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NIAID Extramural Program Staff Seeking Grants and Resources From Nonfederal Sources SOP

Lock icon: This link will not work for public visitors.Some links will work for NIAID staff only.

This standard operating procedure (SOP) includes the following sections: Purpose, Procedure, Contacts, and Links.


To enable extramural program staff to apply for nonfederal grants as part of their official duty and follow the procedures required for NIAID's acceptance of gifts and other resources.

This SOP does not apply to outside activities that are not considered a part of extramural program official duties. For guidance on approval of an outside activity, refer to Lock icon: This link will not work for public visitors.How to File an Ethics Document on the NIAID Office of Ethics (OE) page.


Extramural program staff's involvement with the research community may provide the following opportunities:

  • Seeking grants from nonfederal sources.
  • Collaborating to exchange expertise, resources, sponsored travel, and materials.
  • Serving as experts, advisors, or consultants.
  • Receiving gift offers to support an intramural or extramural research project, workshop, laboratory, or other existing goals of an intramural or extramural program, project, or training activity.

This document outlines staff roles when extramural program staff seek grants and resources from nonfederal sources. For collaborations that involve intramural scientists, go to the Opportunities and Guidelines to Facilitate Scientific Collaborations portal and the NIAID Intramural Scientist Collaboration on Extramural Funded Grants and Contracts SOP.

Acquiring Grants from Nonfederal Sources

Follow the procedures below.

Extramural Program Staff

You may apply for grants from nonfederal sources to support NIAID research priorities and are encouraged to collaborate with NIAID intramural scientists and the extramural scientific and business communities in applying for these grants.   

Finding Foundations and Other Funding Sources provides a list of resources for finding grant funding opportunities outside NIH.

If you are considering applying for a nonfederal grant, know the following:

Accepting Gifts

Generally, NIAID can accept money to support research programs through nonfederal grants such as grants from foundations, grants from other federal agencies, and gifts such as donations of funds or property. 

Extramural Program Staff

  • If an organization or person wants to provide funds to support an NIAID research program, discuss specifics in advance with the scientific director or extramural division director and NIAID TTIPO to develop the appropriate documentation for the specific needs of the collaboration. Refer potential donors to NIAID Gift Fund.
  • Get approval from NIAID officials to accept a conditional gift or to authorize the submission of a grant application.
  • Do not solicit gifts.

NIAID TTIPO staff will work with the program officer, outside organization, and NIAID management on appropriate documentation for accepting a grant or an unsolicited gift (Lock icon: This link will not work for public visitors.Find Your TTIPO Contact). For more information, see:

Accepting Reimbursement of Travel Expenses by Nonfederal Sources

HHS policy states that in limited circumstances an institute may authorize travel and related expenses from a nonfederal source receiving federal grants or contracts.

  • The employee must be performing authorized official duties.
  • The nonfederal source must indicate in its invitation letter that it is using federal grant or contract monies, not confined to HHS, to fund the travel and related expenses.
  • OE must review the acceptance of the offer to reimburse travel.
  • Honorariums are not allowed.
  • See Lock icon: This link will not work for public visitors.NIAID Sponsored Travel for process and approvals.

NIAID Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property Office Responsibilities

  • Work with extramural program staff and the grantee or gift-giving organization to determine which authority is appropriate for accepting funds, gifts, and other resources.
  • Handle all inquiries concerning collaborations, applying for grants, or potential gift donations.
  • Determine if the collaboration requires a Material Transfer Agreement, Cooperative Research and Development Agreement, or other agreement and if so, which one.
  • If the collaboration involves applying for nonfederal grants, grants from other federal agencies or accepting gifts, follow the procedures at Lock icon: This link will not work for public visitors.Grants and Other Conditional Gifts for Research.
  • Evaluate the gift source for possible conflicts of interest.
  • Identify, negotiate, provide options, and give guidance to help resolve any issues identified with proposed collaborations or acceptance of grants or gifts.
  • Establish appropriate internal controls for reviewing and reporting collaborations to the Office of Science Management and Operations.

NIAID Office of Ethics Responsibilities

Extramural Division Contacts Responsibilities

  • Guide the extramural program officer through the process for getting approval of applying for grants or accepting gifts as described at Lock icon: This link will not work for public visitors.Grants and Other Conditional Gifts for Research.
  • Ensure that any conflicts identified by TTIPO or OE are resolved.
  • Ensure division processes and procedures are followed.
  • Obtain the division director’s signature for approval.


DAIDS Contact

DAIT Contact

DMID Contact

Lock icon: This link will not work for public visitors.TTIPO Contact

Lock icon: This link will not work for public visitors.Office of Ethics Contact

If you have knowledge to share or want more information on this topic, email with the title of this page or its URL and your question or comment. Thanks for helping us clarify and expand our knowledge base.


Lock icon: This link will not work for public visitors.Grants and Other Conditional Gifts for Research

Methods for Reimbursement of Travel Expenses by Nonfederal Sources

NIH Policy Manual 1135 Gifts Administration

NIH Policy Manual 2400-01 Introduction to Government Ethics at the NIH

NIH Policy Manual 2400-04 Managing Conflict of Interests and the Introduction of Bias

NIH Policy Manual 2400-10-Gifts to Individuals from Outside Sources

Participation in Grants/Collaboration

Last Updated June 05, 2015

Last Reviewed May 28, 2015