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Call toll free: 800-411-1222
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Healthy people can help us better understand, treat, and prevent diseases. Complete an online screener if you want to volunteer for a clinical research study.

NIAID HIV and Emerging Infectious Diseases Program

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The NIAID Clinical Center Research Program conducts clinical research with the goal of obtaining information that will lead to a better understanding of infectious disease, healthy volunteers and HIV infection—and its treatment and prevention.

Our clinical trials must be conducted according to a written document called a protocol. A protocol must be approved by the NIAID Institutional Review Board (IRB), which is charged with protecting the rights of people who participate in studies.

Here at NIAID’s Clinical Center Research Program, we

  • Are partners in research with our participants
  • Have an obligation both to the research and to the people who are participating in the research.
  • Provide medical care as needed for the conduct of research only. (This does not include primary care, so research participants need to maintain their relationship with their personal physicians.)

Because people from across the United States can participate in most of our studies, it is important that we be able to communicate with their physicians. This helps to ensure the safety of our participants.

Last Updated October 17, 2006