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Vaccine Research Center Journal Publications, 2001

The NIH Library provides information about online journal access.


Journal of Immunology
Evidence for increased T cell turnover and decreased thymic output in HIV infection
Douek DC, Betts MR, Hill BJ, Little SJ, Lempicki R, Metcalf JA, Casazza J, Yoder C, Adelsberger JW, Stevens RA, Baseler MW, Keiser P, Richman DD, Davey RT, Koup RA.
J Immunol. 2001 Dec 1;167(11):6663-8

Journal of Virology
Analysis of total human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)-specific CD4(+) and CD8(+) T-cell responses: relationship to viral load in untreated HIV infection.
Betts MR, Ambrozak DR, Douek DC, Bonhoeffer S, Brenchley JM, Casazza JP, Koup RA, Picker LJ.
J Virol. 75(24):11983-91

Compensation is not dependent on signal intensity nor on the number of parameters (letter)
Roederer M. (2001).
Cytometry. 46, 357.

Increased CD95/Fas-Induced Apoptosis of HIV-Specific CD8+ T Cells
Mueller YM, Hutton JA, Rosa SD, Roederer M, Witek J, Altman JD, Katsikis PD. (2001).
Immunity. 15, 871-882.

Journal of Investigative Dermatology
Human Dendritic Cells as Targets of Dengue Virus Infection
Marovich, MM, Grouard-Vogel G, Louder M, Eller M, Sun W, Birx D, Hayes C, Frankel S, Mascola JR.
J Invest Derm. 2001;6(3):219-24.


Immunology Letters
Monitoring HIV-specific CD8+ T cell responses by intracellular cytokine production.
Betts MR, Casazza JP, Koup RA.
Immunol Lett. 79:117-125.


Spectral compensation for flow cytometry: visualization artifacts, limitations and caveats
Roederer M. (2001).
Cytometry. 45, 194-205.

HIV-1 actively replicates in naive CD4+ T cells residing within human lymphoid tissues
Eckstein DA, Penn ML, Korin YD, Scripture-Adams DD, Zack JA, Kreisberg MP, Roederer M, Sherman MP, Chin PS, Goldsmith MA. (2001).
Immunity. 15, 671-82.

Journal of Leukocyte Biology
Vdelta1 and Vdelta2 gammadelta T cells express distinct surface markers and might be developmentally distinct lineages
DeRosa S, Mitra D, Watanabe N, Herzenberg LA, Herzenberg LA, Roederer M. (2001).
J Leuk Biol. 70, 518-26.


Poor CD4+ T cell restoration after suppression of HIV-1 replication may reflect lower thymic function
Teixeira L, Valdez H, McCune JM, Koup RA, Badley AD, Hellerstein MK, Napolitano LA, Douek DC, Mbisa G, Deeks S, Harris JM, Barbour JD, Gross BH, Francis IR, Halvorsen R, Asaad R, Lederman MM.
AIDS. 15 (14):1749-1756

National Academy of Sciences
Naive CD4 T cells inhibit CD28-costimulated R5-tropic HIV replication in memory CD4 T cells
Mengozzi M, Malipatlolla,M, De Rosa SC, Herzenberg LA, Herzenberg LA, Roederer M. (2001).
Proc Natl Acad Sci USA. 98, 11644-9.

Adaptation to blockade of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 entry imposed by the anti-CCR5 MAb 2D7
Aarons EJ, Beddows SA, Willingham T, Wu L, Koup RA.
Virology. 287 (2) :382-390


Current Opinion in Immunology
Vaccines for the prevention of HIV-1 disease
Mascola JR, Nabel GJ.
Curr Opin Immunol. 2001 Aug;13(4):489-95

Frequency Difference Gating: A Multivariate Method for Identifying Subsets that Differ Between Samples
Roederer M, Hardy RR. (2001).
Cytometry. 45, 56-64.

Probability Binning Comparison: A Metric for Quantitating Multivariate Distribution Differences
Roederer M, Moore W, Treister AS, Hardy RR, Herzenberg LA. (2001).
Cytometry. 45, 47-55.

Probability Binning Comparison: A Metric for Quantitating Univariate Distribution Differences
Roederer M, Treister A, Moore W, Herzenberg LA. (2001).
Cytometry. 45, 37-46.

PE-APC: A Resonance Energy Transfer Fluorochrome for Immunofluorescence
Tjioe I, Legerton T, Wegstein J, Herzenberg LA, Roederer M. (2001).
Cytometry. 44, 24-9.

Journal of Infectious Diseases
Immune interaction between respiratory syncytial virus infection and allergen-sensitization critically depends on timing of challenges
Peebles RS, Hashimoto K, Collins RD, Jarzecka K, Furlong J, Mitchell DB, Sheller JR, Graham BS.
J Infect Dis. 2001; 184: 1374-1379.


Journal of Virology
Decay kinetics of Human Immunodeficiency Virus-specific CD8+ T cells in peripheral blood after initiation of highly active antiretroviral therapy
Casazza JP, MR Betts, LJ Picker, RA Koup
J Virol. 75 (14): 6508-6516


Journal of Infectious Diseases
RANTES production from CD4+ lymphocytes correlates with host genotype and rates of human immunodeficiency virus type 1 disease progression
Paxton WA, Neuman AU, Kang S, Deutch L, Brown RC, Koup RA, Wolinsky SM.
J Infect Dis. 183 (11):1678-1681

Nature Medicine
Heme oxygenase-1 protects against vascular constriction and proliferation
Duckers HJ, Boehm M, True AL, Yet SF, San H, Park JL, Clinton Webb R, Lee ME,Nabel GJ, Nabel EG
Nat Med. 7(6):693-698

Respiratory Research
Viruses, dendritic cells, and the lung
Peebles RS, Graham BS
Respiratory Research. 2001; 2:245-249.


Phycoerythrin-allophycocyanin: a resonance energy transfer fluorochrome for immunofluorescence
Tjioe I, Legerton T, Wegstein J, Herzenberg LA, Roederer M.
Cytometry. 44(1):24-9

Journal of Virology
Human immunodeficiency virus type 1-specific immunity after genetic immunization is enhanced by modification of Gag and Pol expression
Huang Y, Kong WP, Nabel GJ.
J Virol. 2001 May;75(10):4947-51

Molecular Therapy
Coexpression of guanylate kinase with thymidine kinase enhances prodrug cell killing in vitro and suppresses vascular smooth muscle cell proliferation in vivo

Akyurek LM, Nallamshetty S, Aoki K, San H, Yang ZY, Nabel GJ, Nabel EG.
Mol Ther. 2001 3(5 Pt. 1):779-786


Challenges and opportunities for development of an AIDS vaccine
Nabel GJ
Nature. Vol 410, 19 April 2001

Nature Immunology
Extracellular matrix interacts with soluble CD95L: retention and enhancement of cytotoxicity
Aoki K, Kurooka M, Chen JJ, Petryniak J, Nabel EG, Nabel GJ
Nat Immunol. 2001 Apr; 2(4): 333-7

Nature Medicine
A new latent HIV reservoir
Koup RA
Nat Med. (4):404-5


Factors affecting thymic function after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
Weinberg K, Blazar BR, Wagner JE, Agura E, Hill BJ, Smogorzewska M, Koup RA, Betts MR, Collins RH, Douek DC.
Blood. 97 (5):1458-1466

Viral Immunology
Direct functional analysis of epitope-specific CD8+ T cells in peripheral blood
He XS., Rehermann B, Boisvert J, Mumm J, Maecker HT, Roederer M, Wright TL, Maino VC, Davis MM, Greenberg HB. (2001).
Viral Immunol. 14, 59-69.


Clinical Laboratory Medicine
11-color Flow Cytometry: a Powerful Tool for Elucidation of the Complex Immune System
DeRosa S, Roederer M. (2001).
Clinical Laboratory Medicine. 2001; 21:697-712

Journal of Immunology
Effect of thymectomy on human peripheral blood T cell pools in Myasthenia
Sempowski GD, Thomasch  JR, Gooding ME, Hale LP, Edwards LJ, Ciafaloni E, Sanders DB, Massey JM, Douek DC, Koup RA, Haynes BF.
J Immunol. 166 (4) :2808-2817

Nature Medicine
11 color, 13 parameter Flow Cytometry: Identification of human naive T cells by phenotype, function, and T cell receptor diversity
DeRosa SC, Herzenberg LA, Herzenberg LA, Roederer M. (2001).
Nature Medicine. 7, 245-8.


Current Opinion in Investigational Drugs
Vaccines: Ideal drugs for the 21st Century?
Rappuoli R, Nabel GJ
Curr Op Invest Drugs. 2001 2(1):45-46

Direct Measurement of CD4+ and CD8+ T Cell Responses to CMV in HIV-1-Infected Subjects
Komanduri KV, Donahoe SM, Schmidt DK, Gillespie G, Ogg GS, Roederer M, Nixon DF, McCune JM. (2001).
Virology. 279, 459-70.

2001 Annual Review
Trans Am Clin Climatol - 2001
The Gordon Wilson lecture: viruses and human disease
Nabel GJ
Trans Am Clin Climatol Assoc. 112:79-84

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