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Leading research to understand, treat, and prevent infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases
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 Medical Countermeasures Enterprise Review

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Articles and Multimedia

Following are links to articles and multimedia presentations that provide useful background information on NIAID's biodefense research efforts.


Working with dangerous bugs, Helen Quill and Maria Giovanni, Nature Immunology.Volume 5 Number 8, August 2004.

Dr. Fauci Discusses Biodefense and Emerging Diseases in Online Forum "Ask the White House," May 19, 2004.

Biomedical Research—An Integral Component of National Security, Rona Hirschberg, Ph.D., John La Montagne, Ph.D., and Anthony S. Fauci, M.D. The New England Journal of Medicine, May 2004.

Smallpox Immunization in the 21st Century: The Old and the New, Journal of the Amerian Medical Association, June 25, 2003.

Smallpox Vaccination Policy—The Need for Dialogue, Anthony S. Fauci, M.D., NIAID Director, The New England Journal of Medicine, April 2002.

Dose-Related Effects of Smallpox Vaccine, The New England Journal of Medicine, April 2002.

Smallpox and Vaccinia, by D.A. Henderson and B. Moss; Vaccines, 3rd Edition (W.B. Saunders and Co., Philadelphia: 1999).


Dr. Fauci Discusses a New Smallpox Vaccine—Modified Vaccinia Ankara, NPR's Talk of the Nation, March 12, 2004.

Project Bioshield: President Bush's remarks at the National Institutes of Health, February 3, 2003.

Webcast and transcript: Dr. Fauci and CDC Director Dr. Julie Gerberding Discuss U.S. Smallpox Vaccination Program, PBS Newshour, December 13, 2002.

Dr. Fauci Speaks on Bioterrorism at the National Press Club, January 14, 2002.

Bioterrorism Update with Dr. Anthony Fauci, The Diane Rehm Show, WAMU (in RealAudio), October 31, 2001.

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Last Updated October 10, 2012

Last Reviewed October 10, 2012