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Management Services Branch

The Management Services Branch (MSB) provides advice and recommendations to the Director, Deputy Director, Executive Officer, Division Directors, and other management staff on general management and administrative issues and policies for NIAID. MSB also provides advice on the development and implementation of regulations, policies, and procedures for NIAID and prepares staff papers and reports on general management issues at NIAID staff request and in response to National Institutes of Health and U.S. Department of Health and Human Services requirements.

MSB program responsibilities include:

  • Analyzing the effects of changes in administrative policies and practices made by organizational levels above NIAID and advising the Executive Officer of these effects
  • Providing general administrative and support services for the Office of the Director, including:
    • personnel
    • procurement
    • space management
    • travel
    • property accountability
    • financial monitoring and control
  • Providing processing services for foreign travel to the Institute and travel advice and assistance to the Divisions
  • Designing and conducting management studies and surveys of, among other matters, staff utilization, workload measurement, and work simplification for NIAID
  • Coordinating, analyzing, and providing advice on all proposals for organizational change for the Institute
  • Maintaining property accountability records to effectively control NIAID property
  • Overseeing and distributing inventory and monitors levels of property inventory
  • Assisting in developing ADP applications for management problems

Last Updated March 15, 2010