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Leading research to understand, treat, and prevent infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases
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Grant Information Request Sheet

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, NIH


Your grant application has been tentatively selected for funding and NIAID requires the additional information noted below. Please promptly return the requested information or your grant application may not be funded on schedule.

Grant #:  (put your grant number here)                           PI:  (Put the grant PI's name here)

  • Other Support PagesMust contain the most current support for all key personnel.
    • Before your grant application is funded, program and grants management staff examine and certify that your pending competing grant award has no scientific or budgetary overlap with projects already funded.
    • Using the PHS 398 Form GG (for paper applications) or the Other Support format table referenced in the SF 424 Application Guide (for electronic applications), provide a detailed description of scientific and/or budgetary overlap between the pending competing application and all funded and pending projects. An answer of "none" for overlap is not satisfactory.
    • If scientific, budgetary, or time and effort adjustments are required, they should be made on the pending competing award.
    • If you must adjust one or more active projects to accommodate funding of this project, identify the proposed changes in your other support submission. Action on those proposed changes will be taken as required. 
    • Complete, detailed information is necessary to avoid unnecessary budget cuts and delays in issuing an award. If you have any questions, please contact NIAID staff.
  • Changes in Personnel since the application was submitted. Include any to-be-named positions that have been filled.
  • Certifications -- IRB approval within one year (human subjects) and/or IACUC approval within three years (vertebrate animals) of the requested start date for this grant.
  • Human Subjects—If your research involves human subjects, send in confirmation of human subjects training. For more information on this requirement, see FAQs for the Requirement for Education on the Protection of Human Subjects.
  • Animal Concerns, Human Subjects Concerns (Including Minority, Gender, Children Inclusion), Biohazard Concerns, and Others -- Detailed responses to all concerns in the summary statement must include proposed changes to address the reviewers' concerns.  

Please return information as soon as possible. All submissions must be signed by your Grants and Contracts Office. Fax to:

NIAID Grants Management Program, 301-493-0597.

Last Updated March 05, 2012

Last Reviewed February 13, 2013