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Dr. Maria Y. Giovanni
Assistant Director for Microbial Genomics & Advanced Technology, DMID

Eukaryotic Pathogen and Disease Vector Sequencing Project

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NIAID and the National Human Genome Research Institute are collaborating in a coordinated sequencing effort to provide publicly available genomic data for the most significant eukaryotic pathogens and disease vectors. In November 2006, a workshop (PDF) was held which brought together experts in eukaryotic pathogens, disease vectors, genetic sequencing, bioinformatics, infectious diseases, and global health to identify and prioritize the most significant human eukaryotic pathogens and vectors in need of sequencing.

Target Selection Process

Selection process for organisms to be sequenced


Projects approved for sequencing


Request for Community Nomination of Human Eukaryotic Pathogens and Invertebrate Vectors of Infectious Diseases for Genomic Sequencing

Last Updated January 19, 2012