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Broad Agency Announcement (BAA) Development

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This SOP has internal roles only.

Standard Operating Procedure Table of Contents


To encourage contract proposals using creative and innovative approaches in research areas identified by the government.


NIAID does not establish a competitive range for broad agency announcements (BAAs). Following peer review of technical proposals, the government may create an order of merit ranking. At that point, the contracting officer, assisted by the contracting officer's representative, selects the awardees.

Contracting Officer's Representatives

Working on a BAA follows similar procedures to a request for proposals (RFP), with a few exceptions. BAAs differ from standard RFPs in the following ways:

  • Instead of a statement of work, the government provides research and technical objectives in the BAA solicitation that describe the research areas the government is interested in.
  • The offeror, not the government, develops and defines a statement of work, including work requirements and performance specifications.
  • The government negotiates with offerors. During negotiations, an offeror can work with a contracting officer to refine the statement of work to incorporate peer reviewer and program comments.

Contact your contract specialist if you have any questions about working with BAAs.

Contract Specialists

OA Procurement Technicians


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NIH Manual Issuance 6035, Broad Agency Announcements

FAR Subpart 35.016, Broad Agency Announcement

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Last Updated September 06, 2012

Last Reviewed September 06, 2012