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Biostatistics Research Branch (BRB)

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Lori Dodd, Ph.D.


Clinical trials methodology, statistical analysis of genomic data, design of clinical trials using biomarkers and imaging modalities, statistical methods for analyzing biomarkers

Additional Information

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Selected Recent Publications

Dodd LE and Korn EL. (2007) The Bootstrap Variance of the Square of a Sample Mean, The American Statistician 61 127-131.

Cai T and Dodd L. (2008) Regression Analysis for the Partial Area Under the ROC Curve. Statistica Sinica, 18: 817-836.

Albert PS and Dodd LE. (2008). On Estimating Diagnostic Accuracy From Studies With Multiple Raters and Partial Gold Standard Evaluation. Journal of the American Statistical Association, 103: 61-73.

Dodd LE and Korn EL. (2008) Lack of generalizability of sensitivity and specifcity with treatment effects. Statistics in Medicine, 27: 1734-44.

Dodd LE, Korn EL, Freidlin B et al. (2008) Blinded independent central review of progression- free survival in phase III clinical trials: important design element or unnecessary expense? Journal of Clincal Oncology, Aug 1;26(22):3791-6.

Ford R, Schwartz L, Dancey J, Dodd LE, Eisenhauer EA, Gwyther S, Rubinstein L, Sargent D, Shankar L, Therasse P, Verweij J. Lessons learned from independent central review. (2009). Eur J Cancer, 45: 268-74.

Dancey JE, Dodd LE, Ford R, Kaplan R, Mooney M, Rubinstein L, Schwartz LH, Shankar L, Therasse P. (2009). Recommendations for the assessment of progression in randomised cancer treatment trials. Eur J Cancer, 45: 281-9.

Eisenhauer EA, Therasse P, Bogaerts J, Schwartz LH, Sargent D, Ford R, Dancey J, Arbuck S, Gwyther S, Mooney M, Rubinstein L, Shankar L, Dodd L, Kaplan R, Lacombe D, Verweij J. (2009 New response evaluation criteria in solid tumours: revised RECIST guideline (version 1.1). Eur J Cancer, 45:228-47.

Sargent DJ, Rubinstein L, Schwartz L, Dancey JE, Gatsonis C, Dodd LE, Shankar LK. (2009) Validation of novel imaging methodologies for use as cancer clinical trial end-points. Eur J Cancer, 45 :290-9

Garcia-Pineres AJ, Hildesheim A, Dodd L, Kemp TJ, Yang J, Fullmer B, Harro C, Lowy DR, Lempicki RA, Pinto LA. (2009). Gene expression patterns induced by HPV-16 L1 virus-like particles in leukocytes from vaccine recipients. J Immunol. 182: 1706-29.

Oyelaran O, McShane LM, Dodd LE, Gildersleeve JC. Profling human serum antibodies with acarbohydrate antigen microarray. (2009). J Proteome Res 8: 4301-10.

Amit O, Bushnell W, Dodd L, Roach N, Sargent D. Blinded independent central review of the progression-free survival endpoint. (2010). The Oncologist 15: 492-495.

Last Updated November 17, 2010

Last Reviewed July 07, 2010