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Biostatistics Research Branch (BRB)

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Rebecca DerSimonian Publications

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Antonelli LR, Mahnke Y, Hodge JN, Porter BO, Barber DL, DerSimonian R, Greenwald JH, Robey G, Mican J, Sher A, Roederer M, and Sereti I. Elevated frequencies of highly activated CD4+ T cells in HIV+ patients developing immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome. Blood, 116(19): 3818-27, 2010.

Puronen CE, Thompson WL, Imamichi H, Beq S, Hodge JN, Rehm C, Parker R, DerSimonian R, Brenchley JM, and Sereti I. Decreased interleukin 7 responsiveness of T lymphocytes in patients with idiopathic CD4 lymphopenia. Journal of Infectious Diseases, 205(9): 1382-90, 2012.

Mahnke YD, Greenwald JH, DerSimonian R, Roby G, Antonelli LR, Sher A, Roederer M, and Sereti I. Selective expansion of polyfunctional pathogen-specific CD4(+) T cells in HIV-1 infected patients with immune reconstitution inflammatory syndrome. Blood, 119(13):3105-12, 2012.

Lynch RM, Tran L, Louder MK, Schmidt SD, Cohen M, the CHAVI 001 clinical team, DerSimonian R, Euler Z, Gray ES, Abdool Karim S, Kirchherr J, Montefiori DC, Sibeko S, Soderberg K, Tomaras G, Yang ZY, Nabel GJ, Schuitemaker H, Morris L, Haynes BF, and Mascola JR. The development of CD4 binding site antibodies during HIV-1 infection. Journal of Virology, 2012.

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Last Updated January 12, 2012