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Leading research to understand, treat, and prevent infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases
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Note—Send your questions to NIAID SPOB, if your program officer is not listed above. Not all NIAID employees are listed on the Finding People contact information pages. If you can't find the person you are looking for, you may wish to check the NIH Enterprise Directory and/or the HHS Employee Directory.
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Division of AIDS (DAIDS)

Office of the Director

Carl W. Dieffenbach, Ph.D., Director
Emily Erbelding, M.D., Deputy Director

Science Planning and Operations Branch (SPOB)

Pam Gilden, M.B.A., Chief

Workforce Operations, Communications, and Reporting Branch (WOCRB)

Robert Gulakowski, M.S., Chief

Office for Policy in Clinical Research Operations (OPCRO)

Carol Worrell, M.D., Director

Clinical Research Resources Branch (CRRB)

Carole Andres, M.S., Chief

Protection of Participants, Evaluation and Policy Branch (ProPEP)

Judy Brooks, R.N., M.S., Chief

Regulatory Affairs Branch (RAB)

Mary Anne Luzar, Ph.D., Chief

Clinical Trials Agreement Team

Jonathan Green, J.D., Team Leader

Protocol Registration Team (PRT)

Melissa Kin, Team Leader

Office of Clinical Site Oversight

Manizhe Payton, Director
Bola Adedeji, Deputy Director

Asia & the Americas Branch (AAB)

Donna Germuga, Acting Chief

Africa & the Domestic Partners Branch (ADPB)

Eileen Pouliot, M.S.N., Acting Chief

Pharmaceutical Affairs Branch (PAB)

Scharla Estep., Acting Chief

Monitoring Operations Branch (MOB)

Karen Reese, M.S., Acting Chief

Basic Sciences Program (BSP)

Diana Finzi, Ph.D., Director
Alan Embry, Ph.D., Deputy Director

Targeted Interventions Branch (TIB)

Sandra Bridges Gurgo, Ph.D., Chief

Pathogenesis and Basic Research Branch (PBRB)

Karl Salzwedel, Ph.D., Chief

Epidemiology Branch (EB)

Carolyn Williams, Ph.D., Chief

Research Ethics Team (RET)

Liza Dawson, Ph.D., Team Leader

Vaccine Research Program (VRP)

Mary Marovich, M.D., Director
Kevin Ryan, Ph.D., Deputy Director

Vaccine Clinical Research Branch (VCRB)

Dale Hu, M.D., Chief

Preclinical Research and Development Branch (PRDB)

James A. Bradac, Ph.D., Chief

Vaccine Translational Research Branch (VTRB)

Mike Pensiero, Ph.D., Chief

Therapeutics Research Program (TRP)

Sarah Read, M.D., Director
Peter Kim, M.D., Deputy Director

Complications and Co-infections Research Branch (CCRB)

Beverly Alston-Smith, M.D., Chief

Drug Development and Clinical Sciences Branch (DDCSB)

Joe Fitzgibbon, Ph.D., Chief

HIV Research Branch (HIVRB)

Carla Pettinelli, M.D., Ph.D., Chief

TB Clinical Research Branch (TCRB)

Richard Hafner, M.D., Chief

Prevention Sciences Program (PSP)

Sheryl Zwerski, R.N., Acting Director
Fulvia Veronese, Ph.D., Assistant Director

Clinical Microbicide Research Branch (CMRB)

Roberta Black, Ph.D., Chief

Clinical Prevention Research Branch (CPRB)

David Burns, Ph.D., Chief

Preclinical Microbicide & Prevention Research Branch (PMPRB)

Jim Turpin, Ph.D., Chief

Maternal, Adolescent and Pediatric Research Branch (MAPRB)

Devasena Gnanashanmugam, M.D., Chief​

Last Updated January 06, 2016