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Virology Branch (VB) - DMID

Dr. Catherine Laughlin, Chief

Liane Agulto, Health Specialist

Dr. Christopher Beisel, Team Leader - Grant Policy and Activities, Program Officer - Beta and Gamma Herpesviruses and Prions

Cathy Cai, Nurse Consultant

Dr. Cristina Cassetti, Program Officer, Acute Viral Diseases

Dr. Mark Challberg, Team Leader - Product Development, Program Officer - Poxviruses, Alpha Herpesviruses

Dr. Walla Dempsey, Team Leader - Human Subjects Activities, Program Officer - Clinical Trials

Dr. Heather Greenstone, Program Officer, Animal Models Antiviral Evaluations

Dr. Ramya Natarajan, Health Specialist

Dr. Eun-Chung Park, Program Officer, Persistant Infectious Diseases

Miriam Perkins, Health Specialist

Dr. Patricia Repik, Program Officer, Emerging Viral Diseases

Dr. Christopher K. Tseng, Program Officer, Antiviral Research and Antimicrobial Chemistry‚Äč‚Äč

Last Updated August 25, 2014