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Biostatistics Research Branch (BRB)

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Jing Qin, Ph.D.

Mathematical Statistician


Case-control study, epidemiology study, missing data analysis, causal inference and related applied problems.

Additional Information

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Selected Publications

Brownstein CM, Mertens, AC, et al (2004). Factors That Affect Final Height and Change in Height Standard Deviation Scores in Survivors of Childhood Cancer Treated with Growth Hormone: A Report from the Childhood Cancer Survivor Study. The Journal of Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism 89, 4422-4427.

Houldsworth J, Olshen AB, et al (2004). Relationship between REL amplification, REL function, and clinical and biologic features in diffuse large B-cell lymphomas. Blood 103, 1862-1868.

Huang, H-Y, Lal P, et al (2004). Low-Grade Myxofibrosarcoma: A Clinicopathologic Analysis of 49 Cases Treated at a Single Institution With Simultaneous Assessment of the Efficacy of 3-Tier and 4-Tier Grading Systems. Hum Pathol 35, 612-621.

Portlock CS, Donnelly GB, et al (2004). Adverse Prognostic Significance of CD20 Positive Reed-Sternberg Cells in Classical Hodgkin's Disease. British Journal of Haematology 125, 701-708.

Alaminos M, Mora J, et al (2003). Genome-wide Analysis of Gene Expression Associated with MYCN in Human Neuroblastoma. Cancer Research 63, 4538-4546.

Chen SX, Leung DHY, Qin J (2003). Information Recovery in a Study with Surrogate Endpoints. Journal of the American Statistical Association 98, 1052-1062.

Qin J, Berwick M, et al (2002). Quantifying the Change of Melanoma Incidence by Breslow Thickness. Biometrics 58, 665-670.

Qin J, Leung D, Shao J (2002). Estimation With Survey Data Under Nonignorable Nonresponse or Informative Sampling. Journal of the American Statistical Association 97, 193-200.

Zhou H, Weaver MA, et al (2002). A Semiparametric Empirical Likelihood Method for Data from an Outcome-Dependent Sampling Scheme with a Continuous Outcome. Biometrics 58, 413-421.

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Last Updated March 18, 2007