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Preproposal Conference Checklist

Contract specialists use this checklist for creating a preproposal conference. Also see the related Preproposal Conference SOP.

General Guidelines

  • Work with contracting officer's representatives to determine whether to limit the number of people from each company.
  • Work with contracting officer's representatives to determine whether to allow personal recording devises, cameras, or video equipment.
  • Work with contracting officer's representatives to decide whether to create a reading room where offerors can review documentation.
  • Post the date, time, and location to give offerors enough time to read the RFP, prepare for the conference, and make travel arrangements.
  • Notify offerors they will need a picture identification to enter the facility.
  • Post the following disclaimer when inviting offerors or read it at the conference.
    • "A preproposal conference is for informational purposes only. It may answer some offeror questions; NIAID posts all questions at Contracts. Statements or representations made during the conference are not legally binding. Changes resulting from the conference are official only if issued through an amendment to the RFP."

Attendance Requests

  • If reservations are needed due to anticipated size of the meeting, create a cut-off date for attendance requests.
  • Send offerors an email address or fax number to submit their requests.
  • Determine whether to post the attendance list or otherwise make it available to potential offerors.
  • Notify offerors if releasing their name or company.


  • Reserve a meeting room large enough for group and accessible to handicapped persons.
  • Work with contracting officer's representatives to identify conference presenters.
  • Work with contracting officer's representatives to identify needed technical resources.
  • Work with contracting officer's representatives to prepare an agenda.
  • Prepare extra copies of the RFP and amendments for the conference. Make sure all materials are posted for the general population; see FAR 15.201.
  • Ensure the conference is recorded or a transcript is made.
  • Prepare a registration sign up sheet.

Conducting a Preproposal Conference

  • Initiate the recording by noting the date, time, RFP number, and project title.
  • Welcome participants and introduce key people.
  • Remind participants they must sign the registration sheet.
  • Explain the purpose of the conference and how it will be conducted.
  • Ask attendees to state their name and organization before asking questions, for recording purposes.
  • Re-read the disclaimer stated above.
  • Work through prepared agenda.

After a Preproposal Conference

  • Review the transcript or recording of the conference to determine if an amendment to the RFP is required.
  • Post all questions and answers.
  • Post a register of attendees.

Last Updated July 08, 2011

Last Reviewed December 10, 2004