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2002 Vaccine Research Seminars

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Seminars are held on the NIH campus in Building 40, Conference Rooms 1201 & 1203, on Tuesdays at 4:00 PM (except as noted).





Dec. 17, 2002 Dan Littman NYU Role of dendritic cells in HIV replication and T cell
Dec. 10, 2002 Louis Picker OHSU T cell dynamics in SIV-infected rhesus macaques
Dec. 3, 2002 Ashley Haase University of Minnesota Natural history studies of sexual mucosal transmission in the rhesus macaque-SIV model
Nov. 13, 2002 Bruce Sullenger Duke University Therapeutic applications of RNA
Nov. 12, 2002 Doug Richman UC San Diego Neutralizing antibody response to HIV and viral escape
Nov. 5, 2002 Better Korber Los Alamos National Laboratories Immunological implications of HIV-1 variation
Oct. 22, 2002 Nancy Haigwood Southern Biotech Res. Inst. Modulation of HIV/SHIV infection: Antibodies Redux
Oct. 16, 2002 Drew Pardoll Johns Hopkins Engineering dendritic cell antigen handling to break T cell tolerance
Oct. 8, 2002 Raul Andino UC San Francisco Replication competent polio and yellow fever virus as AIDS vaccine vectors: preclinical trials
Oct. 1, 2002 David Knipe Harvard Properties of replication-defective mutant strains as vaccines and vaccine vectors
Sept. 24, 2002 Anthony Devico Institute of Human Virology Chemokines, complexes and HIV vaccines
Sept. 17, 2002 Peter Kwong VRC/NIH Applying structural biology to the development of an HIV vaccine
June 25, 2002 Nathanial Landau Salk Institute Analysis of blocks to HIV replication in murine and primate cells
June 18, 2002 David Montefiori Duke University Neutralizing antibodies: hypothetical and practical considerations for AIDS vaccines
June 11, 2002 Kent Weinhold Duke University Cellular responses to candidate AIDS vaccines the AVEG/HVTN experience
June 4, 2002 Nina Bhardwaj Rockefeller University Dendritic cell mediated modulation of immunity
May 29, 2002 Barton Haynes Duke University Strategies for Development of HIV Envelope Immunogens to Generate
May 28, 2002 Jon Cohen Science Speeding the search for an AIDS vaccine: fully exploiting the monkey model
May 21, 2002 Ruth Ruprecht Dana Farber Cancer Institute Original antigenic sin and anti-HIV envelope antibody responses
May 14, 2002 Brian Murphy NIAID Generation of live attenuated dengue virus vaccine candidates using recombinant cDNA techniques
May 7, 2002 Ron Desrosiers Harvard University Update on live, and not so live, approaches to an AIDS vaccine
Apr. 30, 2002 Ed Mocarski Stanford University Cytomegalovirus-encoded elements of the chemokine system
Apr. 30, 2002 Eyal Raz UCSD Differential induction of cross-presentation by microbial TLR ligands: Implications for vaccine design
Apr. 23, 2002 Mark Feinberg Emory University Host responses to AIDS virus infections and vaccinations: the good, the bad, and the ugly
Apr. 16, 2002 Ron Germain NIAID Antigen-specific T cell activation: How it works and what it looks like, in vitro and in vivo
Apr. 2, 2002 Bruce Beutler Scripps Institute Mutational analysis of innate immune function
Mar. 26, 2002 John Coffin NCI/Frederick HIV variation, evolution, and drug resistance
Mar. 26, 2002 Andrew McMichael Oxford University HIV vaccine trials and tribulations
Mar. 12, 2002 Marta Marthas UC Davis Immunogenicity and efficacy of SIV vaccines in infant rhesus macaques
Mar. 5, 2002 Lou Staudt NCI Defining diseases by gene expression profiling
Feb. 19, 2002 John Schiller NCI VLP-based vaccines for the induction of auto-antibodies to lentivirus co-receptors and other self antigens
Feb. 5, 2002 Steve Harrison Harvard University Putting together viruses
Jan. 29, 2002 Vanessa Hirsch NIAID Asymptomatic and pathogenic simian immunodeficiency virus infection of monkeys
Jan. 15, 2002 Robert Gallo Institute of Human Virology Some biological approaches to control HIV and HIV disease
Jan. 8, 2002 Richard Koup Vaccine Research Center HIV and the immune system: a battle royal

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Last Updated January 25, 2012