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Research Supplements to Promote Reentry Into Biomedical and Behavioral Research Careers

Reentry supplements support scientists who have taken time off to care for children or parents, or attend to other family responsibilities. For more information, read the program announcement (PA).

Principal investigators apply for a supplement to their NIAID-funded grant. Those interested in being supported by a reentry supplement should talk to a PI.

Investigators with grants that have multiple PIs are eligible to apply, but they may not use a supplement to request adding another PI to the grant.


NIAID receives applications at any time and reviews them approximately four times a year (November, February, April, and May). If you want your application reviewed in one of the four listed months, submit it by the first of the preceding month.

If you are seeking an award before the end of a fiscal year—September 30—we have to receive your application no later than April 15.

Applications received after these dates are considered for funding in the next fiscal year. Please keep in mind we usually experience delays in making awards at the beginning of every fiscal year.

Review and Award

A committee of NIAID senior staff members review applications on scientific merit and training potential. NIAID will make awards about eight to ten weeks after review.


As long as PIs have at least two years of NIAID support remaining, they can receive funding for the following grant types:

  • Research project grants—R00, R01 (or RL1), R10, R18, R21/R33, R22, R24, R35, R37
  • Multiproject grants—P01 (or PL1), P20, P30, P40, P41, P50, P51, P60
  • Small business awards—R41, R42, R43, R44
  • Cooperative agreements—U01 (or UL1), U10, U19, U41, U42, U54, UH2/UH3, UM1, UM2
  • Director's awards—DP1, DP2

Candidates must have a doctoral degree and had a postdoctoral or faculty position when they left active research.

Non-U.S. citizens must have permanent residency status ("green card") at time of award. People on temporary or student visas are not eligible.

Investigators should contact their program officer if they are unsure if their grant qualifies.

Salary and Budget

  • Salary and fringe benefits: consistent with the institutional salary policy.
  • Supplies and travel: up to $10,000 with justification.
  • Equipment: allowed only with prior approval from NIAID.

Application Content

Work with your business office to make sure you use the correct forms, and include the following:

  • Front page of PHS 398.
  • Budget page from PHS 398 for the first 12 months (DD).
  • Budget page for entire proposed period of support (EE).
  • PI's biosketch, up to five pages as in an R01 (FF).
  • Reentry scientist's biosketch (FF).
  • Four- to six-page description of what the project entails. We need to know exactly what project the reentry scientist will be doing. See Section IV.2 of the program announcement for additional information.
  • Brief personal statement prepared by the reentry candidate. See Section IV.2 of the program announcement for additional information.
  • Brief note describing why the reentry supplement is needed.

Application Submission

Depending on whether your parent award has moved to electronic submission, your options for submitting supplement requests are as follows.

Parent award has moved to electronic submission:

  • Use one of the following ways:
    • Send paper PHS 398 forms to the NIAID Staff Contact. See below for instructions.
    • Submit electronically through the eRA Commons.
    • Submit electronically through, using the reentry PA.
  • Read the program announcement for further instructions.

Parent award has not moved to electronic submission:

  • Convert the required PHS 398 forms (see Application Content above) into PDF files.
    • Your institutional business official's signature must be clearly legible.
    • Include a single PDF with transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other items that cannot be downloaded from the PHS 398 application package.
  • Send your PDFs as attachments in an email to the NIAID Staff Contact.
    • Use the subject line "NIAID Reentry Supplement Application PDF."
    • Make sure your contact information is in the body of the email.

For More Information

See Research Supplements in our Advice on Research Training and Career Awards tutorial.

NIAID Staff Contact

Raushanah Newman
BG 5601FL RM 4F38 MSC 9824
5601 Fishers Lane
Bethesda, MD, 20892-9824
Phone: 240-669-2925

Last Updated December 11, 2014

Last Reviewed July 01, 2015