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Biostatistics Research Branch (BRB)

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Dean Follmann Publications

Statistical Publications

Medical Publications

Statistical Publications:

Huang CY, Qin J, & Follmann DA. (2008). Empirical Likelihood-Based Estimation of Treatment Erect in a Pretest-Posttest Study, Journal of the American Statistical Association 103, 1270-1280.

Hu Z, Qin J, & Follmann DA. (2008). Semiparametric Two-sample Change-point Model with Application in HIV Studies, JRSS-C: Applied Statistics 57, Part 5, 589–607.

Hu Z, Qin J,Follmann DA., Dewar R, Sangweni, P (2008). A Nonparametric Likelihood Approach for Detecting the Discordance of Two Measurements with Limit of Detection, Statistics in Medicine, 27, 4489–4501.

Proschan MA & Follmann DA. (2008). Cluster Without Fluster: The Effect of Correlated Outcomes on Inference in Randomized Clinical Trials, Statistics in Medicine 27, 795-809.

Brittain E, Follmann DA & Song Y. (2008). Dynamic Comparison of Kaplan-Meier Pro-portions: Monitoring a Randomized Clinical Trial with a Long Term Binary Endpoint, Biometrics 64, 189-197.

Qin L, Gilbert P, Follmann DA & Li D. (2008). Assessing Surrogate Endpoints in Vaccine Trials with Case-Cohort Sampling and the Cox Model Annals of Applied Statistics 1,386-407

Albert PS & Follmann DA. (2007). Random Effects and Latent Processes Approaches for Analyzing Binary Longitudinal Data with Missingness: A Comparison of Approaches Using Opiate Clinical Trial Data, Statistical Methods for Medical Researchers 16, 417-439

Fay MP and Follmann DA. (2002). Designing Monte Carlo implementations of permutation or bootstrap hypothesis tests. American Statistician 56, 63-70.

Albert, P.S., Follmann, D.A., et al (2002). A Latent Autoregressive Model for Longitudinal Binary Data Subject to Informative Missingness. Biometrics 58, 631-642.

Hunsberger, S. and Follmann, D.A. (2001). Testing for Treatment and Interaction Effects in Semi-parametric Analysis of Covariance. Statistics in Medicine 20, 1-19.

Albert, P.S. and Follmann, D.A. (2000). Modeling Repeated Count Data Subject to Informative Dropout. Biometrics 56, 667-677.

Geller, N.L., Proschan, M.A., and Follmann, D.A. (1999). Group Sequential Monitoring of Multi-armed Clinical Trials. Drug Information Journal 33, 479-486.

Wu, M.C. and Follmann, D.A. (1999). Use of Summary Measures to Adjust for Informative Missingness Repeated Measures Data with Random Effects. Biometrics 55, 75-84.

Gu, M., Follmann, D.A., and Geller, N.L. (1999). Monitoring a General Class of Two-Sample Survival Statistics with Applications. Biometrika 86, 45-57.

Follmann, D. A. Augmented Designs to Assess Immune Response in Vaccine Trials, Biometrics 2006; 62 1161-1169.

Proschan, M.A. and Follmann, D.A. (2004). ”A Permutation Approach To The Behrens-Fisher Problem”. Journal of the Korean Statistical Society 33, 79-97.

Stylianou, M. and Follmann, D.A. (2004). The Accelerated Biased Coin Up-and-Down Design in Phase I Trials. Journal of Biopharmaceutical Statistics 14, 249-260.

Follmann, D.A., Hunsberger, S.A., and Alber, P.S. (1999). Repeated Probit Regression When Covariates are Measured with Error. Biometrics 55, 403-409.

Follmann, D.A. and Proschan, M.A. (1999). A Multivariate Test of Interaction for Use in Clinical Trials. Biometrics 55, 1151-1155.

Follmann, D.A. and Proschan, M.A. (1999). A Simple Permutation-Type Method for Testing Circular Uniformity with Correlated Angular Measurements. Biometrics 55, 782-791.

Follmann, D.A. and Proschan, M.A. (1999). Valid Inference in Random Effects Meta-analysis. Biometrics 55, 732-737.

Follmann, D.A. and Albert, P.S. (1999). Bayesian Monitoring of Event Rates with Censored Data. Biometrics 55, 603-607

Albert, P.S., Follmann, D.A., and Barnhart, H.X. (1997). A Generalized Estimating Equation Approach for Modeling Random Length Binary Vector Data. Biometrics 53, 1116-1124.

Follmann, D.A. (1997). Adaptively Changing Subgroup Proportions in Clinical Trials. Statistica Sinica 7, 1085-1102.

Proschan, M.A. and Follmann, D.A. (1997). A Restricted Test of Circadian Rhythm. Journal of the American Statistical Association 92, 717-724.

Follmann, D.A. (1996). Discussion. Statistics in Medicine 15, 2367-2370.

Follmann, D.A. (1996). A Simple Multivariate Test for One-Sided Alternatives. Journal of the American Statistical Association 91, 854-861.

Follmann, D.A. (1995). Multivariate Tests for Multiple Endpoints in Clinical Trials. Statistics in Medicine 14, 1163-1175.

Follmann, D.A. and Wu, M.C. (1995). An Approximate Generalized Linear Model with Random Effects for Informative Missing Data. 51, 151-168.

Proschan, M.A. and Follmann, D.A. (1995). Multiple Comparisons with Control in a Single Experiment versus Separate Experiments: Why do we Feel Differently? The American Statistician 49, 144-149.

Proschan, M.A., Follmann, D.A., and Geller, N.L. (1994). Monitoring Multi-armed Trials. Statistics in Medicine 13, 1441-1452.

Follmann, D.A. and Proschan, M.A. (1994). The Effect of Estimation and Biasing Strategies on Selection Bias in Clinical Trials with Permuted Blocks. Journal of Statistical Planning and Inference 39, 1-17.

Follmann, D.A., Wu, M.C., and Geller, N.L. (1994). Testing Treatment Efficacy in Clinical Trials with Repeated Binary Measurements and Missing Observations. Communications in Statistics, Part A -- Theory and Methods 23, 557-574

Follmann, D.A., Proschan, M.A., and Geller, N.L. (1994). Monitoring Pairwise Comparisons in Multi-Armed Clinical Trials. Biometrics 50, 325-336.

Follmann, D.A. (1994). Modelling Transitional and Joint Marginal Distributions in Repeated Categorical Data. Statistics in Medicine 13, 467-477.

Follmann, D.A. (1992). Growth Curve Models with Restrictions on Random Parameters. Commun Statist - Theory Meth 21, 2775-2795.

Follmann, D.A., Elliott, P., et al (1992). Variance Imputation for Overviews of Clinical Trials with Continuous Response. J Clin Epidemiol 45, 769-773.

Follmann, D.A., Wittes, J., and Cutler, J.A. (1992). Rejoinder. Statistics in Medicine 11, 453-454.

Follmann, D.A., Wittes, J., and Cutler, J.A. (1992). The Use of Subjective Rankings in Clinical Trials with an Application to Cardiovascular Disease. Statistics in Medicine 11, 427-437.

Proschan, M.A., Follmann, D.A., and Waclawiw, M.A. (1992). Effects of Assumption Violations on Type I Error Rate in Group Sequential Monitoring. Biometrics 48, 1131-1143.

Follmann, D.A. (1991). The Effect of Screening on Some Pretest-Posttest Test Variances. Biometrics 47, 763-771.

Follmann, D.A. (1990). Modelling Failures of Intermittently Used Machines. Applied Statistics 39, 115-123.

Follmann, D.A. and Lambert, D. (1989). Generalizing Logistic Regression by Nonparametric Mixing. Journal of the American Statistical Association 84, 295-300.

Follmann, D.A. (1988). Consistent Estimation in the Rasch Model Based on Nonparametric Margins. Psychometrika 53, 553-562.

Follmann, D.A. and Goldberg, M.S. (1988). Distinguishing Heterogeneity From Decreasing Hazard Rates. Technometrics 30, 389-396.

Medical Publications

Migueles SA, Osborne CM, Royce C, Compton AA, Joshi RP, Weeks KA, Rood JE, Berkley AM, Sacha JB, Cogliano-Shutta NA, Lloyd M, Roby G, Kwan R, McLaughlin M, Stallings S, Rehm C, O'Shea MA, Mican J, Packard BZ, Komoriya A, Palmer S, Wieg and AP, Maldarelli, F., Coin JM, Mellors JW, Hallahan CW, Follman DA, Connors M Lytic Granule Loading of CD8(+) T Cells Is Required for HIV-Infected Cell Elimination Associated with Immune Control, Immunity, 2008; 29 1009-1021.

Catalfamoa M, Di Mascio M, Hu Z, Srinivasula S, Thakera V, Adelsbergerd J, Rupert A, Baseler M, Tagaya Y, Roby G, Rehm C, Follmann DA, & Lane, HC/HIV infection-associated immune activation occurs by two distinct pathways that differentially affect CD4 and CD8 T cells, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2008; 105 19851-19856.

Fogli M, Mavilio D, Brunetta E, Varchetta S, Ata K, Roby G, Kovacs C, Follmann DA, Pende D, Ward J, Barker E, Marcenaro E, Moretta A, & Fauci AS, Lysis of endogenously infected CD4+ T cell blasts by rIL-2 activated autologous natural killer cells from HIV- infected viremic individuals PLoS Pathogens 2008; 4 1000101; 1-12.

Melenhorst J, Lay M, Price D, Adams S, Zeilah J, Sosa E, Hensel N, Follmann D.A., Douek D, Davenport M, Barrett J, Relative contribution of T cell receptor-beta locus factors and HLA in the shaping of the mature human Vbeta repertoire, Journal of Immunology 2008; 180(10) 6484-6489.

Hoshino Y, Qin, J, Follmann D, Strauss, S, & Cohen J The number of herpes simplex virus-infected neurons and the number of viral genome copies per neuron correlate with the latent viral load in ganglia, Virology 2008; 372 56-63.

Lopez-Granados E, Temmerman S, Wu L, Reynolds JC, Follmann D, Liu S, Rauch F, Jain A, Osteopenia in X-linked Hyper-IgM syndrome reveals a regulatory role for CD40 ligand inosteoclastogenesis, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 2007; 104; 5056-5061.

Follmann D.A., Duerr A, Tabet S, Gilbert P, Moodie Z, Cardinalli M & Self, S. Endpoints and Regulatory Issues in HIV Vaccine Clinical Trials: Lessons from a Workshop, Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome 2007; 44; 49-60.

Mavilio D, Lombardo G, Kinter A, Fogli M, La Sala A, Ortolano S, Farschi A, Follmann, D.A., Gregg R, Kovacs C, Marcenaro E, Pende D, Moretta A, Fauci A Characterization of the defective interaction between a subset of natural killer cells and dendritic cells in HIV-1 infection, Journal of Experimental Medicine, 2006; 203 (10) 2339-2350.

Kim Yea-Jean, Kumaraswami V, Choi Eun Hwa, Mu JB, Follmann D.A., Zimmerman P, Nutman TB, Genetic polymorphisms of eosinophil-derived neurotoxin and eosinophil cationic protein in tropical pulmonary eosinophilia, American Journal of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene 2005; 73 (1): 125-130.

Malaspina, A., Moir, S., Orsega, S., Vasquez, J., Miller, N., Donoghue, E., Kottilil, S., Gezmu, M., Follmann D.A., Galina, M., Vodeiko, G., Levandowski,R., Mican, J., & Fauci, A. Compromised B Cell Responses to Influenza Vaccination in HIV-Infected Individuals, Journal of Infectious Diseases 2005; 191 1442-1450.

Gilbert PB, Peterson ML, Follmann D.A., Hudgens MG, Francis DP, Gurwith M, Heyward WL, Jobes DV, Popovic V, Self SG, Sinangil F, Burke D, & Berman PW. Correlation between Immunologic Responses to a Recombinant Glycoprotein 120 Vaccine and Incidence of HIV-1 Infection in a Phase 3 HIV-1 Preventive Vaccine Trial, Journal of Infectious Diseases 2005; 191 666-677.

Mavilio, D., Lombardo, G., Benjamin, J., Kim, D., Follmann, D.A., Marcenaro, E., Planta, M., Turney J., Kovacs, C., Moretta, A. & Fauci, A.S. Characterization of CD56neg/CD16pos Natural Killer Cells: a Highly Dysfunctional NK Subset expanded in HIV infected viremic individuals, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 2005; 102 (8): 2886-2891.

Kuramoto, K., Follmann, D.A., et al (2004). Effect of Chronic Cytokine Therapy on Clonal Dynamics in Nonhuman Primates. Blood 103, 4070-4077.

Kuramoto, K., Follmann, D.A., et al (2004). The Impact of Low-dose Busulfan on Clonal Dynamics in Nonhuman Primates. Blood 104, 1273-1280.

Farel, C.E., Chaitt, D.G., et al (2004). Induction and Maintenance Therapy with Intermittent Interleukin-2 in HIV-1 Infection. Blood 103, 3282-3286.

Sereti, I., Anthony, K.B., et al (2004). IL-2-Induced CD4+ T-cell Expansion in HIV-infected Patients is Associated with Long-term Decreases in T-cell Proliferation. Blood 104, 775-780.

Nakamura, R., Battiwalla, M., et al (2004). Persisting Posttransplantation Cytomegalovirus Antigenemia Correlates with Poor Lymphocyte Proliferation to Cytomegalovirus Antigen and Predicts for Increased Late Relapse and Treatment Failure. Biology of Blood and Marrow Transplantation 10, 49-57.

Stroncek, D., Shawker, T, et al (2003). G-CSF-Induced Spleen Size Changes in Peripheral Blood Progenitor Cell Donors. Transfusion 43, 609-613.

Albert, P,S., Follmann, D.A. (2003). A Random Effects Transition Model For Longitudinal Binary Data With Informative Missingness. Statistica Neerlandica 57, 100-111.

Rosenfeld, S., Follmann, D.A., Nunez, O., and Young, N.S. (2003). Antithymocyte Globulin and Cyclosporin for Severe Aplastic Anemia. JAMA 289, 1130-1135.

Domanski, M.J., Krause-Steinrauf, H., et al (2003). A Comparative Analysis of the Results From 4 Trials of b-Blocker Therapy for Heart Failure: BEST, CIBIS-II, MERIT-HF, and COPERNICUS. Journal of Cardiac Failure 9, 354-363.

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Sloand, E., Kim, S., et al (2002). Intracellular Interferon-γ in Circulating and Marrow T Cells Detected by Flow Cytometry and the Response to Immunosuppressive Therapy in Patients with Aplastic Anemia. Blood 100, 1185-1191.

Stroncek, D.F., Matthews, C.L., et al (2002). Kinetics of G-CSF-Induced Granulocyte Mobilization in Healthy Subjects: Effects of Route of Administration and Addition of Dexamethasone. Transfusion 42, 597-602.

The Beta-Blocker Evaluation of Survival Trial Investigators (2001). A Trial of the Beta-Blocker Bucindolol in Patients with Advanced Chronic Heart Failure. N Engl J Med 344, 1659-67.

Exner, D.V., Pinski, S.L., et al (2001). Electrical Storm Presages Nonsudden Death. Circulation 103, 2066-2071.

Maciejewski, J.P., Follmann, D.A., et al (2001). Increased Frequency of HLA-DR2 in Patients with Paroxysmal Nocturnal hemoglobinuria and the PNH/aplastic anemia syndrome. Blood 98, 3513-3519.

Follmann, D.A. and Schron, E.B. (2001). Essentials of Randomized Clinical Trials. PACE 24, 254-259.

Giri, N., Kang, E., et al (2000). Clinical and Laboratory Evidence for a Trilineage Haematopoietic Defect in Patients with Refractory Diamond-Blackfan Anaemia. British Journal of Haematology 108, 167-175.

Katz, A., Nambi, S.S., et al (2000). Quantitative Insulin Sensitivity Check Index A Simple, Accurate. The Journal of Endocrinology & Metabolism 85, 2402-2410.

Follmann, D.A. (2000). On the Effect of Treatment Among Would-be Treatment Compliers: An Analysis of the Multiple Risk Factor Intervention Trial. Journal of the American Statistical Association 95, 1101-1109.

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The Trial to Reduce Alloimmunization to Platelets Study Group (1997). Leukocyte Reduction and Ultraviolet B Irradiation of Platelets to Prevent Alloimmunization and Refractoriness to Platelet Transfusions. N Engl J Med 337, 1861-9.

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