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News Releases and Statements for 2014

December 2014

Dec. 29, 2014
Stem Cell Transplants May Halt Progression of Multiple Sclerosis

Dec. 29, 2014
Media Availability: Estrogen Worsens Allergic Reactions in Mice

Dec. 23, 2014
Media Availability: Scientists Report on Trial of Early-Generation Ebola, Marburg Vaccine Candidates

Dec. 4, 2014
Media Availability: Imaging Techniques Reliably Predict Treatment Outcomes for TB Patients

Dec. 3, 2014
Media Availability: NIH-Led Scientists Describe New Herpes Treatment Strategy

Dec. 1, 2014
Statement: World AIDS Day 2014

November 2014

Nov. 26, 2014
NIAID/GSK Experimental Ebola Vaccine Appears Safe, Prompts Immune Response

Nov. 24, 2014
Media Availability: Starting Treatment Soon After HIV Infection Improves Immune Health, Study Finds

Nov. 17, 2014
NIH-Sponsored Study Identifies Superior Drug Regimen for Preventing Mother-to-Child HIV Transmission

Nov. 3, 2014
NIH Trial Tests Very Early Anti-HIV Therapy in HIV-Infected Newborns

October 2014

Oct. 30, 2014
Media Availability: Model by NIH Grantees Explains Why HIV Prevention Dosing Differs by Sex

Oct. 28, 2014
Bulletin: In South Africa, RV144 HIV Vaccine Regimen Induces Immune Responses Similar to Those Seen in Thailand

Oct. 28, 2014
NIH-Led Study Explores Prevention of Heart Disease in HIV-Infected People

Oct. 22, 2014
NIH Begins Early Human Clinical Trial of VSV Ebola Vaccine

Oct. 15, 2014
Media Availability: NIH Grants License Agreement for Candidate Ebola Vaccines

Oct. 8, 2014
Media Availability: Gene Therapy Shows Promise for Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

Oct. 8, 2014
Media Availability: NIH-Supported Scientists Unveil Structure, Dynamics of Key HIV Molecules

Oct. 7, 2014
Candidate H7N9 Avian Flu Vaccine Works Better with Adjuvant

September 2014

Sep. 29, 2014
NIH Awards Seven New Vaccine Adjuvant Discovery Contracts

Sep. 24, 2014
Media Availability: NIH Study Supports Camels as Primary Source of MERS-CoV Transmission

Sep. 9, 2014
Media Availability: NIH Launches Online Database of International Clinical Research Regulations

Sep. 7, 2014
Media Availability: Rapid and Durable Protection Against Ebola Virus With New Vaccine Regimens

Sep. 3, 2014
Media Availability: NIH-Led Scientists Discover HIV Antibody that Binds to Novel Target on Virus

August 2014

Aug. 28, 2014
NIH to Launch Human Safety Study of Ebola Vaccine Candidate

Aug. 26, 2014
Media Availability: HIV Antibodies Block Infection by Reservoir-Derived Virus in Laboratory Study

Aug. 25, 2014
Media Availability: NIH Scientists Establish New Monkey Model of Severe MERS-CoV Disease

Aug. 20, 2014
Test Reliably Detects Inherited Immune Deficiency in Newborns

Aug. 14, 2014
Experimental Chikungunya Vaccine Induces Robust Antibody Response

Aug. 13, 2014
Media Availability: NIH-Led Scientists Boost Potential of Passive Immunization Against HIV

Aug. 13, 2014
Media Availability: Ebola Outbreak Highlights Global Disparities in Healthcare Resources

Aug. 6, 2014
NIH and Italian Scientists Develop Nasal Test for Human Prion Disease

July 2014

Jul. 30, 2014
Early Treatment Benefits Infants with Severe Combined Immunodeficiency

Jul. 30, 2014
Media Availability: Resistance to Key Malaria Drug Spreading at Alarming Rate in Southeast Asia

Jul. 25, 2014
Media Availability: Powerful HIV Antibodies May Require Assist from Second Antibody to Develop

Jul. 21, 2014
Media Availability: HIV Cure Research: Where We Are, Where We Are Headed

Jul. 21, 2014
Media Availability: NIH-Supported Scientists Demonstrate Very Early Formation of SIV Reservoir

Jul. 21, 2014
At AIDS 2014, Dr. Anthony S. Fauci Discusses Key Challenges in HIV Scientific Discovery: Cure, Vaccine

Jul. 19, 2014
Malaysia Airlines Tragedy

Jul. 18, 2014
Media Availability: High-Dose Fluticasone Effective Against Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Jul. 16, 2014
Media Availability: Chikungunya Epidemic Poses New Threat to Western Hemisphere and Possibly to the United States

Jul. 14, 2014
Media Availability: Scientists Deepen Genetic Understanding of Eosinophilic Esophagitis

Jul. 10, 2014
‘Mississippi Baby’ Now Has Detectable HIV, Researchers Find

Jul. 9, 2014
Media Availability: NIH Launches Phase I Clinical Trial of Novel Drug to Treat Clostridium difficile Infection

June 2014

Jun. 26, 2014
Media Availability: NIH Scientists Establish Proof-of-Concept for Host-Directed Tuberculosis Therapy

Jun. 23, 2014
Media Availability: Vaccine Made from Complex of Two Malaria Proteins Protects Mice From Lethal Infection

Jun. 18, 2014
NIH Launches 3D Print Exchange for Researchers, Students

Jun. 6, 2014
Media Availability: Early Exposure to Certain Bacteria May Protect Toddlers from Wheezing

Jun. 2, 2014
Media Availability: Scientists Uncover Features of Antibody-Producing Cells in People Infected with HIV

May 2014

May 22, 2014
Media Availability: Scientists Identify Potential Vaccine Candidate for Pediatric Malaria

May 20, 2014
Media Availability: Screen of Existing Drugs Finds Compounds Active Against MERS Coronavirus

May 19, 2014
Bulletin: HIV Vaccine Awareness Day

May 13, 2014
Asthma Awareness Month 2014

May 7, 2014
Media Availability: Recent Ebola Outbreak Highlights Need for Better Global Response

May 7, 2014
Media Availability: Malaria Severity Not Determined Solely by Parasite Levels in Blood

May 3, 2014
Media Availability: Tdap Vaccination During Pregnancy Likely to Protect Newborns from Pertussis

April 2014

Apr. 28, 2014
Media Availability: NIH Scientists Establish Monkey Model of Hantavirus Disease

Apr. 24, 2014
World Malaria Day 2014

Apr. 23, 2014
Media Availability: Study Sheds Light on How the Immune System Protects Children from Malaria

Apr. 9, 2014
Media Availability: Genetic Defect May Confer Resistance to Certain Viral Infections

Apr. 9, 2014
NIH Funds Influenza Research and Surveillance Network

Apr. 4, 2014
Bulletin: NIH Funding Opportunity Focuses on Diagnostics for Hospital-Based Antibacterial-Resistant Infections

Apr. 3, 2014
Media Availability: Future HIV Vaccine Research Must Consider Both Protective Immune Responses and Those that Might Increase Susceptibility to Infection

March 2014

Mar. 31, 2014
HIV-Infected Men at Increased Risk for Heart Disease, Large Study Finds

Mar. 24, 2014
Bulletin: World TB Day 2014

Mar. 20, 2014
Media Availability: Fauci—Robust Research Efforts Needed to Address Ongoing, Global Challenge of Antimicrobial Resistance

Mar. 19, 2014
Media Availability: NIH Grantees Sharpen Understanding of Antibodies that May Cut Risk of HIV Infection

Mar. 19, 2014
Media Availability: Scientists Describe Gut Bacteria that Cause Sepsis in Preterm Infants

Mar. 17, 2014
Media Availability: NIH Scientists Track Evolution of a Superbug

Mar. 5, 2014
Media Availability: Genetic Modification of Cells Proves Generally Safe as HIV Treatment Strategy

Mar. 3, 2014
Media Availability: NIH Team Identifies New Genetic Syndrome

Mar. 3, 2014
Bulletin: NIH Seeks Input on HIV Cure Research Priorities

Mar. 3, 2014
Media Availability: International Scientists Convene to Chart Path, Measure Progress Toward Global Vaccine Research and Development

Mar. 3, 2014
Media Availability: Study of Antibody Evolution Charts Course toward HIV Vaccine

February 2014

Feb. 25, 2014
Bulletin: NIH Expands Focus of Research Funding Opportunity Targeting HIV Reservoirs

Feb. 25, 2014
Statement: NIH Mourns the Death of Albert Kapikian

Feb. 25, 2014
Media Availability: Camels Have Carried MERS Virus Since At Least 1992, Study Suggests

Feb. 12, 2014
Test for Persistent Lyme Infection Using Live Ticks Shown Safe in Clinical Study

Feb. 11, 2014
Media Availability: NIH-Funded Researchers Use Antibody Treatment to Protect Humanized Mice from HIV

Feb. 5, 2014
Media Availability: Durable End to AIDS Will Require HIV Vaccine Development

Feb. 5, 2014
Bulletin: NIH Seeks Public-Private Proposals for HIV Cure Research

Feb. 3, 2014
Media Availability: NIH Study Describes New Method for Tracking T Cells in HIV Patients

Feb. 3, 2014
Media Availability: NIH Scientists Find Mechanism that Helps HIV Evade Antibodies, Stabilize Key Proteins

January 2014

Jan. 27, 2014
NIH Grantees Develop Way to Make Old Antibiotic Work against TB

Jan. 24, 2014
Media Availability: Researchers Launch Phase 1 Clinical Trial of Potential MRSA Treatment

Jan. 9, 2014
Media Availability: NIH-Created Toxin Can Kill HIV-Infected Cells that Persist Despite Treatment

Jan. 9, 2014
Media Availability: NIH-Funded Scientists Develop Mouse Model for Atopic Dermatitis

Jan. 8, 2014
RML Scientist Recognized for Virus Studies

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