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News from NIAID-Supported Institutions for 2012

Below are links to press releases about NIAID-funded research from some of the institutions we support.

December 2012

Penn Team Developing New Class of Malaria Drugs Using Essential Calcium Enzyme
December 26, 2012—Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Penn Team Mimicking a Natural Defense Against Malaria to Develop New Treatments
December 26, 2012—Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

New Technique Catalogs Lymphoma-Linked Genetic Variations
December 26, 2012—Johns Hopkins Medicine

Sarepta Therapeutics Enters Into Clinical Trial Agreement With the National Institutes of Health for Further Development of Influenza Drug
December 21, 2012—Sarepta Therapeutics, Inc.

First Ever “Atlas” of T Cells in Human Body
December 20, 2012—Columbia University Medical Center

CWRU, AstraZeneca Partner for New Tuberculosis Drug Trial in South Africa
December 20, 2012—Case Western Reserve University

UNC Researchers Discover How Hepatitis C Virus Reprograms Human Liver Cells
December 18, 2012—University of North Carolina

Method to Make One-Way Flu Vaccine Discovered by Georgia State University Researcher
December 18, 2012—Georgia State University

University of Maryland School of Medicine to Study Drug-Resistant Malaria in Newly Open Nation of Myanmar/Burma
December 17, 2012—University of Maryland School of Medicine

Ebola Virus Uses Protein Decoy to Subvert the Host Immune Response
December 14, 2012—Emory University

A Drug Used to Treat HIV Might Defuse Deadly Staph Infections
December 14, 2012—NYU School of Medicine

Dark Ages Scourge Enlightens Modern Struggle Between Man and Microbes
December 13, 2012—University of Washington

Intestinal Immune Cells Play an Unexpected Role in Immune Surveillance of the Bloodstream
December 13, 2012—Massachusetts General Hospital

UGA Researchers Find Algal Ancestor is Key to How Deadly Pathogens Proliferate
December 12, 2012—University of Georgia

How Hepatitis C Virus Harms the Liver
December 12, 2012—University of Southern California

Isotechnika Pharma’s NICAM Compounds Demonstrate Positive Anti-Hepatitis C Virus Activity in Secondary Level Testing at NIH-Funded Labs
December 6, 2012—Isotechnika Pharma Inc.

November 2012

Emerging Vector-Borne Diseases Create New Public Health Challenges
November 30, 2012—University of California, Santa Cruz

Electrically Spun Fabric Offers Dual Defense Against Pregnancy, HIV
November 30, 2012—University of Washington

New UF Campus at Lake Nona Enhances Medical, Economic Impact in Region, Nation
November 30, 2012—University of Florida

Bacteria Hijack Host Cell Process, Create Their Own Food Supply to Become Infectious
November 29, 2012—Ohio State

Penn Team Identifies Molecular Root of "Exhausted" T Cells in Chronic Viral Infection
November 29, 2012—Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Scientists Sneak Peek at Early Course of Bladder Infection Caused by Widespread, Understudied Parasite
November 29, 2012—Stanford University School of Medicine

U-Idaho Biologist Investigates a Common Virus’ Damaging Effect on Cells
November 29, 2012—University of Idaho

Man’s Best Friend: Common Canine Virus May Lead to New Vaccines for Deadly Human Diseases
November 27, 2012—University of Georgia

Measles Vaccine Administered with a Microneedle Patch Could Enhance International Immunization Programs
November 27, 2012—Georgia Institute of Technology

Scripps Research Institute Study Points to Potential New Therapies for Cancer and Other Diseases
November 27, 2012—The Scripps Research Institute

GW Professor to Examine Infections in HIV Patients with Federal Grant
November 26, 2012—George Washington University School of Medicine and Health Sciences

‘Repurposed’ Anti-Parasite Drug Shows Promise as New TB Treatment: UBC Research
November 22, 2012—University of British Columbia

Scripps Research Institute Scientists Describe Elusive Replication Machinery of Flu Viruses
November 22, 2012—Scripps Research Institute

Texas Biomed Files Patent for a Novel HIV Vaccine Strategy
November 19, 2012—Texas Biomedical Research Institute

$19.4 Million Contract Establishes Malaria Research Consortium
November 19, 2012—Emory University

SSGCID and CSGID Pioneer Discovery of New Pathogen Protein Structures
November 19, 2012—Seattle BioMed

Hepatitis C Treatment's Side Effects Can Now Be Studied in the Lab
November 16, 2012—Penn State

Location, Location, Location: Membrane 'Residence' Gives Proteases Novel Abilities
November 16, 2012—Johns Hopkins Medicine

How Insects Domesticate Bacteria
November 15, 2012—University of Utah

Game Changer for Arthritis, Anti-Fibrosis Drugs
November 12, 2012—University of Utah

UNC, Vanderbilt Discover a New Live Vaccine Approach for SARS and Novel Coronaviruses
November 12, 2012—Vanderbilt University

BioCryst Broad-Spectrum Antiviral BCX4430 Highly Effective against Yellow Fever in a Preclinical Disease Model
November 12, 2012—BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Cell Damage Caused by Use of Certain Personal Lubricants Does Not Increase HIV Risk, According to Laboratory Study
November 7, 2012—Microbicide Trials Network

When Parasites Catch Viruses
November 7, 2012—Harvard Medical School

Isotechnika Pharma’s NICAM Portfolio Demonstrates Positive Anti-Viral Activity Against Several Important Viruses
November 6, 2012—Isotechnika Pharma Inc.

USU Discovery Leads to Development of Vaccine to Help Prevent Deadly Virus
November 5, 2012—Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences

Scientists Testing Early Warning System for West Nile Virus
November 1, 2012—South Dakota State University

Researchers "Watch" Antibiotics Attack Tuberculosis Bacteria Inside Cells
November 1, 2012—Weill Cornell Medical College

HJF Works With Global Team to Develop Equine Vaccine Against Deadly Hendra Virus
November 1, 2012—The Henry M. Jackson Foundation for the Advancement of Military Medicine, Inc.

October 2012

New Target Discovered for Treatment of Peanut Allergy
October 31, 2012—National Jewish Health

HPA Awarded £4 Million Contract by U.S. Government to Develop Next Generation Anthrax Vaccine
30 October 2012—Health Protection Agency (HPA)

Mechanism Found for Destruction of Key Allergy-Inducing Complexes, Researchers Say
October 28, 2012— Stanford University School of Medicine

Structure Discovered For Promising Tuberculosis Drug Target
October 25, 2012—Johns Hopkins Medicine

Scientists Create First Mouse Model of Typhoid Fever
October 25, 2012—Columbia University Medical Center

Ohio State Researcher Studies How Lung Environment Affects Tuberculosis Outcomes
October 25, 2012—The Ohio State University College of Medicine


Scientists Step Up Hunt for Bacterial Genes Tied to Lyme Disease
October 25, 2012—The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Studies: Pigs Look Healthy But Test Positive for Flu at Fairs; Flu Transmission Seen Between Pigs and Humans
October 24, 2012—Ohio State

NIH $20 Million Transplant Grant Aims at Better Drugs, Long-Term Organ Tolerance
October 22, 2012—Emory University

PTC Therapeutics Receives $1 Million Grant Award from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to Support Research for a Treatment for Dengue Fever
October 22, 2012—PTC Therapeutics, Inc.

New Study Discovers Unique HIV Feature
October 22, 2012—University of the Witwatersrand

TIM and TAM: 2 Paths Used by the Dengue Virus to Penetrate Cells
October 19, 2012—Inserm

Cholera Discovery Could Revolutionize Antibiotic Delivery
October 19, 2012—Simon Fraser University

Pfenex Inc. Awarded Contract by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to Develop an Alternative Delivery Method for its Recombinant Protective Antigen (rPA)-based Anthrax Vaccine
October 17, 2012—Pfenex Inc.

Emory External Research Funding Tops $500 Million for Third Year
October 17, 2012—Emory University

HIV May Leave Gut Vulnerable to Infections
October 16, 2012—Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Rare Cells Regulate Immune Responses; May Offer Novel Treatment for Autoimmune Diseases
October 14, 2012—Duke University Medical Center

Researchers Uncover Molecular Basis of Infection of Tick-Transmitted Disease
October 12, 2012—Virginia Commonwealth University School of Medicine

Biologists Describe Details of New Mechanism for Molecular Interactions
October 10, 2012—Brookhaven National Laboratory

Iron-Sulfur Enzymes as Candidates for Antibiotic Development
October 9, 2012—Technische Universität München

University of Michigan Earns $21 Million Grant to Study HIV Virus Behavior
October 9, 2012—University of Michigan Health System

Hospitals That Cooperate on Infection Control Fare Better Than Hospitals Acting Alone
October 9, 2012—University of Pittsburgh

Immunomedics Discovers Potential New Therapy for Graft-Versus-Host Disease
October 9, 2012—Immunomedics, Inc.

Medical College of Wisconsin and Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin to Investigate Autoantibody Production in Autoimmune Disorders
October 8, 2012—Medical College of Wisconsin

Mosquito Genetics May Offer Clues to Malaria Control, Virginia Tech Researchers Say
October 8, 2012—Virginia Tech

NIH Grant to Fund IU Researcher's Novel Approach to Reducing Chlamydia Rates in Women
October 4, 2012—Indiana University School of Public Health-Bloomington

Starting Antiretroviral Therapy Improves HIV-Infected Africans’ Nutrition
October 2, 2012—The University of California, San Francisco

GeoVax Awarded $1.9 Million Grant by US Government for HIV/AIDS Vaccine Program
October 1, 2012—GeoVax Labs, Inc

September 2012

Blocking Key Protein Could Halt Age-Related Decline in Immune System, Study Finds
September 30, 2012—Stanford University School of Medicine

Nature Study Pinpoints Mechanism that Controls AIDS in Rare Cases
September 30, 2012—University of Miami Miller School of Medicine

Genetic Sleuthing Uncovers Deadly New Virus in Africa
September 28, 2012—University of California, San Francisco

Penn Immunologists Find a Molecule That Puts the Brakes on Inflammation
September 28, 2012—University of Pennsylvania

AvidBiotics Awarded SBIR Grant for Avidocin™ Antibacterial Proteins Against Clostridium difficile
September 27, 2012—AvidBiotics Corp.

Discovery Labs Initiates Research Projects with Leading Research Institutions and US Government Agencies to Assess KL4 Surfactant Utility in Acute Lung Injury
September 27, 2012—Discovery Laboratories, Inc.

Heidelberg Virologists Decode Natural Blockade Mechanism in the Target Cells of the HIV Virus
September 26, 2012—Heidelberg University Hospital

Researchers Determine How Inflammatory Cells Function, Setting Stage for Future Remedies
September 26, 2012—New York University

Research Breakthrough Opens Door to New Strategy for Battling HIV
September 25, 2012—George Mason University

Discovery May Shed Light on Why Some HIV-Positive Patients Have More Virus
September 23, 2012—UCSD

Medical College of Wisconsin Researcher to Investigate Tuberculosis Bacterium
September 21, 2012—Medical College of Wisconsin

Sanofi and TB Alliance Announce Collaboration to Accelerate New Treatments Against Tuberculosis
September 20, 2012—Sanofi

Researchers Identify Possible Key to Slow Progression toward AIDS
September 19, 2012—UCLA

Research Could Provide New Insights into Tuberculosis and Other Diseases
September 17, 2012—University of Notre Dame

Flu Antibody’s ‘One-Handed Grab’ May Boost Effort toward Universal Vaccine, New Therapies
September 16, 2012—The Scripps Research Institute

Sinusitis Linked to Microbial Diversity
September 12, 2012—UCSF

New Grant Awards Aim to Prevent Autoimmune Diseases
September 11, 2012—Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason

Gladstone Scientists Develop Innovative Technique to Monitor and Decipher the Dormant AIDS Virus Concealed in Cells
September 11, 2012—Gladstone Institutes

Researchers Show Cost-Effectiveness of HIV Testing in Drug Abuse Treatment Programs
September 9, 2012—Weill Cornell Medical College

Influenza Research: Can Dynamic Mapping Reveal Clues about Seasonality?
September 7, 2012—Tufts

Childhood Virus RSV Shows Promise Against Adult Cancer
September 6, 2012—School of Medicine at The University of Texas Health Science Center San Antonio

Modeling Sepsis in Newborns
Thursday, September 6, 2012—Boston Children’s Hospital

The Best Strategy to Defeat HIV in South Africa
September 5, 2012—UCLA

‘Benign’ Malaria Key Driver of Human Evolution in Asia-Pacific
September 5, 2012—Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

Forward Thinking on HIV
September 4, 2012—Harvard

HIV Treatment Use Increases in the U.S.
September 3, 2012—Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

EpiVax Grant for Treatment of Pompe Disease Brings SBIR Infusion to $3.4M for Proof of Principle Studies
September 1, 2012—EpiVax, Inc

August 2012

ImQuest Receives $14.2 Million Five-Year Grant from NIH to Develop a Dual Compartment Topical Microbicide To Prevent HIV Transmission
August 2012—ImQuest BioSciences, Inc.

Southern Miss Professor Receives National Institutes of Health Grant
August 30, 2012—The University of Southern Mississippi

Antibody Prevents Hepatitis C Infection in Animal Model

August 30, 2012—Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Early Activation of Immune Response Could Lead to Better Vaccines
August 30, 2012—Albert Einstein College of Medicine

NIH Supports Olson’s Infectious Disease Therapy Research
August 30, 2012—Wesleyan University

Soligenix Announces Positive Phase 1B Clinical Results with RiVaxTM, its Vaccine Against Ricin Toxin Exposure
August 30, 2012—Soligenix

Trudeau Researchers Identify Unforeseen Regulation of the Anti-Bacterial Immune Response
August 28, 2012—Trudeau Institute

In War with 'Superbugs,' Cedars-Sinai Researchers See New Weapon: Immune Boosting Vitamin
August 27, 2012—Cedars-Sinai

Atlas of the Epstein-Barr Virus Can Help Chart the Viral Paths Toward Cancer
August 23, 2012—The Wistar Institute

Advantage Flu Virus
August 23, 2012—Northwestern University

Team Receives $22.5 Million to Shed Light on the Immune System
August 23, 2012—The Scripps Research Institute

UCI Microbiologists Find New Approach to Fighting Viral Illnesses
August 22, 2012—University of California, Irvine

August 22, 2012—Georgia Health Sciences University Cancer Center

As Tuberculosis Grows More Difficult to Control, Vaccine Candidate to Prevent Disease Enters Clinical Testing
August 22, 2012—Aeras

Researchers Uncover How Poxviruses Such as Smallpox Evolve Rapidly—Despite Low Mutation Rates
August 16, 2012—Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Scripps Research Scientists Find Important Molecular Trigger for Wound-Healing
August 16, 2012—The Scripps Research Institute

Trellis Bioscience Awarded SBIR Grant to Advance CMV Program
August 16, 2012—Trellis Bioscience

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Awards Grant to Continue Development of Computational Tools for Tuberculosis Drug Discovery
August 16, 2012—SRI International

NIH Makes $344,059 Award to Biology Professor to Continue Research on Bacteria Carried on Tsetse Flies
August 16, 2012—University of Richmond

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Awards Grant to Continue Development of Computational Tools for Tuberculosis Drug Discovery
August 16, 2012—Collaborative Drug Discovery, Inc.

Antigen Discovery Inc. Awarded Phase I SBIR Grant to Develop a Fully Integrated Microfluidic Point of Care Diagnostic Device
August 15, 2012—Antigen Discovery Inc.

Medical College Researchers to Study Intestinal Bacteria
August 14, 2012—The Medical College of Wisconsin

Antisense Approach Promising for Treatment of Parasitic Infections
August 13, 2012—University of Chicago Medicine

Antigen Discovery, Inc. Awarded Phase II SBIR Grant to Identify Biomarkers Associated with Protection against Malaria
August 13, 2012—Antigen Discovery

New Therapeutic Target for Cold, Flu Viruses Identified
August 9, 2012 —Vanderbilt University

Team Creates New View of Body’s Infection Response
August 9, 2012 —Vanderbilt University

David AuCoin Gets $600,000 to Refine New Test for Deadly Bacterial Infection Melioidosis
August 7, 2012—University of Nevada School of Medicine

Researchers’ Sequencing of Human and Monkey Malaria Genomes Reveals Challenges, Opportunities in Battle Against Parasite
August 5, 2012—New York University

Target for Potent First-Strike Influenza Drugs Identified
August 2, 2012—St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

ABL Awarded NIH Contract to Fund up to $102M in Biologics Manufacturing and Characterization Services
August 1, 2012—Advanced BioScience Laboratories

Salk Scientists Discover Molecular Link Between Circadian Clock Disturbances and Inflammatory Diseases
August 1, 2012—Salk Institute for Biological Studies

HIV-Infected T Cells Help Transport the Virus Throughout the Body
August 1, 2012—Massachusetts General Hospital

July 2012

What’s Killing New England’s Baby Seals?
July 31, 2012—Mailman School of Public Health

Early Treatment Could Mean Greater Earning Potential for People with HIV
July 31, 2012—University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Early Treatment May Improve Socioeconomic Conditions for People in Rural Sub-Saharan Africa With HIV
July 26, 2012—The University of California, San Francisco

Deadly E. coli Strain Decoded
July 26, 2012—Michigan State University

Texas A&M Biologists Prove ZOLOFT Packs Potential to Fight Fungal Meningitis
July 25, 2012—Texas A&M University

Pioneering Study Shows Drug Can Purge Dormant HIV
July 25, 2012—University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

SEARCH Study Shows 1-Year Drop in HIV Virus Levels in Rural Ugandan Parish After Community Health Campaign
July 24, 2012—University of California, San Francisco

New Proteins Inhibit HIV Infection in Cell Cultures
July 23, 2012—Yale

Benefits of HIV Drugs Rise—But Less Than Previously Believed, Penn Study Shows
July 23, 2012—Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

HIV Suppression Not As Good As Previously Thought, Largest Study of Viral-Load Blood Tests Show
July 22, 2012—Johns Hopkins Medicine

HPV Testing in HIV-Positive Women May Help Reduce Frequent Cervical Cancer Screening
July 22, 2012— Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Hair Samples from Infants Show Exposure to Anti-HIV Drugs in the Womb and During Breast-Feeding
July 21, 2012—University of California, San Francisco

Novel Anti-Malarial Drug Target Identified
July 19, 2012—University of California, San Diego School of Medicine

Scripps Research Scientists Show Potent New Compound Virtually Eliminates HIV in Cell Culture
July 19, 2012—The Scripps Research Institute

Viruses' Copying Mechanism Demystified by Penn State Scientists
July 19, 2012—Pennsylvania State University

Battelle Wins $102M NIAID Biodefense Research Contract
July 18, 2012—Battelle Memorial Institute

Mouse with Human Immune System May Revolutionize HIV Vaccine Research
July 18, 2012—Ragon Institute of Massachusetts General Hospital

Researcher Awarded Grant to Develop HIV Vaccine
July 16, 2012—University of Miami

Stanford Chemists Synthesize Compound that Flushes out Latent HIV
July 16, 2012—Stanford University

Study Shows How Aging Impairs Immune Response
July 17, 2012—Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Atomic-Resolution View of a Receptor Reveals How Stomach Bacterium Avoids Acid
June 14, 2012—University of Oregon

Discovery Opens Door to Attacking Biofilms that Cause Chronic Infections
July 12, 2012—University of California, Berkeley

Scientists First to See Trafficking of Immune Cells in Beating Heart
July 11, 2012—Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Scripps Research Institute Wins $77 Million to Develop AIDS Vaccine Center
July 11, 2012—Scripps Research Institute

HPV Vaccine Reduces Infection, Even in Unvaccinated
July 9, 2012—Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Einstein Receives Nearly $5 Million to Study How Ebola Causes Infection
July 9, 2012—Albert Einstein College of Medicine

UMass Amherst Researchers Unravel Secrets of Parasites' Replication
July 9, 2012—University of Massachusetts Amherst

Innate Immune System Protein Provides a New Target in War Against Bacterial Infections
July 2, 2012—St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Medical College Researcher to Study Potential Treatment for Botulism
July 2, 2012—Medical College of Wisconsin

June 2012

Associate Professor Kui Li of The University of Tennessee Health Science Center  Receives $299,917 Grant for Hepatitis C Research
June 28, 2012—The University of Tennessee Health Science Center

Discovery Sheds Light on Flu Infections
June 28, 2012—The University of Edinburgh

Lifespan/Tufts/Brown Center for AIDS Research Renewed With $8.5 Million NIH Grant
June 27, 2012—The Miriam Hospital

Building a Better Rift Valley Fever Vaccine
June 27, 2012—University of Texas Medical Branch

Soligenix Announces Collaboration with Infectious Disease Research Institute to Develop Thermostabilized Biodefense Vaccines Utilizing Novel Adjuvants
June 27, 2012—Soligenix, Inc.

Bacterial Vaginosis Is Associated with Higher Risk of Female-to-Male Transmission of HIV
June 26, 2012—UCSF

UGA Study Reveals Flu-Fighting Role for Well-Known Immune Component
June 26, 2012—University of Georgia

Even After Lyme Disease Is Gone, Its Remains May Perpetuate Inflammation
June 25, 2012—Yale University

NeoStem Awarded NIAID Research Grant for the Development of VSEL Technology for Radiation Exposure
June 25, 2012—NeoStem

Avian Flu Viruses Which Are Transmissible Between Humans Could Evolve in Nature
June 22, 2012—University of Cambridge

Study Explains How Stress Can Boost Immune System
June 22, 2012—Stanford University School of Medicine

Our Microbes, Ourselves: Billions of Bacteria within, Essential for Immune Function, Are Ours Alone
June 21, 2012—Harvard Medical School

Protein May Be Key to Psoriasis and Wound Care
June 21, 2012—University of California, San Diego School of Medicine

Immune System Weaves Cobweb-Like Nanonets to Snag Salmonella, Other Intestinal Microbes
June 21, 2012—UC Davis Health System

Drug Combo Much Better than AZT Alone at Preventing Mother-to-Infant HIV Transmission
June 20, 2012—UCLA

From the Mouths of Monkeys: New Technique Detects TB
June 20, 2012—University of Washington

Viamet Pharmaceuticals Announces Agreement with NIAID to Advance Novel Class of Broad-Spectrum Antifungal Compounds
June 19, 2012—Viamet Pharmaceuticals

Discovery Helps Mice Beat Urinary Tract Infections
June 18, 2012—Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Brothers in Arms: Commensal Bacteria Help Fight Viruses, According to Penn Study
June 18, 2012—Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Researchers Find Increase in Lyme Disease Mirrors Drop in Red Fox Numbers
June 18, 2012—UC Santa Cruz

UM-Led International Research Team Gains New Information on Strains of Cholera That Contributed to 2010 Haitian Outbreak
June 18, 2012—University of Maryland School of Medicine

Bavarian Nordic Awarded Contract from the U.S. Government to Advance the Development of New MVA-BN®-Based Vaccines
June 18, 2012—Bavarian Nordic

Antitoxin Strategy May Help Target Other Pathogens
June 18, 2012—Tufts University

Breast Milk Kills HIV and Blocks Its Oral Transmission in Humanized Mouse
June 14, 2012—University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Sanaria and the Institute for Bioscience and Biotechnology Research of the University of Maryland College Park Awarded Collaborative, US $3M NIH Phase II Small Business Innovation Research Grant
June 13, 2012—Sanaria Inc.

Innovimmune Biotherapeutics Receives NIH Grant for Development of Novel Automimmune Compounds
June 13, 2012—Innovimmune Biotherapeutics, Inc.

Scripps Research Scientists Show Lack of Single Protein Results in Persistent Viral Infection
June 13, 2012—Scripps Research Institute

Timing, Duration of Biochemical Bugle Call Critical for Fighting Viruses
June 13, 2012— Washington University School of Medicine

Nevirapine Based Treatment is Effective in African Women, but Not Optimal
June 12, 2012—Brigham and Women’s Hospital

UCI Researchers Create Mosquitoes Incapable of Transmitting Malaria
June 12, 2012—UC Irvine

New Drug-Screening Method Yields Long-Sought Anti-HIV Compounds
June 12, 2012—Scripps Research Institute

A SMART(er) Way to Track Influenza
June 11, 2012—Brown University

Long-Ignored Enzyme Turns Out to Be Key to Killing Infectious Bacteria
June 11, 2012—Ohio State University

Immune Cells in the Gut May Improve Control of HIV Growth
June 11, 2012—University of North Carolina

Trudeau Institute Announces Participation in New $3 Million Translational Research Grant
June 11, 2012—Trudeau Institute

Scientists Find New Genetic Path to Deadly Diarrheal Disease
June 11, 2012—Ohio University

Sorrento Therapeutics Awarded Third Phase I STTR Grant
June 7, 2012—Sorrento Therapeutics

Immune System “Circuitry” That Kills Malaria in Mosquitoes Identified
June 7, 2012—Johns Hopkins Malaria Research Institute

Mystery to the Origin of Long-Lived, Skin-Deep Immune cells Uncovered
June 7, 2012—A*STAR

Good Bugs Gone Bad: Microbes that Promote Normal Health Can "Turn Bad" if Found Outside the Intestine
June 6, 2012—Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Cedars-Sinai Researchers Explore Role of Fungus in Digestive Disorders
June 6, 2012—Cedars-Sinai

Scientists Work Together to Achieve Milestone Against Deadly Diseases
June 5, 2012—Seattle Biomedical Research Institute

New Technology Improves Malaria Control and Vaccine Development
June 5, 2012—Walter and Eliza Hall Institute

InVitria Awarded 2-Year, $1.5 Million Grant to Develop Superior System for Cell-Based Vaccine Production
June 4, 2012—InVitria

Computer-Designed Proteins Programmed to Disarm a Variety of Flu Viruses
June 1, 2012—University of Washington

Weather Patterns Can Be Used to Forecast Rotavirus Outbreaks
June 1, 2012—Tufts

May 2012

Einstein Awarded $6 Million Grant to Develop New TB Vaccine Against Drug-Resistant Strains
May 30, 2012—Albert Einstein College of Medicine

UCSF Researchers Identify A Potential New HIV Vaccine/Therapy Target
May 30, 2012—University of California, San Francisco

Looking for Clues from Frogs, Fish, and Snails to Fight Off Disease
May 30, 2012—University of Rochester Medical Center

Study Reveals How the World's First Drug for Amyloid Disease Works
May 29, 2012—The Scripps Research Institute

50-Year Cholera Mystery Solved by Scientists at The University of Texas at Austin
May 29, 2012— The University of Texas at Austin

OHSU Oregon National Primate Research Center Develops New, Safer Method for Making Vaccines
May 29, 2012—Oregon Health & Science University's Oregon National Primate Research Center

HIV Hides Soon after Infection, UNC Research Shows
May 29, 2012—University of North Carolina School of Medicine

T Cells ‘Hunt’ Parasites Like Animal Predators Seek Prey, a Penn Vet-Penn Physics Study Reveals
May 29, 2012—University of Pennsylvania

U of M Study Finds Titan Cells Protect Cryptococcus
May 28, 2012—University of Minnesota

Powerful New Approach to Attack Flu Virus
May 27, 2012—Michigan State University

Discovery Expected to Shift Research Direction in Lupus and Asthma
May 25, 2012—University of Alabama at Birmingham

Feola Receives NIH Grant to Study Cystic Fibrosis
May 25, 2012—University of Kentucky

Hormone Plays Surprise Role in Fighting Skin Infections
May 24, 2012—UC San Diego

Army Study: DNA Vaccine and Duck Eggs Protect Against Hantavirus Disease
May 23, 2012—U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID)

Newly Discovered Breast Milk Antibodies Help Neutralize HIV
May 23, 2012—Duke University Medical Center

Insmed Incorporated Begins Screening Patients For TARGET-NTM U.S. Clinical Trial Of ARIKACE® In Patients With Non-Tuberculous Mycobacterial Lung Disease
May 23, 2012—Insmed Incorporated

Baylor College of Medicine Receives Over $6 million from NIH to Develop SARS Vaccine
May 22, 2012—Baylor College of Medicine

H1N1 Vaccination Produces Antibodies for Many Flu Strains
May 22, 2012—Emory University

A Possible Target for Broad-Range HPV Therapeutics Emerges
May 21, 2012—University at Buffalo

Drug Found for Parasite that is Major Cause of Death Worldwide
May 21, 2012—UC San Diego School of Medicine

Babies’ Susceptibility to Colds Linked to Immune Response at Birth
May 17, 2012—Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

UC San Diego Biologists Produce Potential Malarial Vaccine from Algae
May 16, 2012—University of California, San Diego

Researchers Discover New Treatment Path for Eye Disease
May 15, 2012—Georgia State University

May 15, 2012—Georgia Health Sciences University

Study Highlights How Superbug Spreads
May 15, 2012—The University of Edinburgh

740,000 Lives Saved: Study Documents Benefits of AIDS Relief Program
May 10, 2012—Stanford University School of Medicine

New Screening Technique from Scripps Research Institute Yields Elusive Compounds to Block Immune-Regulating Enzyme
May 10, 2012—The Scripps Research Institute

Profectus Biosciences, Inc. Receives $5.6m Grant to Develop a Vaccine to Protect Humans Against Infection with Nipah/Hendra Viruses
May 9, 2012—Profectus BioSciences, Inc.

Aeras and IDRI Sign Agreement to Jointly Develop Novel Tuberculosis Vaccine
May 9, 2012—Aeras

UW to Collaborate on Biodefense Drug Development
May 8, 2012—University of Washington

Regulatory Immune Cell Diversity Tempers Autoimmunity in Rheumatoid Arthritis
May 8, 2012—The Wistar Institute

University of Washington, University of Texas Medical Branch and Kineta, Inc. Granted $8.1 Million for Biodefense Antiviral Drug Development
May 8, 2012—Kineta, Inc.

Study Confirms Early Elevated HIV Infection Risk in Some Step Study Participants Who Received Vaccine; Risk Decreased Over Time
May 7, 2012—Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Scripps Research Institute Scientists Show How Memory B Cells Stay 'In Class' to Fight Different Infections
May 7, 2012—Scripps Research Institute

New Technique Could Identify Drugs that Help Fight Broad Range of Viruses
May 4, 2012—Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Double Duty: Versatile Immune Cells Play Dual Roles in Human Skin
May 3, 2012—Brigham and Women's Hospital

GenVec Awarded Grant For RSV Vaccine Program
May 3, 2012—GenVec

Profectus BioSciences Receives NIAID Grant to Develop a Vesicular Stomatitis Virus-Vectored Vaccine for Ebola and Marburg Viruses
May 2, 2012—Profectus BioSciences, Inc.

Genetically Modified T Cell Therapy Shown to be Safe, Lasting in Decade-Long Penn Medicine Study of HIV Patients
May 2, 2012—Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

University of Maryland School of Medicine Study Finds Vaginal Microbes Vary Over Time Among Healthy Women
May 2, 2012—University of Maryland School of Medicine’s Institute for Genome Sciences

Idaho State University-Meridian Pharmacy Professor Madaras-Kelly Receives NIH Grant to Improve Antibiotic Use in Hospitals
May 2, 2012—Idaho State University

Garlic Compound Fights Source of Food-Borne Illness
May 1, 2012—Washington State University

April 2012

Scientists Uncover Exciting Lead into Premature Aging and Heart Disease
April 30, 2012—A*STAR Institute of Medical Biology

NIH Awards ImmuVen $1.68 Million for MRSA Therapeutics
April 30, 2012—ImmuVen

Soligenix Announces Further Progress with ThermoVax™ for Long-Term Vaccine ThermoStability
April 25, 2012—Soligenix, Inc.

Mechanism of HIV Spread has Potential for Future Drug Therapy
April 24, 2012—Boston University School of Medicine

Scientist Wins $3 Million Renewal of One of Longest-Running NIH Grants to Scripps Research
April 19, 2012—The Scripps Research Institute

First Gene Linked to Common Form of Psoriasis Identified
April 19, 2012—Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

UMass Amherst Biostatistics Research Could Improve Testing, Resource Use for Treating AIDS in Poorer Countries
April 17, 2012—University of Massachusetts Amherst

New AIDS Math Could Halve Need for CD4 Tests after Antiretroviral Therapy in Resource-Poor Countries 
April 17, 2012—The Wistar Institute

Children’s National Researchers Identify a New Trigger for Alternate Reproduction Pathway of HIV-related Cancer Virus
April 17, 2012—Children’s National Medical Center

Giving Preventive Drug to Men at High Risk for HIV would be Cost-Effective, Study Shows
April 16, 2012—Stanford University

Discovery Could Help to Develop New Drugs to Treat Organ Transplant and Cancer Patients
April 13, 2012—Loyola University Health System

Blood Type A May Predispose to Some Rotavirus Infections
April 13, 2012—Baylor College of Medicine

UCLA-Engineered Stem Cells Seek Out and Kill HIV in Living Organisms
April 12, 2012—UCLA

Studies Reveal How Cells Distinguish Between Disease-Causing and Innocuous Invaders
April 12, 2012—UC San Diego

Researchers Identify Achilles Heel of Dengue Virus, Target for Future Vaccines
April 11, 2012—University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

OMRF Discovers Three New Lupus Genes
April 11, 2012—Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Medical College Researcher to Study Viral DNA Replication
April 11, 2012—Medical College of Wisconsin

Head and Body Lice appear to be the Same Species, Genetic Study Finds
April 9, 2012—University of Illinois

Two Studies Highlight Setbacks and Advances in Global Malaria Fight
April 6, 2012—Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Researchers Using Novel Method to Combat Malaria Drug Resistance
April 5, 2012—University of Notre Dame

Emergence of Artemisinin Resistance on Thai-Myanmar Border Raises Spectre of Untreatable Malaria
April 5, 2012—Wellcome Trust

Scripps Florida Scientist Awarded $1 Million Grant to Develop New Tools for Hepatitis C Treatment Discovery
April 4, 2012—The Scripps Research Institute

Scripps Research Institute Scientists Find Promising Vaccine Targets on Hepatitis C Virus
April 3, 2012—The Scripps Research Institute

SFU HIV/AIDS Vaccine Research Gets Financial Boost
April 2, 2012—Simon Fraser University

Not All Infant Bronchiolitis is the Same
April 2, 2012—Boston Children’s Hospital

Virus Protects Against Lupus
April 2, 2012—National Jewish Health

Yale Nobel Laureate Creates Compound That Halts Growth of Malaria Parasite
April 2, 2012—Yale University

Clemson Scientist Receives NIH Grant to Continue Study of Deadly Tropical Disease
April 2, 2012—Clemson University

March 2012

University of Utah Scientists Reveal Insight into How Key Protein Protects Against Viral Infections
March 30, 2012—University of Utah

OMRF Discovers Three New Lupus Genes
March 29, 2012—Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation

Study Finds HIV ‘Superinfection’ Boosts Immune Response
March 29, 2012—Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Researchers Identify New Regulator in Allergic Diseases
March 28, 2012—Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Inner Weapons Against Allergies: Gut Bacteria Control Allergic Diseases, Perelman School of Medicine Study Finds
March 26, 2012—Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

GenVec Awarded Grant for Antigen Discovery Project
March 26, 2012—GenVec, Inc.

IND Opens for Anti-Staphylococcal Drug XF-73 and NIAID-Funded US Clinical Trial Begins
March 26, 2012—Destiny Pharma

Scientists Identify Novel Pathway for T-Cell Activation in Leprosy
March 25, 2012—UCLA

Genetics of Flu Susceptibility
March 25, 2012—Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Getting the Dirt on Immunity: Researchers Show That Early Exposure to Germs is a Good Thing
March 22, 2012—Brigham and Women's Hospital

Research Points to Possible New Route to Fight Dengue Virus
March 22, 2012—Purdue University

Emergent BioSolutions Receives NIAID Grant to Support Tuberculosis Vaccine Candidate
March 22, 2012—Emergent BioSolutions Inc.

Grants Aim to Hasten Discovery of New TB Drugs
March 22, 2012—University of Illinois at Chicago College of Pharmacy

Marine Lifeline
March 22, 2012—University of Central Florida Burnett School of Biomedical Sciences

Cepheid Receives Grant to Develop Sample Processing and Amplification Methods for Detection of Bloodstream Bacteria
March 20, 2012—Cepheid

Genetic Variation in Human Gut Viruses Could be Raw Material for Inner Evolution, Perelman School of Medicine Study Finds
March 19, 2012—Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

Discovery Provides Blueprint for New Drugs That Can Inhibit Hepatitis C Virus
March 19, 2012—University of California, San Diego

Researchers Identify Unexpected Player in Intestinal Immunity
March 14, 2012—Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

“Personalized Immune” Mouse Offers New Tool for Studying Autoimmune Diseases
March 14, 2012—Columbia University Medical Center

How Key Immune Sensors Arrive at the Front Lines of Infection
March 14, 2012—Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

HIV and the Long Tail of Child Sexual Abuse
March 14, 2012—Duke University

UCI-Led Study Uncovers How Salmonella Avoids the Body’s Immune Response
March 14, 2012—University of California, Irvine

Duquesne Researcher Developing Compounds to Battle Fatal Infections with $1.9 Million NIH Grant
March 14, 2012—Duquesne University

Okairos Announces Initiation of Phase I/II Clinical Trial for Potential First-in-Class Hepatitis C Vaccine
March 14, 2010—Okairos

Research Has Implications for Treating and Preventing Cancers Caused by Viruses
March 12, 2012—Trudeau Institute

Researchers Discover Mechanism in Cells that Leads to Inflammatory Diseases
March 12, 2012—Cedars-Sinai

GeoVax Receives “Allowed to Proceed” Notice for Testing Adjuvanted HIV Vaccine
March 12, 2012—GeoVax Labs, Inc.

Mini-Molecule Governs Severity Of Acute Graft-Vs-Host Disease, Study Finds.
March 11, 2012—Ohio State University Medical Center

Genetic Marker for Painful Food Allergy Points to Improved Diagnosis, Treatment

March 9, 2012—Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

One in Four U.S. HIV Patients Don't Stay in Care, Penn Study Shows
March 9, 2012—Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

HIV/AIDS Vaccine Shows Long-Term Protection Against Multiple Exposures in Nonhuman Primates
March 9, 2012—Emory University

Vaccination Strategy May Hold Key to Ridding HIV Infection from Immune System
March 8, 2012—Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine

Deeper View of HIV Reveals Impact of Early Mutations
March 8, 2012—Massachusetts General Hospital

HIV Rates for Black Women in Parts of the US Much Higher than Previously Estimated
March 8, 2012—HIV Prevention Trials Network (HPTN)

Drug Helps Purge Hidden HIV Virus, Study Shows
March 8, 2012—University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Interferon Decreases HIV-1 Viral Levels and Controls Virus after Stopping Antiretroviral Therapy in Patients
March 7, 2012—The Wistar Institute

New Stanford Immune-System Sensor May Speed Up, Slash Cost of Detecting Disease
March 7, 2012—Stanford University School of Medicine

Microneedle Vaccine Patch Boosts Flu Protection through Robust Skin Cell Response
March 6, 2012—Emory University

Rectal Formulation of Tenofovir Gel Found Safe and Acceptable in Early Phase Clinical Study
March 5, 2012—Microbicide Trials Network

Study by UC Santa Barbara Researchers Suggests That Bacteria Communicate by Touch
March 1, 2012––UC Santa Barbara

Solving Mystery of How Sulfa Drugs Kill Bacteria Yields 21st Century Drug Development Target
March 1, 2012––St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Investigators Predict, Confirm How E. coli Bacteria Hijack Cells' Directional Mechanism
March 1, 2012––UT Southwestern Medical Center

February 2012

Fighting Infections: Old Drug Reveals New Tricks
Feb. 29, 2012—University of California, San Francisco

Ragon Institute Study Finds HIV-Specific CD4 Cells that Control Viral Levels
Feb. 29, 2012—Massachusetts General Hospital

Skin Infection Sheds Light on Immune Cells Living in Our Skin
Feb. 29, 2012—Brigham and Women's Hospital

Researchers Identify Novel Pathway Responsible for Infection of a Common Sexually Transmitted Disease Pathogen
Feb. 27, 2012—Boston University School of Medicine

Research Sheds Light on How Immune System's 'First Responders' Target Infection
Feb. 27, 2012—University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

Washington University Gets $3.3 million to Study Viruses in Kids
Feb. 27, 2012—Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Loyola Study Shows how to Rescue the Immune System in Compromised Conditions
Feb. 27, 2012—Loyola Medicine

Some Bacteria Attack Using Spring-loaded Poison Daggers
Feb. 27, 2012—Caltech

Feb. 24, 2012—Georgia Health Sciences University

Scripps Florida Team Awarded Nearly $1.5 Million to Develop Potent New HIV Inhibitors
Feb. 24, 2012—The Scripps Research Institute

New Strategies for Treatment of Infectious Diseases
Feb. 24, 2012—Instituto Gulbenkian de Ciência

Researchers Discover How Vitamin D Inhibits Inflammation
Feb. 24, 2012—National Jewish Health

Disarming the Botulinum Neurotoxin
Feb. 24, 2012—Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

Soligenix Announces Positive Survival Results of SGX202 in Radiation Injury
Feb. 22, 2012—Soligenix, Inc.

Evolution of Staph ‘Superbug’ Traced Between Humans and Food Animals
Feb. 21, 2012—Northern Arizona University

Mice Bred to More Closely Resemble a Genetic Variation in Humans Help Target an Annual Outbreak: the Flu
Feb. 21, 2012—Oregon Health & Science University

New Studies Show Which Anti-HIV Drug Combinations Work Better Than Others and Why and How They Do It
Feb. 20, 2012—Johns Hopkins

Researchers Find New Compound to Fight Strep Throat Infection
Feb. 20, 2012—University of Missouri

A Single Protein Helps the Body Keep Watch over the Epstein-Barr Virus
Feb. 17, 2012—Children’s Hospital Boston

Fruit Flies Use Alcohol as a Drug to Kill Parasites
Feb. 17, 2012—Emory University

Cleveland BioLabs Announces Science Publication on Molecular Mechanisms Underlying CBLB502’s Interaction with TLR5
Feb. 16, 2012—Cleveland BioLabs, Inc.

When Body Clock Runs Down, Immune System Takes Time Off
Feb. 16, 2012—Yale University

New Model Accurately Predicts Who Will Develop Deadly Form of Dengue Fever
Feb. 16, 2012—University of Texas Medical Branch

As Diabetes Emerges, Researchers Track Disease’s First Steps
Feb. 16, 2012—University of Rochester Medical Center

How the Body Fends Off Bacteria
Feb. 16, 2012—Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

UGA Animal Vaccine May Slow Deadly Spread of Chagas Disease | Video
Feb. 16, 2012—University of Georgia

High Population Density is Greatest Risk Factor for Water-Linked Diseases
Feb. 14, 2012—Ohio State University

Antibiotics Ineffective for Most Sinus Infections
Feb. 14, 2012—Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Immunovaccine to Advance Biodefense Vaccines in a NIH Funded Study
February 14, 2012—Immunovaccine Inc.

SIV Infection May Lead to Increase in Immune-Suppressive Treg Cells
Feb. 13, 2012—UC Davis Health System

Starve a Virus, Feed a Cure?
Feb. 12, 2012—University of Rochester Medical Center

Tenofovir, Leading HIV Medication, Linked with Risk of Kidney Damage
Feb. 10, 2012—University of California, San Francisco

New Project Led by the Foundation for the NIH Biomarkers Consortium Will Have Significant Impact On the Development of New Antibiotics
Feb. 7, 2012—The Foundation for the National Institutes of Health

Whole-Genome Sequencing of 2011 E. Coli Outbreaks in Europe Provides New Insight Into Origins, Spread of Disease
Feb. 6, 2012—Harvard School of Public Health

Study of HIV-Infected Youth: Antiretroviral Therapy not Associated with Severity of Psychiatric Disorders
Feb. 6, 2012—Stony Brook University Medical Center

Combined Asthma Medication Therapy Shown to Reduce Attacks
Feb. 6, 2012—Henry Ford Hospital

Chimerix Antiviral Compound, CMX001, Meets CMV Phase 2 Primary Endpoint in Allogeneic Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients
Feb. 6, 2012—Chimerix, Inc.

Why Bad Immunity Genes Survive
Feb. 6, 2012—University of Utah

'Goldilocks' Gene Could Influence TB Treatment
Feb 3, 2012—King's College London

Stem Cells Could Drive Hepatitis Research Forward
Feb. 1, 2012—MIT

January 2012

No Guts, No Glory: Biologists Receive Nearly $2.8 Million from NIH to Study Virus Escape from Mosquito Midgut
Jan. 31, 2012—Kansas State University

Developing a New Weapon Against HIV
Jan. 30, 2012—Boston University

New Research Highlights Survival Skills of Disease-Causing E. coli
Jan. 30, 2012—Arizona State University

Bacteria Simulation Provides Clues to Fight Tuberculosis
Jan. 30, 2012—Rutgers University

Stealthy Leprosy Pathogen Evades Critical Vitamin D-Dependent Immune Response
Jan. 29, 2012—UCLA

A Leukemia Drug Kills Cancerous T-cells While Sparing Normal Immunity
Jan. 25, 2012—Brigham and Women's Hospital

Entry Point for Hepatitis C Infection Identified
Jan. 24, 2012—University of Illinois at Chicago College of Medicine

Vaccines to Boost Immunity Where it Counts, Not Just Near Shot Site
Jan. 22, 2012—Duke University Medical Center

Notre Dame Researchers Report Fundamental Malaria Discovery
JanPolyMedix Defensin-Mimetic Antimicrobial Compounds Show Activity Against Oral Candida Fungus and Malaria
Jan. 20, 2012—PolyMedix, Inc.

Bacterial Toxin Plays Role in Most Common Types of Urinary Tract Infections
Jan. 19, 2012—University of Utah

Soligenix Demonstrates Robust Stability Results with its SGX204 Anthrax Vaccine
Jan. 18, 2012—Soligenix, Inc.

Polar Growth at the Bacterial Scale Reveals Potential New Targets for Antibiotic Therapy
Jan. 17, 2012—Indiana University

Jan. 17, 2012—University of Michigan Health System

The Sepsis Conundrum
Jan. 12, 2012—Massachusetts General Hospital Center for Systems Biology

La Jolla Institute Researchers Identify Pivotal Immune Cell in Type 1 Diabetes in Humans
Jan. 12, 2012—La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology

How Can Pediatric HIV be Eliminated in Zimbabwe?
Jan. 10, 2012—Massachusetts General Hospital

Researchers Discover Novel Anti-Viral Immune Pathway in the Mosquito
Jan. 10, 2012—Virginia Tech

New Way to Learn About—and Potentially Block—Traits in Harmful Pathogens
Jan. 9, 2012— Duke University Medical Center

Drug to Treat HIV in Children Shows Promise Via Stony Brook-Led National Study
Jan 6, 2012—Stony Brook University Medical Center

Tetragenetics’ G-SOME™-Formulated Influenza Vaccine Provides Strong Protection Against H5N1 in Preclinical Efficacy Study
Jan. 5, 2012—Tetragenetics

Promising Results Shown in Novel Combination HIV Vaccine
Jan. 4, 2012—Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Signaling Process Linked to Obesity and Cancer
Jan 3, 2012—University of Southern California

Hepatitis C Virus Hijacks Liver microRNA
Jan. 3, 2012—University of North Carolina School of Medicine

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