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Cellular Respiration

Long-Term Goals

  • Conduct safety and efficacy studies with promising drugs and identify effective routes of administration that would lead to timely intervention
  • Identify the major mechanisms and pathways by which sulfur donors, methemoglobin formers, and cobalt compounds counteract cyanide toxicity in different systems of the body
  • Expand the National Institutes of Health┬áresearch infrastructure to enable preclinical and clinical studies of compounds with promising anti-cyanide activity
  • Develop rapid diagnostic tests and assays to identify specific biological markers consistent with cyanide exposure and the level of exposure to such agents
  • Identify any long-term or chronic health effects resulting from exposure to hydrogen cyanide, the cyanide-containing salts, and/or cyanogen chloride
  • Establish databases of clinical, epidemiological, and laboratory information that will contribute to the understanding of the acute and chronic health effects of high- and low-level exposures to cyanide-containing compounds
  • Review current therapeutic interventions with oxygen and assess the value of other proposed alternatives, such as the use of hyperbaric oxygen in the treatment of cyanide-induced toxicity

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Last Updated February 17, 2009