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Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergy in the United States

How Are Clinical Guidelines Developed?

The Guidelines for the Diagnosis and Management of Food Allergy in the United States: Report of the NIAID-sponsored Expert Panel were based on an independent, systematic review of the scientific literature, supplementary documents identified by the expert panel charged with writing the guidelines, and consensus expert opinion.

The steps used to develop the guidelines included the following:

Literature Review and Ranking of Evidence

  • Completing a comprehensive search of the literature and an in-depth review of relevant abstracts and articles
  • Ranking and grading the strength of the evidence
  • Preparing evidence tables to provide detailed descriptions of identified studies
  • Preparing narrative text to summarize the findings and give a qualitative analysis of the key questions, topic areas, and unresolved issues

Creation of the Expert Panel and Coordinating Committee

  • Establishing a coordinating committee to oversee the development of the guidelines and assist in disseminating the guidelines
  • Establishing an expert panel to analyze the literature review findings, provide expert opinion, write the guidelines, and identify knowledge gaps

Drafting, Review, and Final Report

  • Drafting the guidelines based on the literature review findings, supplementary materials, as appropriate, and expert opinion
  • Circulating the draft guidelines for review by the coordinating committee and NIAID
  • Making the draft guidelines available for public review and comment
  • Preparing final guidelines based on consideration of comments raised in the review process
  • Disseminating the final guidelines via publication and online availability

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Last Updated December 01, 2010