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NIAID Glossary of Funding and Policy Terms and Acronyms—J

For Institute program-specific acronyms, go to NIAID Profile and Fact Book.

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Term Definition
JOFOC See justification for other than full and open competition.

Timeframe that requires applicants to send some information to NIH after a grant application has been peer reviewed and is in the range of possible funding.

Just-in-time is used for other support information and other items, including institutional review board certification of approval, Federalwide Assurance, IACUC certification, and the Research Conduct Training Sample Letter.

When funding is likely or NIAID requests this information, business officials should submit information using the just-in-time feature of the eRA Commons.

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justification for other than full and open competition

Action that allows the government to expand a contract beyond its original scope and terms without undergoing an open competition. It is used in various circumstances, such as to protect national security.

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Last Updated June 22, 2015

Last Reviewed April 24, 2012