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Leading research to understand, treat, and prevent infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases
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Kevin L. Holmes, Ph.D.

Chief, Flow Cytometry Section

Research Technologies Branch

Major Areas of Research

  • Flow cytometric analysis (up to 13-color sorting, up to 14-color analysis, BSL-3 sorting and analysis, multispectral imaging cytometry, and multiplex bead array assays)
  • Sorting technologies

Program Description

The Flow Cytometry Section enables intramural NIAID investigators to utilize state-of-the-art flow cytometric analysis and sorting technologies in their research programs. We provide expertise, instrumentation, and analysis. Our staff is accessible for consultation in the design of experiments and in interpretation of high-quality data.


Our facility is equipped with specialized instrumentation dedicated to the science of flow cytometry,which entails answering biological questions by analysis of multiparameters at the individual cell level.

Instruments include operator-run cell sorters and user-operated analysis machines:

  • Sorters: Eight BD FACS Aria II cell sorters (two in BSL-3 containment)
  • Analyzers: Three BD LSR II’s (one in BSL-3 containment), one LSR/Fortessa, four FACS Caliburs, one FACS Canto II, one AMNIS Imagestream 100, and one Millipore MagPix.

Custom Antibodies

We also provide a cost- and time-efficient method of obtaining fluorescent labeled antibodies. Resources are available to all intramural NIAID investigators and include

  • Hybridoma expansion
  • Antibody purification from ascites, antisera, and hybridoma supernatant
  • Coupling of purified antibodies and proteins to various fluorochromes

Research Group

Kevin L. Holmes, Ph.D.
Bishop Hague, Ph.D.
Calvin Eigsti, B.A.
Carol Henry, B.A.
David Stephany, B.S.
Elina Stregevsky, B.S.
Larry M. Lantz, Ph.D.
Mehrnoosh Abshari, M.S.
Roy Wheat, B.S.
Thomas Moyer, B.S.


Larry M. Lantz, Ph.D., Custom Antibodies

Last Updated July 24, 2013