy data. Examples of additional preliminary data that may be required for each type of service include, but are not limited to

  • Development and refinement of animal models—justification for pursuing development/refinement, including any available preliminary data.
  • In vivo screening in other than non-human primates—in vitro activity (Minimum Inhibitory Concentration, Minimum Bactericidal Concentration, anti-toxin activity); in vivo screening/efficacy with surrogate strains
  • Efficacy testing—in vitro and/or in vivo screening data, pharmacokinetic, and/or immunogenicity data

Last Updated March 18, 2015