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NIAID Glossary of Funding and Policy Terms and Acronyms—B

For Institute program-specific acronyms, go to NIAID Profile and Fact Book.

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Term Definition
BAA See broad agency announcement.
bar to award

Block to the award of a grant application until problems are resolved. For example, if a scientific review group has concerns about insufficient protection of human subjects or research animals, it enters a code 44 in the summary statement.

NIAID can also bar an award for unacceptable inclusion of children, women, or minorities. See restriction.

Go to these NIAID resources:

Bayh-Dole Act

Law encouraging universities and researchers to develop their inventions into marketable products.

See Small Business Innovation Research, Small Business Technology Transfer, technology transfer, and Federal Technology Transfer Act.

Go to these resources:

Belmont Report

Statement of ethical principles for human subjects research issued by the National Commission for the Protection of Human Subjects in 1979. Also see Nuremberg Code.

Go to the Belmont Report.


Ethical principle in the Belmont Report stating an obligation to protect people by not doing harm, maximizing benefits, and minimizing risks.

Go to the Belmont Report.

Bibliography and References Cited

For grant applications, a field and attachment in the Research and Related Other Project Information component of the Grant Application Package.

Go to these resources:

big grant application

New, renewal, revision, or resubmission of an investigator-initiated application requesting $500,000 or more in direct costs for any year. Big grant applications require preapproval from an NIH institute or center.

Go to NIAID's Big Grants SOP and Big Grant Applications questions and answers.

bilateral agreement General science agreement between the U.S. and a foreign country.
Biographical Sketch

For grant applications, attachment in the Research and Related Senior/Key Person Profile component of the Grant Application Package that highlights the scientific accomplishments of key personnel listed in an application.

Go to these resources:

biologic or biological

Therapeutic serum, toxin, antitoxin, or analogous product for preventing, treating, or curing disease or injury. Go to the definition in 21 CFR 600.

Biological Material License

License agreement used when NIH seeks to transfer unpatented biological materials to a for-profit entity for commercial use.

Go to NIAID's Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Office.

Biomedical Research and Development Price Index (BRDPI)

Index that enables NIH to measure annual changes in prices of research and development items and services. See also constant dollars and current dollars.

Go to these resources:

biosafety level (BSL)

Guidelines for microbiological and medical laboratories that provide levels of protection for workers based on risks of manipulating transmissible agents, using engineering controls, management policies, work practices, and occasionally, medical intervention.

Go to CDC's Biosafety.

biosketch See Biographical Sketch.
black or African American

Human subjects term indicating a person having origins in the black racial groups of Africa.

NIH policy requires this minority group to be included in clinical research barring a compelling rationale not to do so. See Planned Enrollment Report and Cumulative Inclusion Enrollment Report.

Go to the NIAID Human Subjects Resources portal.


See Biological Material License.

Board of Scientific Counselors (BSC)

Body that advises the NIAID Division of Intramural Research and NIAID directors on the Institute's intramural research programs, basing its recommendations on periodic reviews of staff and laboratories.

Go to BSC Roster.

BRDPI See Biomedical Research and Development Price Index.
Bridge award See R56-Bridge award.
broad agency announcement (BAA)

General solicitation that identifies areas of scientific interest or aims to advance science. It differs from a request for proposals, which specifies a service or product the government wishes to acquire.

Broad agency announcements include criteria for selecting proposals and attracting offerors, who develop a statement of work and performance specifications.

Go to these NIAID resources:

BSC See Board of Scientific Counselors.
BSL See biosafety levels.

Budget and Accounting Act

Law requiring the President to send a comprehensive budget for all government agencies to Congress. It mandates the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) to help the President prepare the budget.
budget appropriation See appropriation.
budget authority

Legal authority to spend monies for programs, projects, or activities.

Budget authority may be classified by the period (one-year, multiyear, no-year), timing of congressional action (current or permanent), or manner of determining the amount available (definite or indefinite). See authorization and appropriation.

Go to these NIAID resources:

budget authorization See authorization.
Budget Components, Research and Related See Research and Related Budget component form.
budget, federal See federal budget.

budget, NIAID

NIAID's annual allotment of funds and plans for spending them. See appropriation.

Go to NIAID's Paylines and Funding portal.

budget pages, grant application

For grant applications, see the Research and Related Budget components of the Grant Application Package.

Go to Plan Your Budget in NIAID's Strategy for NIH Funding.

budget period See grant budget period.
budget resolution

Legislation in the form of a concurrent resolution proposing a budget for the federal government. It establishes budget totals, divides spending into functional categories (e.g., transportation), and may include reconciliation instructions to House or Senate committees.

Go to these NIAID resources on the Paylines and Funding portal:

budgetary overlap

Overlap of support that occurs when budgetary items requested in a grant application are already provided by another source.

Go to NIAID's Prepare Your Other Support Submission in the Strategy for NIH Funding.

business official, institutional See institutional business official.

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