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Leading research to understand, treat, and prevent infectious, immunologic, and allergic diseases
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Malaria Research

Featured Research

Ancient Immune Mechanism Identified That Controls Malaria in Mosquitoes

Blocking Receptor in the Mosquito Salivary Gland May Be Key To Stopping Malaria Infection Before It Begins

DNA Chip Helps Scientists Examine Malaria Parasites at the Exact Time They Infect Human Red Blood Cells

Fighting Drug-Resistant Malaria

Fungi Developed To Fight Malaria in Mosquitoes

Malaria Endectocides

Malaria-Transmitting Mosquito Has Immunological Memory, NIAID Study Suggests

MRI and Eye Exams Help Doctors in Malawi Diagnose and Treat Children With Cerebral Malaria

New Mosquito Subgroup Is Highly Susceptible to Malaria-Causing Parasites

New Odor Sensor Found in Mosquitoes​

New Research Unravels How the Immune System Responds to Invasion of Malaria Parasites

NIAID Grantees Add New Candidates to Malaria Drug Pipeline

NIAID Grantees Find Implications for Immunity in Emerging Species of Anopheles gambiae

NIAID Scientists Identify Gene that Allows Malaria Parasite To Survive in Mosquitoes

NIAID Scientists Study Malaria Drug Resistance and Disease Severity

NIAID-Supported Biotech Company Seeks Eradication of Malaria Through “Whole-Parasite” Vaccine Strategy

Once Effective Anti-Malaria Drug Shows Promise Again in Africa

Scientists Discover Protein Targets Critical to Developing Malaria Vaccines for Pregnant Women and Children

Scientists in The Gambia Target Mosquito Larvae in Fight Against Malaria

Scientists May Soon Find if a Malaria Vaccine Protects Malian Children From the Disease

Scientists Pinpoint Factors Contributing to Resistance to Key Malaria Drug

Scientists Pursue Vaccine Against Severe Malaria

Scientists Pursue Biotech Approach to Malaria Vaccine Development

Scientists Search Mosquito Saliva for Compounds That Help Transmit Malaria

Scientists Seek Genes Responsible for Drug Resistance To Aid Development of Better Malaria Drugs

Team Discovers Antigen That Blocks Transmission of a Deadly Malaria Parasite in the Midgut of a Mosquito


Last Updated December 11, 2014