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International Centers of Excellence for Malaria Research—Regional Centers

ICEMR Regional Centers 

Determinants of Malaria Disease in Malawi
Principal Investigator: Terrie Taylor, D.O.
Lead Institution: Michigan State University, East Lansing
Locations: Malawi

Malaria Transmission and the Impact of Control Efforts in Southern Africa
Principal Investigator: Peter Agre, M.D.
Lead Institution: Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore
Locations: Zambia, Zimbabwe

Latin American Center for Malaria Research and Control
Principal Investigator: Socrates Herrera-Valencia, M.D.
Lead Institution: Caucaseco Scientific Research Center, Cali, Colombia
Locations: Colombia, Guatemala, Panama, Peru

Southeast Asia Malaria Research Center
Principal Investigator: Liwang Cui, Ph.D.
Lead Institution: Pennsylvania State University, University Park
Locations: China, Thailand, Myanmar

Peruvian/Brazilian Amazon Center of Excellence in Malaria
Principal Investigator: Joseph Vinetz, M.D.
Lead Institution: University of California, San Diego
Locations: Brazil, Peru

Program for Resistance, Immunology, Surveillance and Modeling of Malaria in Uganda
Principal Investigator: Matthew Dorsey, M.D.
Lead Institution: University of California, San Francisco
Locations: Uganda

Research to Control and Eliminate Malaria in SE Asia and SW Pacific
Principal Investigator: James Kazura, M.D.
Lead Institution: Case Western Reserve University, Cleveland
Locations: Papua New Guinea, Solomon Islands

Population-based Approach to Malaria Research and Control (West Africa)
Principal Investigator: Donald Krogstad, M.D.
Lead Institution: Tulane University, New Orleans
Locations: Mali, Senegal, The Gambia

Center for the Study of Complex Malaria in India
Principal Investigator: Jane Carlton, Ph. D.
Lead Institution: New York University, New York
Location: India

Malaria Evolution in South Asia
Principal Investigator: Pradipsinh Rathod, Ph. D.
Lead Institution: University of Washington, Seattle
Location: India​​

Last Updated October 20, 2015