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Research Feature

African woman. Credit: UNAIDS.

NIAID established the Microbicide Trials Network (MTN) in 2006 to develop and evaluate products that women can use daily or prior to sexual intercourse to prevent infection with HIV and other sexually transmitted agents. Read how MTN conducts its multi-center studies at sites around the world.

Global Research

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Questions and Answers

Research Areas

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What types of global research does NIAID fund?


Is NIAID the only Institute at the National Institutes of Health (NIH) that supports HIV/AIDS research?


I hear a lot about NIAID efforts to fight HIV/AIDS in Africa. What is NIAID doing to help people in the United States fight HIV/AIDS?


I thought malaria was no longer a problem in the United States. Why is NIAID supporting research to create a malaria vaccine?


Do NIAID scientists perform research outside the United States?


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How much money does NIAID spend on international research?


In how many countries does NIAID support research programs?


Grants and Training

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How does funding foreign scientists support NIAID’s mission?


Where can I find information for foreign grantees and applicants?


Where can I learn about working on a grant as a non-U.S. citizen?


Do I need U.S. affiliation or citizenship to be a grantee or principal investigator on a grant?


Do I need U.S. affiliation or citizenship to be a trainee on a training grant or to receive a career award or fellowship?


Are there any training opportunities that are available to non-U.S. citizens or residents?


Does visa status affect my ability to work on an NIH grant?


Can foreign applicants succeed in obtaining an NIH grant?


Foreign Scientists in Federal Labs

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Does NIAID pay foreign scientists to perform research at NIAID facilities?


Why does NIAID pay foreign scientists to conduct research at NIAID facilities?


Are there unpaid opportunities for foreign scientists to be involved with NIAID research?


How many foreign scientists conduct research at NIAID facilities?


Clinical Trials

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Why does NIAID test vaccines, treatments, and therapies on citizens of foreign nations?


Under what conditions do citizens of foreign nations participate in clinical trials?


Does NIAID pay people to participate in clinical trials abroad?


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Who can I contact if I have more questions about NIAID global research efforts?


Last Updated October 15, 2012

Last Reviewed October 15, 2012