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Request to Convert Grant to Cooperative Agreement Email Template

Related Extramural SOP: Conversion of Grants to Cooperative Agreements SOP

Instructions for the program officer: 

  1. Copy the information in the box below to a new email message and fill in the fields as indicated.
  2. In addition to indicating that your division director has approved the conversion under Management Issues, have your division director sign a memo or write an email that documents his or her approval.
  3. Send the division director's approval and this request message to your division coordinator, who will forward it to Mary KirkerRebecca Wagenaar-Miller, and the grants management specialist for this grant. 
    • GMP will review and either request changes from the program officer or note approval and forward to Matthew Fenton for final approval.
    • Matthew Fenton will send approval to Rebecca Wagenaar-Miller.
    • Rebecca Wagenaar-Miller will do the following:
      • Change the activity code in IMPAC II to the appropriate cooperative mechanism.
      • Inform the program officer and grants management officer (Mary Kirker) of approval.
      • Send the approved package including new grant number to assigned grants management specialist for action. 

Request to Convert Grant to Cooperative Agreement

Grant or Application Identifiers

Grant Number


Principal Investigator


Project Title


Award Date for Cooperative Agreement (should be start of new budget period)


Justification for Conversion

Check one or more of the four reasons allowed by policy:

  1. The application is for a investigator-initiated clinical trial, prevention, education, or control intervention, or epidemiologic study in which direct costs exceed $500,000 in any year.
  2. NIAID holds the investigational new drug application and provides regulatory support to the awardee.
  3. There is more than minimal risk to study subjects in clinical studies and clinical trials.
  4. Dangerous biological agents are to be acquired, stored, modified, or used in NIAID-supported studies.

Provide one to two paragraphs describing the rationale for converting this grant to a cooperative agreement.

Management Issues

Has division director approved conversion?


Are additional funds available if costs of research will increase due to conversion?


Have proposed terms and conditions of award been reviewed with grants management specialist for this award?


Are division staff and other services to assist the awardee per terms and conditions of award adequate and will they be available in a timely manner?


Have the principal investigator and institution been informed that this grant is to be converted to a cooperative agreement?


Is this conversion acceptable to them?


Attach draft terms and conditions of award:


GMP approval?                                                Date of approval:


Last Updated April 14, 2016

Last Reviewed September 20, 2013