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Leading research to understand, treat, and prevent infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases
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News from NIAID-Supported Institutions for 2013

Below are links to press releases about NIAID-funded research from some of the institutions we support.

December 2013

Genetically Identical Bacteria Can Behave in Radically Different Ways
December 31, 2013—University of Washington

BioCryst Receives Additional NIAID Funding to Advance Development of BCX4430 to Treat Marburg Virus Disease
December 30, 2013—BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

PDL-1 Antibody Could Help Immune System Fight off Influenza Viral Infection, Study Suggests
December 23, 2013—Nationwide Children’s Hospital

New Vaccine from University of Iowa Protects Against Lethal Pneumonia Caused by Staph Bacteria
December 20, 2013—University of Iowa

Biologists Find Clues to a Parasite’s Inconsistency
December 19, 2013—MIT

Scientists Look to Tackle Bacterium That Is Major Cause of Diarrhea, Vomiting
December 19, 2013—Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University

Gladstone’s Discovery of Precise Molecular Mechanisms in the Human Body Leads to a New Potential Therapy for Our Era’s Deadliest Epidemic
December 19, 2013—Gladstone Institutes

Tulane Pathologist Gets $2.6 Million in NIH Awards for Hepatitis C Research
December 18, 2013—Tulane University

Discovery of Immune Avoidance Mechanism Could Lead to Treatments for Deadly Mosquito-borne Viruses
December 18, 2013—University of Pittsburgh Center for Vaccine Research

New Anti-HIV Drug Target Identified by University of Minnesota Researchers
December 18, 2013—University of Minnesota

Newly Identified Immune Receptor May Activate B Cells in Autoimmunity
December 18, 2013—University of Alabama at Birmingham

Advances in HIV Treatment Dramatically Increase Life Expectancy
December 18, 2013—British Columbia Centre for Excellence in HIV/AIDS

Latest Study Finds No Link Between HIV-Prevention Pill Truvada and Increased Sexual Risk Behavior; Underscores Drug’s Effectiveness at Preventing New Infections
December 18, 2013—Gladstone Institutes

E. Coli Infections Traced to Single Strain of Bacteria
December 17, 2013—George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services

Pfenex Awarded Contract for Development of Next Generation rPA-Based Anthrax Vaccine
December 17, 2013—Pfenex Inc.

Researchers Discover How a Protein Complex Revs Up T Cell Activation to Fight Infections
December 16, 2013—St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Stanford Researchers Take a Step Toward Developing a “Universal” Flu Vaccine
December 16, 2013—Stanford Engineering

Gene Variant Exacerbates Inflammatory Arthritis in Mice
December 16, 2013—University of Utah

Scientists Identify Molecular Biomarkers of Vaccine Immunity
December 16, 2013—Emory Vaccine Center

Lung Lesions of TB Variable, Independent Whether Infection is Active or Latent, Says Pitt Study
December 15, 2013—University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Pathogen Study in College of Veterinary Medicine Explores Blocking Effect of E. coli O157:H7 Protein on Immune System
December 13, 2013—Kansas State University

Salmonella Jams Signals from Bacteria-Fighting Mast Cells
December 12, 2013—Duke Medicine

Brief Laser-Light Treatment May Significantly Improve Effectiveness of Influenza Vaccines
December 11, 2013—Massachusetts General Hospital

Scientists Discover Chemical Modification in Human Malaria Parasite DNA
December 11, 2013—University of California, Riverside

Brief Laser-Light Treatment May Significantly Improve Effectiveness of Influenza Vaccines
December 11, 2013—Massachusetts General Hospital

Researchers at Mount Sinai Say a New Strain of Bird Flu Packs a Punch Even After It Becomes Resistant to Drugs
December 10, 2013—Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Vaccine Study Reveals Link Between Immunity and Cells' Starvation Response
December 5, 2013—Emory Vaccine Center

A New Therapeutic Target for Psoriasis
December 4, 2013—Sanford-Burnham Medical Research Institute

Scientists Develop New Understanding of Chlamydial Disease and
Host/Pathogen Interactions Through Novel Simultaneous RNA-Seq Analysis

December 4, 2013—Institute for Genome Sciences at the University of Maryland School of

New Drug Cuts Risk of Deadly Transplant Side Effect in Half
December 3, 2013—University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center

What Makes the Deadliest Form of Malaria Specific to People?
December 3, 2013—Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute Malaria Programme

1950s Pandemic Influenza Virus Remains a Health Threat, Particularly to Those Under 50
December 2, 2013—St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

HIV Plus HPV Leads to Increased Anal Cancer Risk in Men
December 2, 2013—UCLA School of Nursing

Sorting Good Germs from Bad in the Bacterial World
December 2, 2013—Arizona State University

Key Found To Restoring 'Exhausted' HIV-Fighting Immune Cells
December 2, 2013—Johns Hopkins Institute for Cell Engineering

November 2013

Scripps Research Institute Scientists Achieve Most Detailed Picture Ever of Key Part of Hepatitis C Virus
November 28, 2013—The Scripps Research Institute

Using microRNA Fit to a T (Cell)
November 25, 2013—University of California, San Diego School of Medicine

Meat, Egg and Dairy Nutrient Essential for Brain Development
November 25, 2013—University of Montreal

Stuck on Flu
November 22, 2013—University of California, San Diego School of Medicine

Paths Not Taken: Notch Signaling Pathway Keeps Immature T Cells on the Right Track
November 22, 2013—Penn Medicine

Stress and Isolation Take Toll on Those Under 50 with HIV; Older People Fare Better
November 21, 2013—Case Western Reserve University

Stanford Scientists Think Mysterious Virus Could Be a Signal of a Weak Immune System
November 21, 2013—Stanford Engineering

New Study of Human Blood Fluke Parasites Identifies Drug Resistance Mutations; Raises Hopes for Improved Therapies
November 21, 2013—University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Research Shows Antifungal Medicine May Increase Vulnerability to Flu
November 21, 2013—University of Massachusetts Medical School

Staphylococcus aureus Bacteria Turns Immune System Against Itself
November 19, 2013—University of Chicago

Study to Identify Functions of Hypothetical Genes in Two Infectious Disease Pathogens
November 19, 2013—University of Chicago

NMSU Research Aimed at Reducing Disease-Transmitting Mosquitoes
November 18, 2013—New Mexico State University

Researchers Capture Structure of Key Part of Deadly Nipah Virus
November 18, 2013—The Scripps Research Institute

Vivax Malaria May Be Evolving Around Natural Defense
November 15, 2013—Case Western Reserve University

Genetic Signature Identified for RSV, the Leading Cause of Infant Hospitalizations Worldwide
November 14, 2013—The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Gut Microbes in Healthy Kids Carry Antibiotic Resistance Genes
November 13, 2013—Washington University School of Medicine

Researchers Discover New Treatment to Cure the MRSA ‘Superbug’
November 13, 2013—Northeastern University

Putting Lupus in Permanent Remission
November 11, 2013—Northwestern Medicine

Discovery by Israeli and American Researchers May Lead to New Treatments for Allergic Diseases
November 10, 2013—Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Agenus’ HerpV Therapeutic Vaccine for Genital Herpes Meets Primary Endpoint in Randomized Phase 2 Trial
November 7, 2013—Agenus Inc.

Study Uncovers New Explanation for Infection Susceptibility in Newborns
November 6, 2013—Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Roswell Park Researchers Receive Almost $7 Million in Grant Support for Cancer Research Efforts
November 5, 2013—Roswell Park Cancer Institute

University of Washington Awarded New NIH Contract to Advance Research on Milestone Development of Vaccine Immune Boosters
November 4, 2013—Kineta, Inc.

Penn Researchers Identify Molecular Link Between Gut Microbes and Intestinal Health
November 4, 2013—Perelman School of Medicine

Leidos Awarded Contract by National Institutes of Health
November 4, 2013—Leidos

Multimillion Dollar Contract Provides Funding to Continue Vaccine Research
November 1, 2013—Baylor College of Medicine

Examining How Cytomegalovirus Spreads from Mother to Fetus
November 1, 2013—University of Massachusetts Medical School

Children of Lower Socioeconomic Status Grow Up More Susceptible To Catching Colds, Carnegie Mellon Researchers Find
November 1, 2013—Carnegie Mellon University

October 2013

Scientists Capture Most Detailed Picture Yet of Key AIDS Protein
October 31, 2013—The Scripps Research Institute

Newly Identified Proteins Make Promising Targets for Blocking Graft-vs.-Host Disease
October 31, 2013—University of Michigan Health System

Transgene in Collaboration with Emergent BioSolutions to Receive NIH Funding to Support Development of a Novel Immunotherapy Against Tuberculosis
October 30, 2013—Transgene SA

Dormant Reservoirs of HIV Hiding Inside Infected Cells Represent Our Biggest Barrier to Eradicating HIV/AIDS
October 30, 2013—Gladstone Institutes

Early HIV Antiviral Treatment Found to Be Cost-Effective in South Africa, India
October 30, 2013—Massachusetts General Hospital

Latest Research Findings on Avian Influenza A (H7N9) Virus from HKU Public Health Research Centre
October 30, 2013—The University of Hong Kong

New SARS-Like Coronavirus Discovered in Chinese Horseshoe Bats
October 30, 2013—EcoHealth Alliance

NanoBio Awarded up to $10 Million in NIH Funding to Develop a Pandemic Influenza Vaccine
October 29, 2013—NanoBio Corporation

Pregnant Women with Hepatitis C May Pass Swifter Viral Strain to Newborns, Study Suggests
October 28, 2013—Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Model Virus Structure Shows Why There’s no Cure for Common Cold
October 28, 2013—University of Wisconsin—Madison

U of M Researchers Identify Key Proteins Influencing Major Immune Strategies
October 28, 2013—University of Minnesota

More Opportunities Found for Respiratory Infections to Spread Among Staff in Emergency Departments
October 23, 2013—Emory University

New Artificial Protein Mimics A Part Of The HIV Outer Coat
Oct. 22, 2013—Duke Medicine

West African Bats: No Safe Haven for Malaria Parasites
October 21, 2013—Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology

Research Offers New Insight in quest for Single Vaccine Against Multiple Influenza Strains
October 20, 2013—St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Flu Virus Wipes Out Immune System’s First Responders to Establish Infection
October 19, 2013—Whitehead Institute

The Benefits of Bacteria for Gut Health
October 18, 2013—Emory University School of Medicine

New Study Shows How Staph Toxin Disarms the Immune System, Reveals Secret to Microbe’s Deadly Versatility
October 16, 2013—NYU Langone Medical Center

Promising New Approach to Treating Drug-Resistant Infections
October 15, 2013—Southwestern Medical Center

New Computational Model Reveals Novel Possibilities for H. pylori Treatment
October 7, 2013—Center for Modeling Immunity to Enteric Pathogens

New More Effective Antimicrobials Might Rise From Old
October 7, 2013—UC San Diego

3-D Printed Microscopic Cages Confine Bacteria in Tiny Zoos for the Study of Infections
Oct. 7, 2013—The University of Texas at Austin

Rutgers Scientists Discover Molecules that Show Promise for New Anti-Flu Medicines
October 4, 2013—Rutgers University

The Space-Time Relativity of Intracellular Signaling
October 3, 2013—Medical College of Wisconsin


Innovative Approach Could Ultimately End Deadly Disease of Sleeping Sickness
October 3, 2013—Oregon State University

Notre Dame Researchers Uncover Keys to Antibiotic Resistance in MRSA
October 3, 2013—University of Notre Dame

High Rates of Unnecessary Prescribing of Antibiotics for Sore Throat and Bronchitis Observed Across the United States
October 3, 2013—Brigham and Women's Hospital

VGTI Florida’s Dr. Ted Ross Awarded a $2 Million NIH Sub-Award for Influenza Study
October 2, 2013—Vaccine and Gene Therapy Institute of Florida

Cocaine Use Can Make Otherwise Resistant Immune Cells Susceptible to HIV
October 2, 2013—UCLA

Device Very Effective at Preventing Immunodeficiency Virus
October 1, 2013—Northwestern University

National Institutes of Health New Innovator Award to Study Flu Virus Goes to Linsey Marr
October 1, 2013—Virginia Tech

September 2013

Scripps Research Institute Scientists Discover Important Wound-Healing Process
September 26, 2013—The Scripps Research Institute

Soligenix Awarded NIAID Contract Valued up to $6.4 Million for the Development of OrbeShield™ in GI ARS
September 25, 2013—Soligenix, Inc.

Nanoparticle Vaccine Offers Better Protection
September 25, 2013—MIT

Researchers Discover a New Way That Influenza Can Infect Cells
September 23, 2013—Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

U of M Research Uncovers Gene’s Contribution to Asthma Susceptibility
September 23, 2013—University of Minnesota College of Veterinary Medicine

Scripps Research Institute Study Explores Barriers to HIV Vaccine Response
September 20, 2013—The Scripps Research Institute

NIH Awards $6.9 Million to NDRI for Recovery of Human Tissues and Organs for Research
September 18, 2013—Research Resource for Human Tissues and Organs

Novel Treatment for Gonorrhea Acts Like a “Live Vaccine” and Prevents Reinfection, UB Animal Study Shows
September 18, 2013—University at Buffalo

Chronic Inflammation of Blood Vessels Could Help Explain High Childhood Mortality in Malaria Regions
September 18, 2013—Wellcome Trust

Toxoplasma Infection Permanently Shifts Balance in Cat-and-Mouse Game
September 18, 2013—University of California, Berkeley

Genomic Test Accurately Sorts Viral vs. Bacterial Infections
September 18, 2013—Duke University

NIH-Funded Pandemic Preparation: SLU Investigates Bird Flu Vaccine
September 18, 2013—Saint Louis University

New HIV-1 Replication Pathway Discovered by NYU College of Dentistry Researchers
September 18, 2013—New York University College of Dentistry

Novel Vaccine Approach to Human Cytomegalovirus Found Effective
September 17, 2013—University of California, Davis

BioCryst Awarded Contract by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) to Develop BCX4430 for the Treatment of Marburg Virus Disease
September 17, 2013—BioCryst Pharmaceuticals, Inc

UAMS to Take Part in Study of New Peanut Allergy Treatment
September 17, 2013—University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences

Profectus BioSciences Announces Initiation of Clinical Trial Evaluating its Therapeutic HIV Vaccine in Support of the “Cure Agenda”
September 16, 2013—Profectus BioSciences, Inc.


Molecular Structure Reveals How HIV Infects Cells
September 16, 2013—The Scripps Research Institute

Biologists Discover New Method for Discovering Antibiotics
September 16, 2013—University of California, San Diego

Tufts Researchers Identify How Yersinia Spreads within Infected Organs
September 16, 2013—Tufts University School of Medicine

SLU Receives $566,000 in NIH Funding for Malaria Research
September 13, 2013—Saint Louis University

Two Innate Immune Functions Cooperate to Fight Infection
September 12, 2013—Baylor College of Medicine

Coronado Biosciences Announces Initiation of Phase 2 Study Evaluating Tso in Ulcerative Colitis
September 12, 2013—Coronado Biosciences, Inc.

OHSU AIDS Vaccine Candidate Appears to Completely Clear Virus from the Body
September 11, 2013—Oregon Health & Science University

Biologists Uncover Mechanisms for Cholera Toxin’s Deadly Effects
September 11, 2013—University of California, San Diego

Red Grapes, Blueberries May Enhance Immune Function
September 10, 2013—Oregon State University

ClinicalRM Awarded NIH Contract to Support the STI CTG Program
September 10, 2013—Clinical Research Management, Inc.

Fungal Sex Can Generate New Drug Resistant Strains
September 10, 2013—Duke University

Immunovaccine Reports Positive Results from Two Anthrax Studies
September 9, 2013—Immunovaccine Inc.

Study Examines Ways to Restore Immunity to Chronic Hepatitis C Infection
September 4, 2013—The Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Pain-Free Microneedle Influenza Vaccine is Effective, Long-lasting
September 4, 2013 —American Society for Microbiology

Tuberculosis and Parkinson’s Disease Linked by Unique Protein
September 4, 2013—UC San Francisco

Researchers Hope to Protect Against Another HIV-Like Outbreak
September 4, 2013—University of Washington

GlobeImmune Awarded $4 Million NIH Grant to Develop Tarmogens for the Treatment of Tuberculosis
September 4, 2013–GlobeImmune, Inc.

First Estimate of Total Viruses in Mammals
September 3, 2013—Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health

Enanta Pharmaceuticals Announces National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) Will Fund Further Development of a Novel Bicyclolide
September 3, 2013— Enanta Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Fungal Infections Can Trigger and Exacerbate Asthma
September 1, 2013—Boston Children’s Hospital

August 2013

Adding Blood Pressure Drug to Standard Antibiotics Speeds Up TB Treatment
August 29, 2013—Johns Hopkins

Texas A&M Biologist Fights Deadly Gut Bacteria, C. Diff
August 29, 2013—Texas A&M University

Gene Makes Some HIV-Infected Patients More at Risk for Fungal Disease
August 27, 2013—The American Society for Microbiology

Immune System, Skin Microbiome "Complement" One Another, Finds Penn Medicine Study
August 26, 2013—University of Pennsylvania Perelman School of Medicine

A Virus Changes Its Stripes
August 23, 2013—University of Texas Medical Branch at Galveston

UCI-Led Study Reveals How SARS Virus Hijacks Host Cells
Aug. 22, 2013—UC Irvine

MERS Virus Discovered in Bat Near Site of Outbreak in Saudi Arabia
August 21, 2013—Columbia University's Mailman School of Public Health

Experimental Ebola Treatment Protects Some Primates Even After Disease Symptoms Appear
August 21, 2013—U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases

Bacteria Make Us Feel Pain… And Suppress Our Immune Response
August 21, 2013—Boston Children’s Hospital

Tuberculosis Genomes Portray Secrets of Pathogen’s Success
August 21, 2013—UW-Madison

Bacterial Toxins Cause Deadly Heart Disease
August 20, 2013—University of Iowa

$11.9M Grant Expands Women's HIV Study to Southeast

August 16, 2013—Emory University

Scripps Research Institute Scientists Reveal How Deadly Ebola Virus Assembles
August 15, 2013—The Scripps Research Institute

Pathway to Asthma Winds Through Toll-Like Receptor 4
August 15, 2013—Baylor College of Medicine

Potent Mechanism Helps Viruses Shut Down Body's Defense System Against Infection
August 14, 2013—Salk Institute for Biological Studies

Scientists Get a Handle on What Made Typhoid Mary’s Infectious Microbes Tick
August 14, 2013—Stanford University School of Medicine

New Compound Prevents First Steps of Fungal Infection
August 13, 2013—Worcester Polytechnic Institute

Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences Faculty Member Receives $465,000 Grant for Biodefense Research
August 13, 2013––Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Lampreys Provide Hints to Ancient Immune Cells
August 12, 2013––Emory University School of Medicine

Scientists Develop Method that Ensures Safe Research on Deadly Flu Viruses
August 11, 2013––Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

New Hope for Improved TB Treatments
August 8, 2013––University of Southampton

Bavarian Nordic Receives European Marketing Authorization for IMVANEX Smallpox Vaccine
August 7, 2013—Bavarian Nordic

Less Is More: Single Antibiotic as Effective, But Safer Than Combo Therapy to Treat Childhood Bloodstream Infection
August 5, 2013—Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

Trial Finds More Support for Universal HIV Screening in Emergency Departments
August 5, 2013—University of Cincinnati

Mechanism Offers Promising New Approach for Harnessing the Immune System to Fight Cancer
August 4, 2013—St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

The Rise of Deadly Insect Sting Allergies: Is There a Cure?
August 1, 2013—American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology

TechnoVax Awarded NIH Grant to Develop a Universal Flu Vaccine based on its Virus-Like-Particle (VLP) Technology
August 1, 2013—TechnoVax, Inc.

July 2013

Chief of Rheumatology George Tsokos, MD, Receives NIH MERIT Award
July 31, 2013—Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Take Your Child’s Word for it on Asthma, Study Finds
July 31, 2013—University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Einstein-Montefiore Researchers Secure $16 Million NIH Grant to Study HIV/AIDS in Women
July 30, 2013—Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Study Unravels Genetics Behind Debilitating Inflammatory Disease Takayasu Arteritis
July 29, 2013—University of Michigan

Researchers Identify Novel Mechanism that Helps Stomach Bug Cause Illness
July 29, 2013—UT Southwestern Medical Center

Adenoviruses May Pose Risk for Monkey-to-Human Leap
July 25, 2013—UC San Francisco

Carnegie Mellon Biophysicist Alex Evilevitch Obtains First Experimental Evidence of Internal Pressure Inside Herpes Virus
July 24, 2013—Carnegie Mellon University

Johns Hopkins Researchers Reveal Genetic Glitch at the Root of Allergies
July 24, 2013—Johns Hopkins

Study Explains Why Africans May be More Susceptible to Tuberculosis
July 24, 2013—University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine

FAU Charles E. Schmidt College of Medicine Professor Receives NIH Grant for Project to Optimize Current and Future Vaccines
July 24, 2013—Florida Atlantic University

Johns Hopkins Researchers Attribute Array of Allergies to Faulty Genetic Pathway
July 24, 2013—Johns Hopkins

MCW Researcher to Study Infectious Cycle of Polioviruses
July 23, 2013—Medical College of Wisconsin

Scientists Uncover How Superbug Fights Off Antibiotic
July 23, 2013—The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Natural Pest Control Protein Effective Against Hookworm: A Billion Could Benefit
July 23, 2013—American Society for Microbiology

BMC/BUSM Researcher Receives NIH Grant to Study Gonococcal Vaccine Development
July 23, 2013—Boston University School of Medicine

Putting the Brakes on Inflammation
July 22, 2013—University of Arizona

MBio Diagnostics, Inc. Receives NIH Award for POC HIV Device
July 22, 2013—MBio Diagnostics, Inc.

A Bad Alliance: Rare Immune Cells Promote Food-Induced Allergic Inflammation in the Esophagus, Finds Penn Study
July 22, 2013—Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania

U of M Researchers Identify New Functions for Autoimmune Disease “Risk” Gene
July 19, 2013—University of Minnesota

Study Lays Groundwork for Norovirus Antiviral Treatments
July 18, 2013—University of Michigan Health System

U.S. National Institutes of Health Recommend to Expand Its Scope of Research in the Development of Pluristem’s PLX-RAD Cells for the Treatment of Acute Radiation Syndrome
July 18, 2013—Pluristem Therapeutics Inc.

UIC Scientist Fighting War Against Bacteria
July 18, 2013—University of Illinois at Chicago

Probiotic Bacterium Lessens Severity of Salmonella Infections by Hoarding Iron
July 17, 2013—UC Irvine

New Way to Target an Old Foe: Malaria
July 17, 2013—MIT

Research Targets Bacteria Behind Hospital-Associated Infections
July 17, 2013—Kansas State University

VCU Receives NIH Grant to Examine the Biology of Allergic Disease
July 17, 2013—Virginia Commonwealth University

Mount Sinai Researchers Identify Vulnerabilities of the Deadly Ebola Virus
July 17, 2013—Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai Researchers Discover Mechanism Behind Development of Autoimmune Hepatitis
July 16, 2013—Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Cholera’s Evolution
July 16, 2013—Harvard Medical School

Research Leads to Affordable Technology to Fight Mosquito-Borne Diseases
July 16, 2013—University of California, Riverside

National Institutes of Health Grant Lets Veterinary College's X.J. Meng Study How Hepatitis E Virus Infects Across Species Barrier
July 16, 2013—Virginia Tech

Since Prior Flu Exposure Dictates Your Future Immune Response, New Vaccine Regiments Can Be Rationally Developed, Researchers Say
July 15, 2013—The Wistar Institute

In Children with Fever, Gene Profiling Distinguishes Bacterial from Viral Infections
July 15, 2013—Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

Black-Legged Ticks Linked to Encephalitis in New York State
July 15, 2013—Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies

Antiviral Enzyme Contributes to Several Forms of Cancer, University of Minnesota Researchers Say
July 14, 2013—University of Minnesota

Link Between Respiratory Viruses and Asthma to be Explored
July 11, 2013—Medical College of Wisconsin

Malaria in the Americas Presents a Complex Picture
July 10, 2013—Arizona State University Biodesign Institute

Functional Genomics Lab to Predict Potential AIDS vaccines Efficacy and Find Protection Markers
July 10, 2013—University of Washington

The Allergist is Listening: Five Things They Need to Hear, From Your Child
July 10, 2013—ACAAI

Researchers Report New Source of Powerful Immunity Protein
July 10, 2013—UT Southwestern Medical Center

Study Puts Troubling Traits of H7N9 Avian Flu Virus on Display
July 10, 2013— University of Wisconsin-Madison

Intestinal Bacteria May Fuel Inflammation and Worsen HIV Disease
July 10, 2013—UC San Francisco

Inovio's CELLECTRA® Electroporation Delivery Technology Powers Durable, Best-in-Class T-Cell Responses from HIV Vaccine in Human Study
July 10, 2013—Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Signum Dermalogix Investigational New Drug (IND) Application Cleared by FDA: SIG990 a Potential Treatment for Rosacea
July 8, 2013—Signum Dermalogix, Inc.

New Approaches to Understanding Infection May Uncover Novel Therapies Against Influenza
July 3, 2013—Seattle BioMed

Genetic Signals Reflect the Evolutionary Impact of Cholera
July 3, 2013—Massachusetts General Hospital

First Comprehensive Regulatory Map is a Blueprint for How to Defeat Tuberculosis
July 3, 2013—Seattle BioMed

Maintaining Immune Balance Involves an Unconventional Mechanism of T Cell Regulation
July 3, 2013—St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

Scientists Identify Promising Antiviral Compounds
July 2, 2013—U.S. Department of Energy/Brookhaven National Laboratory

Placental Cells May Prevent Viruses from Passing from Mother to Baby, Says Pitt/MWRI Team
July 1, 2013—University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Researchers Discover New Way to Block Inflammation in Alzheimer’s, Atherosclerosis and Type-2 Diabetes
July 1, 2013—NYU Langone Medical Center

Lack of Immune Cell Receptor Impairs Clearance of Amyloid Beta Protein from the Brain
July 1, 2013—Massachusetts General Hospital

June 2013

The 'Gold' Standard: A Rapid, Cheap Method of Detecting Dengue Virus
June 28, 2013—University of Notre Dame

Dendritic Cell Therapy Improves Kidney Transplant Survival in Preclinical Model, Pitt Experts Say
June 28, 2013—University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Cell Biologist to Begin Work on Discovering Structure of Malaria Parasite Genome
June 26, 2013—University of California, Riverside

La Jolla Institute Discovers New Player Critical to Unleashing T Cells Against Disease
June 23, 2013—La Jolla Institute for Allergy and Immunology

Virus Combination Effective Against Deadly Brain Tumor, Moffitt Cancer Center Study Shows
June 20, 2013—Moffitt Cancer Center

Researchers Identify Key Player in the Genesis of Human Intestinal Immunity
June 20, 2013—University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Genetics of Cervical Cancer Raise Concern about Antiviral Therapy in Some Cases
June 19, 2013—Oregon State University

Certain Types of Graft-Versus-Host Disease May Increase Risk of Death, Moffitt Cancer Center Researcher Says
June 17, 2013—Moffitt Cancer Center

New Compound Excels at Killing Persistent and Drug-Resistant Tuberculosis
June 17, 2013—The Scripps Research Institute

Vaccine Developed at Johns Hopkins Shows Promise in Fighting TB Meningitis
June 11, 2013—Johns Hopkins

Scientists Find Chlamydia Protein Has an Odd Structure
June 11, 2013—The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio

Cost-Effective: HIV Tests for All in India
June 10, 2013—Brown University

Unusual Antibodies in Cows Suggest New Ways to Make Therapies for People
June 6, 2013—The Scripps Research Institute

Herpes Virus Exploits Immune Response to Bolster Infection
June 6, 2013—University of California, San Diego School of Medicine

$18 Million to Study Deadly Secrets of Flu, Ebola, West Nile Viruses
June 6, 2013—University of Wisconsin-Madison School of Veterinary Medicine

Researchers Reveal Malaria's Deadly Grip
June 5, 2013—University of Copenhagen

Researchers Reveal Malaria's Deadly Grip
June 5, 2013—Seattle Biomedical Research Institute

When DNA Is Out of Place
June 4, 2013—LMU Munich

Tunitas Therapeutics Awarded Phase II SBIR Grant to Advance Asthma Program
June 4, 2013—Tunitas Therapeutics, Inc.

Scripps Research Institute Scientists Develop New Technique to Selectively Dampen Harmful Immune Responses
June 3, 2013—The Scripps Research Institute 

May 2013

School-Located Vaccination Programs Could Reduce Flu Cases and Deaths Among Children
May 31, 2013—UC Davis Health System

Double Dose of Antiviral Drug Offers No Added Benefit in Severe Influenza
May 31, 2013—Wellcome Trust

Food Insecurity Linked to HIV-Treated Drug Users’ Deaths
May 30, 2013—Simon Fraser University

Genetic Engineering Alters Mosquitoes’ Sense of Smell
May 29, 2013—Howard Hughes Medical Institute

Adult Stem Cells Could Hold Key to Creating Cure for Type 1 Diabetes
May 29, 2013—University of Missouri

Jewett Receives $1.2 Million NIH Grant For Lyme Disease Research
May 28, 2013—University of Central Florida College of Medicine

Salmonella Uses Protective Switch During Infection
May 27, 2013—Department of Energy Pacific Northwest National Laboratory

OHSU Research Highlights Promising Strategy to Help Vaccines Outsmart HIV
May 24, 2013—Oregon Health & Science University

UF Helping Develop Insecticide to Target Malaria-Carrying Mosquitoes
May 23, 2013—University of Florida

Soligenix Announces Issuance of US Patent for its ThermoVax™ Technology
May 22, 2013—Soligenix, Inc.

Vaccine Blackjack: IL-21 Critical to Fight Against Viral Infections
May 22, 2013—Emory Vaccine Center

Penn Study Shows How Immune System Peacefully Co-exists with "Good" Bacteria
May 22, 2013—Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Mosquito Behavior May Be Immune Response, Not Parasite Manipulation
May 22, 2013—Penn State

Keeping Stem Cells Strong
May 21, 2013—California Institute of Technology

Inflamax Research Selected by the Immune Tolerance Network and the National Institutes of Health to Conduct a Landmark Clinical Study on the Underlying Mechanisms of Allergic Inflammation
May 21, 2013—Inflamax Research

High Fiber Diets May Increase Susceptibility to E. coli Infection
May 21, 2013—Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences (USU)

Double Trouble: Resistance to Antibiotic Makes Bacteria Resistant to Immune System
May 21, 2013—Emory University School of Medicine

Study Finds Vitamin C Can Kill Drug-Resistant TB
May 21, 2013—Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Sedia Biosciences Announces Global Launch of New Research Assay to Detect Recent HIV-1 Infections
May 20, 2013—Sedia Biosciences Corporation

Part 2 of NIAID-Funded US Clinical Trial of Anti-Staphylococcal Nasal Gel XF-73 Begins Enrollment
May 20, 2013—Destiny Pharma

New Discovery in Fight Against Meningococcal
May 18, 2013—Griffith University

Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc. Announces its Approach to Developing Human Antibody Therapeutics Against MRSA Receives Continued Support from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases
May 17, 2013—Sorrento Therapeutics, Inc.

Peer-Referral Programs Can Increase HIV-Testing in Emergency Departments
May 17, 2013—University of Cincinnati

H1N1 Discovered in Marine Mammals
May 15, 2013—University of California, Davis

Pitt Transplant Experts Challenge Assumption, Describe Biological Pathway That Leads To Organ Rejection
May 15, 2013—University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Research Team Publishes New Methods for Synthetic Generation of Influenza Vaccines
May 15, 2013—J. Craig Venter Institute

Inovio Pharmaceuticals DNA Vaccine Against Ebola and Marburg Filoviruses Provides Complete Protection in Preclinical Challenge Study
May 14, 2013—Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Newly Described Type of Immune Cell and T cells Share Similar Path to Maturity, According to New Penn Study
May 13, 2013—Perelman School of Medicine

Using Bacteria to Stop Malaria
May 9, 2013—Michigan State University

UR Named Center for AIDS Research by the National Institutes of Health
May 9, 2013—University of Rochester

Bacteria Organize According to “Rich-Get-Richer” Principle
May 9, 2013—Northwestern University

Study Finds that Bacteria Organize According to “Rich-Get-Richer” Principle
May 9, 2013—UCLA

New Malaria Tool Shows Which Kids at Greatest Risk
May 8, 2013—Michigan State University

Immune Cells that Suppress Genital Herpes Infections Identified
May 8, 2013—Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

UD-Led Team Develops Mathematical Model to Measure Hidden HIV
May 7, 2013—University of Delaware

The Brain-Gut Connection: A Link Between Depression and Common Hospital-Acquired Infection
May 7, 2013—University of Michigan Health System

Corgenix Gains CE Mark for ReLASV® Antigen Rapid Test for Diagnosis of Lassa Fever
May 7, 2013—Corgenix Medical Corporation

Competing Antibodies May Have Limited the Protection Achieved in HIV Vaccine Trial in Thailand
May 6, 2013—Duke Human Vaccine Institute

Vaccine Reduces Pneumococcal Disease but Not Bacterial Population
May 5, 2013—Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute

Mayo Clinic Discovers Why Some Don't Respond to Rubella Vaccine
May 1, 2013—Mayo Clinic

University of Maryland School of Medicine Researchers Find Potential Novel Treament for Influenza
May 1, 2013—University of Maryland School of Medicine

April 2013

T Cells Rely on “Rheostat” to Help Ensure that the Immune Response Matches the Threat
April 30, 2013—St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

First Large-Scale Study to Compare Treatments for HIV-Infected Children Finds Less-Used Regimen is More Effective for Children in Low-Resource Settings
April 30, 2013—The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia

Penn, CHOP Researchers Find Less-Used Regimen Is More Effective for HIV-Infected Children
April 30, 2013—Perelman School of Medicine at The University of Pennsylvania

Thymus Teaches Immune Cells to Ignore Vital Gut Bacteria
April 29, 2013—Medical College of Georgia at Georgia Regents University

Flu and Bacteria: Better Prognosis for this Potentially Fatal Combination
April 25, 2013—University of Vienna

International Study Finds New Genetic Links to Juvenile Arthritis
April 25, 2013—Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

Diehl, UB Team Help Develop Immunology Ontologies for NIH
April 25, 2013—University at Buffalo

Discovery Could Revolutionize Immunization
April 24, 2013—Cornell University

Does Living "Down on the Farm" Lead to Healthier Immune Systems in Kids?
April 24, 2013—Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health

Researchers Find that Combined Anti-HIV Therapies May Protect Children’s Hearts
April 22, 2013—University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine

Hepatitis C-Like Viruses Identified in Bats and Rodents
April 22, 2012—Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health

New Immune Cells Hint at Eczema Cause
April 22, 2012—Centenary Institute

Corgenix Announces Initial Phase Completion of a Multi-Year Pivotal Clinical Trial of Rapid Test for Lassa Fever
April 22, 2013—Corgenix Medical Corporation

Some Visible Signs of Lyme Disease Are Easily Missed or Mistaken
April 22, 2013—University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey–New Jersey Medical School

Scratching the Surface of Skin Allergy
April 22, 2013—Malaghan Institute of Medical Research

NIH Funds Study of Beta Blockers in Treating Asthma
April 19, 2013—Baylor College of Medicine

Researchers Use Web 2.0 Apps to Share Vaccine Study
April 18, 2013—Benaroya Research Institute at Virginia Mason

Why Does Smallpox Vaccine Shield Some, Not Others? It's in the Genes, Mayo Finds
April 18, 2013—Mayo Clinic

Discovery May Help Prevent HIV
April 17, 2013—Albert Einstein College of Medicine

University of Southern California Scientists Reveal Natural Process that Blocks Viruses From Entering the Body
April 17, 2013—Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California

Haiti Cholera Mutations Could Lead to More Severe Disease
April 16, 2013—Northwestern Medicine

TGen-Led Study Discovers Dramatic Changes in Bacteria Following Male Circumcision
April 16, 2013—The George Washington University

Researchers Discover Biomarker for Devastating Intestinal Disease Found in Early Preterm Infants
April 15, 2013—Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center

MCW Researcher to Study Evasive Immune Strategies of Herpes Viruses
April 12, 2013—Medical College of Wisconsin

Blocking a Key Protein Boosts Immune System's Ability to Clear Chronic Infection
April 11, 2013—UCLA

Tuberculosis Fighter and Promoter Reveals What’s Behind Its Split Identity
April 11, 2013—University of Washington

Scripps Research Institute Scientists Find Interferon, One of the Body’s Own Proteins, Induces Persistent Viral Infection
April 11, 2013—Scripps Research Institute

Discovery Points to New Approach to Fight Dengue Virus
April 11, 2013—Purdue University

Scientists Use Nature Against Nature to Develop an Antibiotic with Reduced Resistance
April 10, 2013—The Rockefeller University

Inovio Pharmaceuticals and U.S. Army Receive $3.5 Million Biodefense Grant to Further Develop Mass Vaccination Device
April 10, 2013—Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

USF Study Finds Plant Proteins Control Chronic Disease in Toxoplasma Infections
April 8, 2013—University of South Florida

Vaccine Adjuvant Uses Host DNA to Boost Pathogen Recognition
April 5, 2013—National Jewish Health

Highly Lethal Ebola Virus Has Achilles' Heel for Biothreat Detection, Scientists Say
April 5, 2013—Texas Biomedical Research Institute

Revealing the Weapons by which Bacteria Fight Each Other
April 4, 2013—Umeå University

Scissor-Like Enzyme Points Toward Treatment of Infectious Disease
April 4, 2013—UT Southwestern Medical Center

Hepatitis A Virus Discovered to Cloak Itself in Membranes Hijacked from Infected Cells
April 4, 2013—UNC Health Care System

Antibody Evolution Could Guide HIV Vaccine Development
April 4, 2013—Los Alamos National Laboratory

VaxInnate Awarded U.S. Government Grant to Develop Dengue Vaccine
April 4, 2013—VaxInnate Corporation

Gel Safe and Acceptable as Approach to Preventing HIV from Anal Sex in Early Phase Clinical Trial
April 3, 2013—Microbicide Trials Network

LSUHSC Research Discoveries Shed Light on Common STI
April 2, 2013—LSU Health Sciences Center New Orleans

New Instrument Will Quickly Detect Botulinum, Ricin, Other Biothreat Agents
April 2, 2013—Sandia National Laboratories

March 2013

Research Deciphers HIV Attack Plan
March 29, 2013—Los Alamos National Laboratory

New Vaccine-Design Approach Targets HIV and Other Fast-Mutating Viruses
March 28, 2013—The Scripps Research Institute

NeoStem Awarded Second Year of NIAID Research Grant for the Development of VSEL Technology for Radiation Exposure
March 28, 2013—NeoStem

Innate Immune System Can Kill HIV When a Viral Gene Is Deactivated
March 28, 2013—UNC School of Medicine

Childhood Asthma Tied to Combination of Genes and Wheezing Illness
March 27, 2013—The University of Chicago Medicine

Potential Chagas Vaccine Candidate Shows Unprecedented Efficacy
March 26, 2013—University of Texas Medical Branch

Moffitt Cancer Center Researchers Analyze HPV Vaccination Disparities among Girls from Low-Income Families
March 26, 2013—Moffitt Cancer Center

New Promise for an HIV Vaccine as Researchers Overcome the Earliest Roadblock to Elicit Neutralizing Antibodies
March 25, 2013—Seattle BioMed

Einstein Study Reveals New Approach for Stopping Herpes Infections
March 25, 2013—Albert Einstein College of Medicine

Researchers Developing Antiviral Drug to Combat Contagious Corovirus
March 25, 2013—Kansas State University

Study: Research Reveals Protective Properties of Influenza Vaccines
March 22, 2013—Nationwide Children’s Hospital

Soligenix Announces Significant Progress with ThermoVax Towards the Development of Heat Stable Vaccines
March 19, 2013—Soligenix, Inc.

Two-Pronged Immune Cell Approach Could Lead to a Universal Shot Against the Flu
March 14, 2013—Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Aggressive Regimen Reduces Mortality in Drug-Resistant TB
March 13, 2013—Harvard Medical School

Immune Cells Cluster and Communicate "Like Bees," Researcher Says
March 13, 2013—University of California - San Francisco

Bacteria May Protect Against Disease Caused by Stomach Infection
March 12, 2013—University of California, Santa Cruz

Study: Antibiotics Are Unique Assassins
March 11, 2013—Northeastern University

Einstein Receives $12 Million Grant to Develop Device for Preventing HIV Infection
March 7, 2013—Albert Einstein College of Medicine

UMD Study Provides New Clues to How Flu is Spread
March 7, 2013—University of Maryland School of Public Health

Yale Researchers Identify Salt as a Trigger of Autoimmune Diseases
March 6, 2013—Yale Medical School

Circuitry of Cells Involved in Immunity, Autoimmune Diseases Exposed
March 6, 2013—Brigham and Women's Hospital

Circuitry of Cells Involved in Immunity, Autoimmune Diseases Exposed
March 6, 2013—Broad Institute

Some Brain Cells Are Better Virus Fighters
March 6, 2013—Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis

HIV Therapy Just Got Easier: Fewer Drugs May Be Needed for Treatment-Experienced Patients
March 5, 2013—The Miriam Hospital

Studies Advance Knowledge of HIV Impact on Hepatitis C Infection and Genes that may Thwart Hepatitis C Infection
March 4, 2013—Johns Hopkins

A Vaccine that Works in Newborns?
March 4, 2013—Boston Children’s Hospital

A Better Bone Marrow Transplant: Preventing Graft-Versus-Host Disease
March 1, 2013—University of Michigan

Nanogels Offer New Way to Attack Lupus
March 1, 2013—Yale University

Wolf in Sheep's Clothing: Uncovering How Deadly Bacteria Trick the Immune System
March 1, 2013—UCLA

February 2013

Scientists Discover Molecule That Does Double Duty in Stopping Asthma Attacks
February 28, 2013—Brigham and Women's Hospital

Research Suggests Malaria Can Be Defeated Without a Globally Led Eradication Programme
February 27, 2013—University of Southampton

New Study Shows Viruses Can Have Immune Systems
February 27, 2013—Tufts University School of Medicine

Study Reveals Stem Cells in a Human Parasite
February 25, 2013—University of Illinois

Study: Babies Born by C-Section at Risk of Developing Allergies
February 24, 2013—Henry Ford Health System

Race Linked to Childhood Food Allergies, Not Environmental Allergies
February 23, 2013—Henry Ford Health System

New Device Better Traps Viruses, Airborne Pathogens
February 22, 2013—Washington University in St. Louis

Antibacterial Protein’s Molecular Workings Revealed
February 21, 2013—Vanderbilt University Medical Center

Study Reveals New Clues to Epstein-Barr Virus
February 21, 2013—Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Research Suggests Malaria Can Be Defeated Without a Globally Led Eradication Program
February 21, 2013—University of Florida

Eliminating Malaria has Long-Lasting Benefits for Many Countries
February 21, 2013—Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health

Computer Modeling Reveals How Surprisingly Potent Hepatitis C Drug Works
February 19, 2013—Los Alamos National Laboratory

Carnegie Mellon Researchers Identify Biological Marker That Predicts Susceptibility to the Common Cold
February 19, 2013—Carnegie Mellon University

Young Malaria Parasites Refuse to Take Their Medicine, Which May Explain Emerging Drug Resistance: New Study
February 19, 2013—University of Melbourne

Cure in Sight for Kissing Bug’s Bite
February 15, 2013—Vanderbilt University

Researchers Reveal New Enzyme that Acts as Innate Immunity Sensor
February 15, 2013—UT Southwestern Medical Center

Discovery in HIV May Solve Efficiency Problems for Gene Therapy
February 14, 2013—Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine

Defect in Immune Memory May Cause Repeat Bladder Infections
February 14, 2013—Duke Medicine

Research Reveals Clues to Childhood Respiratory Virus
February 14, 2013—Vanderbilt University Medical Center

LSTM Study Leads WHO to Update Its Malaria Prevention Policy
February 13, 2013—Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine

Newly Identified Natural Protein Blocks HIV, Other Deadly Viruses
February 11, 2013—UCLA

Virginia Bioinformatics Institute Researchers Study How 'Villain' Gut Bacteria May Help Control Diabetes
February 8, 2013—Virginia Bioinformatics Institute of Virginia Tech.

New Strategy Prevents Rheumatoid Arthritis in Mice
February 8, 2013—Dana-Farber Cancer Institute

Scientists Find Key to Growth of "Bad" Bacteria in Inflammatory Bowel Disease
February 7, 2013—UC Davis

Unique Peptide Could Treat Cancers, Neurological Disorders, and Infectious Diseases
February 7, 2013—UT Southwestern Medical Center

Immune Systems of Healthy Adults ‘Remember’ Germs to Which They’ve Never Been Exposed, Stanford Study Finds
February 7, 2013—Stanford University School of Medicine

Keck School Scientists Design Mouse with More Human-Like Immune Response
February 4, 2013—The University of Southern California

Scripps Research Institute Scientists Find a Key Element of Lupus, Suggesting Better Drug Targets
February 4, 2013—The Scripps Research Institute

Growth Factor Aids Stem Cell Regeneration After Radiation Damage
February 3, 2013—Duke Medicine

A*STAR Scientists Solve Century-Old Mystery by Finding Stable Haploid Strains of Candida albicans—a Major Cause of Hospital Acquired Infection
February 1, 2013—A*STAR

January 2013

UNC Study May Lead to Treatments that Are Effective Against All MRSA Strains
January 29, 2013—University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Discovery of Sexual Mating in Fungi that Causes 400,000 Deaths per Year Could Provide Insights on How to Prevent and Treat Infections
January 30, 2013—University of Minnesota

Tuberculosis May Lurk in Bone Marrow Stem Cells of Infected Patients, Researchers Say
January 30, 2013—Stanford University School of Medicine

TB Hides in Bone Marrow Stem Cells
January 30, 2013—Forsyth Institute

Tenofovir Gel Wins Out in Drug Absorption Study, but HIV Prevention Trials Tell a Different Story
January 30, 2013—Microbicide Trials Network

UNC Scientists Unveil a Superbug’s Secret to Antibiotic Resistance
January 30, 2013—University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Itching for New Help for Eczema: Recently Identified Immune Cells Possible Therapeutic Target
January 30, 2013—Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Georgia State Researcher Gets $3.4 Million Grant To Develop Vaccine Technology Against Flu, RSV
January 30, 2013—Georgia State University

Daily Antiseptic Baths Slash Risk of Bloodstream Infections in Critically Ill Children
January 25, 2013—Johns Hopkins Children’s Center

IDRI and OrangeLife Register Rapid Diagnostic for Leprosy for Use in Brazil
January 24, 2013—Infectious Disease Research Institute

Immune Cell Suicide Alarm Helps Destroy Escaping Bacteria
January 24, 2013—University of North Carolina School of Medicine

Pitt Team Finds ‘Achilles Heel’ of Key HIV Replication Protein
January 24, 2013—University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

How the Dengue Virus Makes a Home in the City
January 22, 2013—Emory University

Researchers Show How Cells' DNA Repair Machinery Can Destroy Viruses
January 22, 2013—Johns Hopkins

Bacteria Discovery Aids Stem Cell Research
January 18, 2013—University of Edinburgh

Fighting Sleep: UGA Discovery May Lead to New Treatments for Deadly Sleeping Sickness
January 17, 2013—University of Georgia

Mount Sinai Researchers Discover How the Flu Tells Time
January 17, 2013—Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai

Study: Antiretroviral Therapy for HIV-1 in First Four Months Is Crucial
January 17, 2013—UT Medicine San Antonio

Complex Communication: Immunology Research Sheds New Light on Cell Function, Response
January 16, 2013—Kansas State University

Attacking HIV's Final Defenses Before Drug-Resistant Mutations Emerge
January 16, 2013—University of Missouri

Recent Study Suggests Bats are Reservoir for Ebola Virus in Bangladesh
January 16, 2013—EcoHealth Alliance

Trapping Malaria Parasites Inside Host Blood Cell Forms Basis for New Class of Drugs, Penn Study Finds
January 15, 2013—Perelman School of Medicine, University of Pennsylvania

Designer Bacteria May Lead to Better Vaccines
January 15, 2013—The University of Texas at Austin

Generic HIV Treatment Strategy Could Save Nearly $1 Billion Annually but May Be Less Effective
January 14, 2013—Weill Cornell Medical College

New Insights into HIV Vaccine Protection Will Improve Drug Development
January 11, 2013—Duke

Virus Caught in the Act of Infecting a Cell
January 11, 2013—The University of Texas at Austin

Haiti Can Quell Cholera Without Vaccinating Most People, UF Researchers Estimate
January 10, 2013—University of Florida

Scientists, Including Team at J. Craig Venter Institute, Sequence and Publish More than 10,000 Influenza Genomes as Part of NIAID's Influenza Virus Genome Sequencing Project
January 10, 2013—J. Craig Venter Institute

Multiple Sclerosis Study Reveals How Killer T Cells Learn to Recognize Nerve Fiber Insulators
January 10, 2013—University of Washington

Drug Resistance: ‘Baby Steps’ Can Pay Off Big
January 9, 2013—Rice University

Measuring Genomic Response to Infection Leads to Earlier, Accurate Diagnoses
January 9, 2013—Duke

Modified Antibodies Trigger Immune Response, Point to Novel Vaccine Design Strategies
January 7, 2013—Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research

New Compound Overcomes Drug-Resistant Staph Infection in Mice
January 7, 2013—University of Illinois

Pitt Enzyme Discovery May Lead to Better Tests for Tuberculosis
January 7, 2013—University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health

The Other Side of the Story
January 2, 2013—Harvard Medical School

Children’s Hospital/Pitt-Led Team Finds Molecule That Polices TB Lung Infection, Could Lead to Effective Vaccine
January 2, 2013—University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine

Invion Announces Initiation of Phase II Asthma Study
January 2, 2013—Invion Limited

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