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Leading research to understand, treat, and prevent infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases
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News & Events

News Releases

Media Availability: NIH-Supported Researchers Develop Novel System to Grow Norovirus in Intestinal Cells—Aug. 25, 2016

Media Availability: Monkeys with Sudan ebolavirus Treated Successfully—Aug. 22, 2016

Media Availability: NIH Explores Connection Between Ebola Survival and Co-Infection with Malaria Parasites—Aug. 16, 2016

Media Availability: Oral Immunotherapy Is Safe, Effective Treatment for Peanut-Allergic Preschoolers, Study Suggests—Aug. 10, 2016

Media Availability: Three Vaccine Approaches Protect Monkeys Against Zika Infection—Aug. 4, 2016

NIH Begins Testing Investigational Zika Vaccine in Humans | See Q&A—Aug. 3, 2016

Media Availability: NIH-Funded Scientists Identify Immunological Profiles of People Who Make Powerful HIV Antibodies—July 29, 2016

Media Availability: Zika Infection Is Caused by One Virus Serotype, NIH Study Finds—July 29, 2016

Media Availability: Studies in Mice Provide Insights into Antibody-Zika Virus Interactions—July 27, 2016

NIH Launches Early-Stage Yellow Fever Vaccine Trial—July 27, 2016

Media Availability: Vaccine Strategy Induces Antibodies that Can Target Multiple Influenza Viruses—July 22, 2016

Media Availability: Immune-Enhancing Treatment May Destabilize HIV Reservoirs—July 21, 2016

Media Availability: NIH Scientists Discover that Defective HIV DNA Can Encode HIV-Related Proteins—July 18, 2016

Vaginal Ring May Cut HIV Infection Risk if Used Consistently—July 18, 2016

HIV Therapy for Breastfeeding Mothers Can Virtually Eliminate Transmission to Babies—July 18, 2016

NIH Expands Investment in HIV Cure Research—July 13, 2016

Media Availability: HIV Vaccine Research Requires Unprecedented Path—July 12, 2016

PREVAIL Treatment Trial for Men with Persistent Ebola Viral RNA in Semen Opens in Liberia—July 5, 2016

Media Availability: Zika Virus Infection May Be Prolonged in Pregnancy—June 29, 2016

Media Availability: NIH-Supported Study Pinpoints Origin of 2009 H1N1 Influenza Pandemic—June 28, 2016

Media Availability: Zika Vaccines Protect Mice from Infection—June 28, 2016

Media Availability: NIH Scientists Decode How Anthrax Toxin Proteins Might Help Treat Cancerous Tumors—June 27, 2016

Gene Sequences Reveal Global Variations in Malaria Parasites—June 27, 2016

NIH Launches Large Study of Pregnant Women in Areas Affected by Zika Virus | See Q&A—June 21, 2016

Media Availability: NIH-Developed Crowdsourcing Platform Makes Public Gene Expression Data More Accessible—June 20, 2016

NIAID Selects Director of Division of Intramural Research—June 14, 2016

Peanut Allergy Prevention Strategy Is Nutritionally Safe, NIH-Funded Study Shows—June 10, 2016

Media Availability: Novel Strategy May Improve Seasonal Flu Vaccine Effectiveness—May 23, 2016

Zika Virus Protein Could Be Vaccine Target—May 19, 2016

Large-Scale HIV Vaccine Trial to Launch in South Africa | see Q&A—May 18, 2016

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Last Updated August 22, 2016