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Cellular Respiration

Short-Term Goals

  • Improve understanding of the mechanisms of injury, from the systemic to the cellular level, from cyanide-containing compounds, and identify potential targets for medical intervention
  • Identify FDA-approved drugs containing sulfur that may have therapeutic value in the treatment of cyanide poisoning
  • Determine optimal and novel routes of administration of promising drug compounds, to include administration through inhalation
  • Identify screening tests and biological markers consistent with the identification of hydrogen cyanide and/or cyanide metabolite(s) and the level of exposure to such agents
  • Identify and validate appropriate in vitro systems and animal models for preclinical testing of drugs that could be useful for the treatment of cyanide poisoning
  • Validate the use of oxygen therapy in the initial treatment of cyanide poisoning, alone or in combination with other medical countermeasures
  • Understand the differences in cyanide intoxication between civilians of different ages, and establish a treatment plan for susceptible populations

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Last Updated February 17, 2009