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Biostatistics Research Branch (BRB)

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Mark VanRaden, Ph.D.

Mathematical Statistician


Clinical trials, Data and safety monitoring, Statistical consulting, Study design, Protocol review, Bioassay, Epidemiology, Institutional Review Board

Additional Information

Curriculum Vitae (PDF)

Selected Publications

Engler RJM, Nelson MR, Klote MM, VanRaden MJ, Huang C-Y, Cox NJ, Klimov A, Keitel WA, Nichol KL, Carr WW, Half Dose Trivalent Inactivated Influenza Vaccine (TIV) 2004-05 Compared to Full Dose: Age, Dose and Gender Effects on Immune Responses. Archives of Internal Medicine 168 (22): 2405-2414, December 2008.

Jewett MW, Lawrence K, Bestor AC, Tilly K, Grimm D, Shaw P, VanRaden M, Gherardini F and Rosa PA. The critical role of the linear plasmid lp36 in the infectious cycle of Borrelia burgdorferi. Molecular Microbiology 64 (5): 1358-1374, 2007.

Chen-Mok, M; VanRaden, MJ; Higgs, ES; Dominik R.Experiences and challenges in data monitoring for clinical trials within an international tropical disease research network. Clinical Trials: Journal of the Society for Clinical Trials, 3 (5): 469-477, Oct 2006.

Tilly K, Krum JG, Bestor A, Jewett MW, Grimm D, Bueschel D, Byram R, Dorward D, VanRaden MJ, Stewart P, Rosa P. Borrelia burgdorferi OspC protein required exclusively in a crucial early stage of mammalian infection. Infection And Immunity. 74 (6): 3554-3564, Jun 2006.

Simonsen L, Morens DM, Elixhauser A, Gerber M, Van Raden M, Blackwelder WC. Effect of rotavirus vaccination programme on trends in admission of infants to hospital for intussusception. The Lancet. 358 (9289): 1224-1229, Oct 13 2001.

Alter HJ, ConryCantilena C, Melpolder J, Tan D, VanRaden M, Herion D, Lau D, Hoofnagle JH. Hepatitis C in asymptomatic blood donors. Hepatology. 26 (3): S29-S33, Dec 1997.

Blackwelder, WC, VanRaden, MJ, and Deloria, MA (1997). Estimation of pertussis vaccine efficacy in the presence of covariates in three randomized trials. Developments In Biological Standardization 89: 161-166, 1997.

Conry-Cantilena C, VanRaden M, Gibble J, Melpolder J, Shakil AO, Viladomiu L, Cheung L, DiBisceglie A, Hoofnagle J, Shih JW, Kaslow R, Ness P, Alter HJ. Routes of infection, viremia, and liver disease in blood donors found to have hepatitis C virus infection. New England Journal of Medicine. 334 (26) 1691-1696.

Palenicek JP, Graham NMH, He YD, Hoover DA, Oishi JS, Kingsley L, Saah AJ, Armenian H, Farzadegan H, Kass N, Margolick J, McArthur J, Palenicek J, Taylor E, Phair JP, Chmiel JS, Cohen B, Ogorman M, Murphy R, Variakojis D, Wesch J, Wolinsky S, Detels R, Visscher B, Chen I, Dudley J, Fahey J, Giorgi J, Lee M, Martinezmaza O, Miller E, Morgenstern H, Nishanian P, Taylor J, Zack J, Rinaldo C, Becker J, Gupta P, Ho M, Zucconi LS, Munoz A, Beaty T, Epstein L, Galai N, Hoover D, Jacobson LP, Kuo V, Mienert C, Nelson K, Piantadosi S, Su S, Schrager L, Vermund S, Kaslow R, VanRaden M, Obrams I, Seminara D. Weight-loss prior to clinical AIDS as a predictor of survival. Journal of Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndromes and Human Retrovirology 10 (3), 366-373.

All Mark VanRaden Publications

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Last Updated January 03, 2012