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Dr. Maria Y. Giovanni
Assistant Director for Microbial Genomics & Advanced Technology, DMID

Eukaryotic Pathogen and Disease Vector Sequencing Project

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Working Group


Bruce Birren, The Broad Institute
Jane Carlton, New York University Langone Medical Center


Serap Aksoy, Yale School of Public Health
Ben Beard, Centers for Disease Control – Fort Collins
Mark Blaxter, University of Edinburgh School of Informatics
Frank Collins, University of Notre Dame
Catherine Hill, Purdue University
Laura Katz, Smith College
Makedonka Mitreva, The Genome Center, Washington University School of Medicine
Bill Petri, University of Virginia
David Roos, University of Pennsylvania
Jake Tu, Virginia Tech
Tom Unnasch, University of South Florida
Ken Vernick, Pasteur Institute
Michael C. Zody, The Broad Institute

Last Updated October 07, 2011