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Leading research to understand, treat, and prevent infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases
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Featured Immune System ​Research

Enzyme Initiates Protective Immune Responses Against Gut Parasites

NIAID Study Reveals Differences in Immune Cell Signaling in Humans and Mice

Immune Cell Clustering Suppresses Autoimmunity in Healthy Tissues

Infections May Set the Stage for Chronic Inflammatory Diseases

Researchers Uncover How Flaviviruses Thwart the Body’s Antiviral Immunity

From Yeast to Humans: Basic Research Provides Insight Into Rare Disease

New Method to Screen Brain Inflammation Identified

Supplemental Oxygen Renders Tumors Vulnerable to Immune Attack

Researchers Offer a Detailed Look at Natural Killer Cells

Gut Bacteria Change Threshold of Immune Activation in Arthritis

Commensals Help Regulate Immune Responses During Inflammation

NIAID Scientists Describe How the Immune System Controls Commensals During Gut Infection

NIAID Scientists Describe How Immune System Overreaction Contributes to Influenza Deaths

NIAID Researchers Describe How Immune Cells Swarm to Injuries and Infections

NIAID Scientists Improve Methods for Studying Immune Cell Development

NIAID Scientists Improve Microscopy Technique That Tracks Cells in Tissues

NIH Scientists Identify Possible Mechanism of Virus-Induced Brain Damage

In Mouse Study, NIH Investigators Observe the Immune-Boosting Properties of Vitamin A

Protein Secreted by the Fetus During Pregnancy May Reprogram Immune Cells

Investigational Asthma Drug is Effective in Treating Chronic Hypereosinophilic Syndrome

Primitive Marine Creature Holds Clues to Immune System History

Curious About B-Cell Activation


Last Updated April 01, 2016