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Leading research to understand, treat, and prevent infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases
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2004 Vaccine Research Seminars

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Seminars are held on the NIH campus in Building 40, Conference Rooms 1201 & 1203, on Tuesdays at 4:00 PM (except as noted).





Dec. 14, 2004 Barry Buckland Merck Process Development Challenges for a Novel HIV Vaccine Candidate
Dec. 7, 2004 Hildegund Ertl Wistar Institute Simian Adenoviral Vaccine Vectors for Emerging Infectious Diseases
Nov. 30, 2004 Tom Braciale University of Virginia Pathogen Dose and the Control of the CD8+ T Cell Response in Experimental Respiratory Virus Infection
Nov. 16, 2004 Ethan Shevach NIAID, NIH CD4+CD25+ T cells: Regulating the Regulator
Nov. 9, 2004 Emilio Emini IAVI The Vaccine Research Program of the International AIDS Vaccine Initiative
Oct. 26, 2004 George Siber Wyeth Key Issues for Vaccine R & D - Managing Rising Costs and Risks
Oct. 5, 2004 Ron Veazey Tulane University Mucosal Pathogenesis and Prevention of SIV/SHIV Infection
Sept. 28, 2004 John McNeil Vaccine Research Center, NIH VRC HIV Candidate Advanced Development: On the Track to an Efficacious Vaccine
June 1, 2004 Eric Hunter University of Alabama Studies on Transmission and Subsequent Neutralizing Antibody Responses in Seroconverters in an African HIVDiscordant Couple Cohort
May 25, 2004 Paul Johnson Harvard University New Perspectives on SIV-Specific CD4+T Cell Function
May 11, 2004 Paolo Lusso DIBIT - San Raffaele Institute A Conserved, CD4-Inducible Epitope Within the V3 Domain of HIV-1 gp120: Correlation Between Neutralization Sensitivity and Coreceptor Usage
Apr. 29, 2004 Antonio Lanzavecchia Inst. Research in Biomedicine Mechanisms That Sustain Serum Antibody Levels
Apr. 27, 2004 Eric Pamer Sloan-Kettering Institute Innate and Adaptive Immune Responses to Bacterial Infection
Apr. 20, 2004 Phil Johnson Ohio State University Gene Delivery Mediated by Adeno-Associated Virus Vectors
Apr. 6, 2004 Beatrice Hahn University of Alabama Origins of HIV/AIDS: Family Tree of a Killer
Mar. 16, 2004 Daniel Douek Vaccine Research Center, NIH Death by a Thousand Cuts: How HIV Causes T Cell Depletion
Mar. 9, 2004 Max Essex Harvard University The HIV 1-C Epidemic in Southern Africa: Opportunities and Challenges for Vaccine Development
Mar. 2, 2004 Suzy Swain Trudeau Institute Regulation of CD4 T Cell Memory Generation
Feb. 24, 2004 Jacques Banchereau Baylor Inst. Immunology Harnessing Myeloid and Plasmacytoid Dendritic Cells to Generate Novel Vaccines
Feb. 17, 2004 Diane Griffin Johns Hopkins Lessons from Measles Vaccine Development
Feb. 3, 2004 John Young Salk Institute Cellular Factor Involvement in HIV-1 Uncoating Revealed by a Cell-Free System

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Last Updated January 25, 2012