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Dr. Glen McGugan



photo of snails
Scientists studying schistosomiasis rely on NIAID for an unusual research resource—snails. View the video.

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Schistosomiasis Resource Center


What services does this resource provide?

Schistosomiasis Resource Center
  • Produces infected snails and mammals and molecular reagents, found here.
    • Snails and mammals are infected with life-cycle stage Schistosoma mansoni, S. haematobium, and S. japonicum, the three major schistosome species affecting humans.
    • Non-living schistosome stages, or extracts, are not available, due to the wide variety of schistosome antigenic extracts used for experimental purposes.
  • Offers support to the research community
    • Provides Standard Operating Procedures for working with infected animals.
    • Disseminates technical information to laboratories on snail cultivation, parasite collection, and host infection.
    • Serves as a backup facility for those investigators who have had problems maintaining life-cycle stages of parasites in their own laboratories.

Click here to access a summary of the history, activities, and accomplishments of the Schistosomiasis Resource Center.


Last Updated July 21, 2014