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Using the NIAID Research Funding Web Site Questions and Answers

Table of Contents

What can I expect to find on the Research Funding website?

Research Funding helps NIAID's extramural grantees, contractors, applicants, offerors, and Institute staff learn about NIH processes and policies and gives advice on many key topics such as how to write an effective grant application. It is organized into portals for different audiences, award stages, and science areas.

For grants, the portals are:

For contracts, go to the Contracts portal.

This design uses a didactic approach, for example, the application portal walks you through the application process, linking to more detailed information.

Some portals simply link to resources investigators need. You can find the portals in the left navigation of any of the Grants portals or on the Grants page.

Integrated into the portal approach is help for preparing a grant application—our Strategy for NIH Funding—our Standard Operating Procedures, our Questions and Answers, and the Find It! A-Z list.

Research Funding also houses our NIAID Funding News, posts Paylines and Funding information, and lists Opportunities and Announcements relevant to the Institute and its community.

If I need help from NIAID, where can I find contact information?

Go to When to Contact an NIAID Program Officer. Also see the Finding Help questions and answers.

How do I find out about NIAID news and funding opportunities?

Learn how to Stay Informed About Policy Changes and News.

Does NIAID have old issues of the NIAID Funding News?

Yes. Go to NIAID Funding News for back issues of the newsletter. Be aware that information may have changed after publication.

Where do I find help writing a grant application?

Go to the Strategy for NIH Funding for information.

We also post examples of exceptional funded applications at Samples and Examples. See Sample Applications and Summary Statements.

Find more resources on the All About Grants Tutorials main page.

Where did the information and advice in the Strategy for NIH Funding come from?

We wrote a series of articles for new investigators and the content in the Strategy for NIH Funding based on input from senior-level scientists in the Institute who are former NIH grantees. Read more in Start Here to Use the Strategy for NIH Funding in the Strategy for NIH Funding.

Is there a list of all topics covered in the Strategy for NIH Funding?

Yes. Go to Table of Contents for the Strategy in the Strategy for NIH Funding.

Where can I find the most recent updates and policy changes on the site?

We publish this information in several places:

Where does NIAID post detailed information on policy and process?

Our Standard Operating Procedures give you the most detailed information on policy and process.

Why should I use NIAID's Funding Opportunities List?

NIAID Funding Opportunities List houses Institute opportunities and provides or links to the most helpful information for applicants:

  • Funding opportunity announcement, name, number, and link
  • Method of application, either paper or electronic
  • Activity code or codes
  • Application due dates

Click the column headers to sort the list, or search titles using Control F. If you need a full text search, use the Guide site.

Where do I find information on NIAID's paylines?

Go to Paylines and Funding. Each fiscal year, we publish initial information, called interim paylines, as soon as we have it, usually in the fall or early winter. We use interim paylines until NIH receives its appropriation and our budget office creates new paylines for the fiscal year. The R01 final payline generally stays in effect until the end of the fiscal year; others may change.

Learn what to expect at Paylines and Budget Pages Change Throughout the Year. For more information on paylines, see Paylines Are a Conservative Funding Cutoff Point in the Strategy for NIH Funding.

If I have a question about a topic, where should I begin to look for information?

First try searching for key words. Then check our Questions and Answers pages, which cover many topics and link to more in-depth information on the Research Funding site.

If you cannot find an answer to a question, email, and we'll do our best to answer it.

What is Find It! A-Z?

Our Find It! A-Z is an alphabetical list of the SOPs and forms on the Research Funding Web site, as well as other NIAID, NIH, and outside links we thought NIAIDs extramural community would find useful.

In addition, Find It! includes SOPs, tools, and links for our extramural staff. Intranet links that work for staff only have a lock icon Lock icon: This link will not work for public visitors..

Why can't I open links in SOPs that are marked with a lock icon?

These pages are for NIAID staff only. No one outside NIAID can view these pages.

Where can I find definitions for NIH terminology?

Our NIAID Glossary of Funding and Policy Terms and Acronyms defines terms and acronyms and includes links to relevant documents both on our Web site and outside sites, including to policy and laws. For acronyms for NIAID programs, go to Profile and Fact Book.

How do I find information on special policy areas, such as human subjects or biodefense?

Go to the Grants portal for links to portals for biodefense, research animals, recombinant DNA, and other special research areas.

I want to prepare for electronic application. Where do I find help?

Go to the following resources:

For more information, see NIAID's Application portal and NIH's Electronic Submission site.

Does NIAID have samples of successful grant applications?

We post examples of exceptional funded applications at Samples and Examples. See the Sample Applications and Summary Statements.

How do I learn what is needed to apply for a certain grant type, e.g., conference grants?

For non-R01s, go to the Other Grant Types portal in our Grants portals. For R01s, see R01 Investigator Resources. You can also see if we have a Standard Operating Procedure for that award type.

Why do some standard operating procedures say 'This SOP has internal roles only'?

Some SOPs describe processes that require actions only by NIAID staff, not researchers. We post these pages on the Research Funding site to make our processes more transparent to the extramural community.

Where do I find information on human subjects research policies?

Go to NIAID Human Subjects Resources.

Where is help for training and career awards?

The Training and Career portal has resources and helpful links for fellowships, training grants, career development awards, and supplements.

Does NIAID have information for small businesses?

Yes. Go to Small Business Awards.  

Does NIAID have help for foreign research?

Yes. See NIAID International Awards.

When are NIAID's advisory Council meetings?

For a schedule and other information, check our Advisory Council page.

What if my question wasn't answered here, or I'd like to suggest a question?

Email with the title of this page or its URL and your question or comment. Thanks for helping us clarify and expand our knowledge base.

Last Updated May 05, 2016

Last Reviewed January 27, 2016