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February 2013 DAIT Council-Approved Concepts

Concepts represent early planning stages for program announcements, request for applications, or solicitations for Council's input. If NIAID publishes an initiative from one of these concepts, we link to it below. To find initiatives, go to the Opportunities and Announcements portal.

NB: Council approval does not guarantee that a concept will become an initiative.

Table of Contents

Human Immunology Project Consortium

For the published request for applications, see the February 3, 2014, Guide announcement, Human Immunology Project Consortium (U19).

DAIT Statistical and Clinical Coordinating Center

For the published request for applications, see the March 26, 2014, Guide announcement, NIAID Division of Allergy, Immunology, and Transplantation: Statistical and Clinical Coordinating Center (UM2).

HLA Region Genomics in Immune-Mediated Diseases

Request for Applications

Contact: Jeffrey Rice

Objective: The goal of the HLA Region Genomics in Immune-Mediated Diseases program is to define the association between variations in human leukocyte antigen (HLA) and natural killer cell immunoglobulin-like receptor (KIR) genetic regions and immune-mediated diseases, including risk and severity of disease, and organ, tissue, and cell transplantation outcomes. The program will continue to generate high-quality HLA- and KIR-disease association data, correlated with patient phenotypes that will be submitted to publically accessible databases.

Description: This program will support retrospective or prospective studies to investigate the relationship between genetic variation in the HLA region and immune-mediated diseases. Areas of research may include:

  • The role of donor/recipient HLA and KIR matching in transplantation outcome, graft-versus-host disease, or rate of leukemic relapse following bone marrow transplant.
  • Association of HLA region genes with susceptibility to and progression of immune-mediated diseases and disease phenotype.
  • Discovery of novel HLA region genes associated with immune-mediated diseases or transplantation outcome.
  • Mechanistic studies into the basis of HLA region disease associations.

No changes were made in the scope or mechanism of the support activities. ​​

Last Updated March 26, 2014

Last Reviewed February 03, 2014