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Finding a Cure

Research to find a cure for HIV/AIDS is among NIAID top priorities. NIAID supports a large portfolio of investigator-initiated grants in HIV cure research to identify where HIV hides, known as the HIV reservoir, and to determine how these hideouts are established and maintained. In addition, NIAID also funds research to control and eliminate the viral reservoir.

Goals of NIAID HIV Cure Research

  • Identify HIV reservoirs throughout the body
  • Determine the effects of antiretroviral therapy, chemotherapy, and other strategies on the HIV reservoir
  • Develop assays and model systems, including a nonhuman primate model, to quantify and study HIV latency
  • Characterize viral reservoirs that cause rebounding of viral levels when antiretroviral therapy is stopped
  • Determine the role of HIV integration on virus elimination strategies
  • Determine the role of HIV in hematopoietic progenitor cells regarding cure strategies
  • Investigate strategies that lead to purging of the latent reservoir and a cure for HIV/AIDS

Funding Opportunities

For updates on potential HIV cure-related funding opportunities, see the latest DAIDS council-approved concepts

Currently Active Grants (under RFAs and PAs only)

Scientific Meetings

External Funding Opportunity Announcements


What's New

All HIV/AIDS News Releases

News From NIAID-Supported Institutions

Last Updated June 24, 2015