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News Releases and Statements for 2000

November 2000

Nov. 30, 2000
World AIDS Day 2000: NIH Announces New Plan for Global AIDS Research

Nov. 29, 2000
Novel Vaccine Protects Monkeys from Ebola Infection, NIAID News Advisory

Nov. 29, 2000
Live Recombinant Vaccine Protects Against Fungal Disease, NIAID News Release

Nov. 20, 2000
T Cell's Internal Housekeeping Service Plays Role in HIV Infection

Nov. 16, 2000
Dr. Bernard Moss Wins Bristol-Myers Squibb Award

Nov. 15, 2000
Researchers Identify New Genetic Risk Factor for HIV Infection, NIAID News Advisory

October 2000

Oct. 30, 2000
Scientists Report Advance in Tackling Common Viral Respiratory Disease

Oct. 25, 2000
Interleukin-2 May Help Patients With Advanced HIV Disease, New Study Shows, NIAID News Advisory

Oct. 19, 2000
Single Gene Makes Killer Malaria Parasite Resistant to Chloroquine, NIAID News Release

Oct. 18, 2000
NIAID Awards Major Malaria Vaccine Research Contract, NIAID News Release

Oct. 16, 2000
Transgenic Mice Aid Research Into Deadly Cancer

Oct. 11, 2000
Genome Sequencing Sheds Light on Bacterium Harmful to Newborns

Oct. 10, 2000
Gene Alterations for Cystic Fibrosis May Also Account for Chronic Sinus Problems in Some

September 2000

Sep. 29, 2000
Hepatitis C Initiative Expands to New Centers

Sep. 29, 2000
Government and Industry Team Up to Battle Infectious Diseases

Sep. 20, 2000
New Malaria Research Facility Dedicated in Mali, West Africa

Sep. 20, 2000
Promising HIV Vaccine Strategy Identified in Monkey Studies

Sep. 18, 2000
Largest Ever Randomized Study of IL-2 in the Treatment of HIV to be Presented at ICAAC

Sep. 8, 2000
NIH study demonstrates surprising complication in HIV infection

Sep. 6, 2000
International Team Accelerates Investigation of Immune-Related Genes

August 2000

Aug. 30, 2000
NIH Researchers Discover "Feeding Channel" Created by Malaria Parasite Discovery Provides New Target for Malaria Treatments

Aug. 29, 2000
B Cells May Help Maintain HIV Infection

Aug. 2, 2000
DNA Blueprint of Deadly Cholera Bacterium Unveiled

July 2000

Jul. 31, 2000
NIH Scientists Unravel Clues to Ebola Hemorrhaging

Jul. 13, 2000
Inexpensive AIDS Drug Still Reduces HIV Transmission from Mother to Child After One Year

Jul. 13, 2000
NIH Announces New Clinical Trials of Promising Transplant Therapy for Diabetes

Jul. 13, 2000
Identification of Yeast Mating Habits Opens New Doors to Candida Research

Jul. 12, 2000
NIAID Creates Global Network to Advance Development of HIV Vaccines

Jul. 12, 2000
NIH Announces New International Network to Study HIV Prevention Strategies

Jul. 11, 2000
Fauci Presents New Data on Structured Intermittent Therapy at XIIIth World AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa

Jul. 8, 2000
Adding IL-2 to Potent Anti-HIV Drugs Increases CD4+ T-Cell Counts Without Raising HIV Levels

Jul. 6, 2000
Researchers Create Blueprint for Tuberculosis Vaccine Development

June 2000

Jun. 29, 2000
Scientists Discover Fruit Fly Can Open Doors to Malaria Research

Jun. 27, 2000
NIAID Public-Private Partnerships Seek to Develop HIV/AIDS Vaccine

Jun. 21, 2000
NIAID-Industry Partnership Leads to Promising New Tuberculosis Drug

May 2000

May 25, 2000
NIAID Creates Global Network to Advance Development of HIV Vaccines

May 15, 2000
Third Annual HIV Vaccine Awareness Day Honors Volunteers, Promotes Research

April 2000

Apr. 13, 2000
NIH Researchers Zero in on Viral Changes that Lead to Chronic Hepatitis C

Apr. 13, 2000
Dr. Susan Pierce Named Chief of NIAID's Laboratory of Immunogenetics

March 2000

Mar. 29, 2000
Low Blood Levels of HIV Reduce Risk of Heterosexual Transmission

Mar. 15, 2000
NIAID Researchers Discover Why Some HIV-Infected People Don't Develop AIDS

February 2000

Feb. 23, 2000
NIAID Researchers Identify New Drugs to Treat "Mad Cow"-Like Disease in Mice

Feb. 10, 2000
NIAID and the Malaria Vaccine Initiative/PATH Sign Agreement to Accelerate Malaria Vaccine Research

Feb. 10, 2000
NIH Clinical Center study demonstrates dangerous interaction between St. John's wort and an HIV protease inhibitor

Feb. 7, 2000
Nasal Spray Vaccine Protects Against Unexpected Flu Strain

January 2000

Jan. 31, 2000
Backgrounder - HIV Infection in Infants and Children

Jan. 28, 2000
Newly Updated HIV Treatment Guidelines for Adults and Adolescents Available on the World Wide Web

Jan. 18, 2000
HHS Secretary Names Five to NIAID Advisory Council

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