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Strategy for NIH Funding
Navigation for the Strategy for NIH Funding. Link to Part 1. Qualify for NIH Funding.Link to Part 2. Pick and Design a Project.Link to Part 3. Write Your Application.Link to Part 4. Submit Your Application.Link to Part 5. Assignment and Review.Link to Part 6. If Not Funded.Link to Part 7. Funding.

Communicating With NIAID—How to Get Help

On this page, you'll see whom to contact at NIAID and NIH at each phase of application.

Table of Contents

Know Who Helps You at Each Stage

At each stage below, NIH and NIAID have staff whose job it is to help you. Click to see who can help.

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Before and as you prepare your application

Grant Application

Rely on your program officer for application advice, NIAID's perspective on your research, and confirmation that NIAID will accept your application.

Program officers work in our extramural program divisions: DAIDS, DAIT, and DMID. See below for the divisions' full names, links to their contact pages, and a general number in case you want to reach staff by phone.

For a list of what you should discuss with your program officer, read When to Contact an NIAID Program Officer.

For inquiries about a funding opportunity announcement, your program officer is listed as the "Scientific/Research Contact" in the Guide notice.

Peer Review

Talk to a scientific review officer (SRO) if you are looking for any of the following:

  • Insight into the peer review process, such as what reviewers look for in an application.
  • Advice about video, formatting, and supporting documentation in your application.
  • Help determining which NIH Center for Scientific Review (CSR) study section is appropriate.

Depending on your funding opportunity announcement, you'll have an SRO either at NIAID or CSR. Find the location of the review and contacts in the funding opportunity announcement.

Special Programs

For some applications, you can contact staff in our Office of Research Training and Special Programs (ORTSP). They have expertise in the following types of funding:

For any of the Resources for Researchers that NIAID offers to the public, find contact information for each resource on its Web site.

If you are already working with a program officer, reference that person and any correspondence you've had if you get in touch with another office, such as our training or international office.

You can read about qualifying for different grants in Part 1. Qualify for NIH Funding.

Use our Grants portal for more information.


When your institution registers you for the eRA Commons

For registration help, contact the eRA Service Desk. Read about the registration process at Get Ready Now to Apply Electronically in Part 2.


As you fill out the application forms

Contact the Service Desk for assistance with technical aspects of the electronic forms.

Also see Complete the Forms in Part 3 and Strategy for a Successful Submission in Part 4.


While preparing to submit or having submission issues with

Talk to your institution's signing official to arrange your submission. You or your signing official may contact the Service Desk if you need help.

Learn more about submission and validations in Part 4. Submit Your Application.


After your application moves to the eRA Commons

Contact the eRA Service Desk to ask about Commons validation, report system issues, or get advice on the viewing window.

Read more at Next Step: eRA Commons Validation in Passing Validations in Part 4.

Work with your business office to address problems.


Two weeks after submission

Check the eRA Commons to find out your assignment information, and know whom to contact if you're not happy with your assignments to a study section (at first it may be only the broader integrated review group) or institute.

Read Ensure You Get the Right Assignments in Part 5.


While waiting for peer review

Contact your scientific review officer with any questions related to initial peer review or submitting late application materials. Find this person's contact information in the eRA Commons or in your funding opportunity announcement.

Learn more in the Strategy for Assignment and Review in Part 5.


After peer review

Contact your program officer to discuss funding possibilities and options.

If funding is not imminent, ask for additional insight into the discussion at the peer review meeting, which he or she (or a representative) may have attended as an observer. Also discuss your prospects of resubmitting and other options for an unsuccessful application.

Find your program officer's name in the eRA Commons or at the top of your summary statement.

Read more on the following pages:


After you're approved for award or while managing your grant

Your contact depends on the type of information you're looking for. Learn more about this stage at Strategy for Your Grant and other pages in Part 7. Funding.

Science issues. Contact your program officer for science-related issues about your grant. Find this person in the eRA Commons or on your Notice of Award.

Administrative issues. Contact your grants management specialist for business and policy issues. He or she will also negotiate the terms and conditions of award with you and prepare your Notice of Award.

Grants specialists can also help you with new policies and guidelines that affect items you can request for your grant and how to request them, helping you avoid unnecessary paperwork or delays. Read more at When to Contact an NIAID Grants Management Specialist.

Find your specialist in the eRA Commons or on your Notice of Award.

You can also find basic grants management information online.

For questions that don't require the attention of one of our staff, try one of these approaches.

  • Comb our Research Funding Web site for tutorials, standard operating procedures, and questions and answers.
  • For general (i.e., non grant-specific) questions, email our Web writers at They will track down information for you.

Contacting Program Officers and Grants Management Specialists

Program officers and grants management specialists handle most of your correspondence. See below for information and advice on connecting with them.

You may also want to read our Finding Help questions and answers.

Strategy for NIH Funding
Navigation for the Strategy for NIH Funding.

Learn more at
Start Here to Use the Strategy for NIH Funding

Table of Contents for the Strategy

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