Staff Scientist - Comparative Medicine Branch

Job Announcement Description

The Comparative Medicine Branch (CMB), Division of Intramural Research (DIR), National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Health (NIH) is recruiting a highly qualified Ph.D. scientist to serve as a Staff Scientist (Core Laboratory). NIAID coordinates a national/international program to conduct and support research to improve the understanding of allergic, immunologic, and infectious diseases and to better the means of preventing, diagnosing, and treating illnesses. Much of this research requires laboratory animals, and the development and preservation of appropriate research models are important to the needs of the medical research programs. NIAID has one of the largest, most complex, decentralized, and species-diverse research programs in the United States. 

The incumbent will be responsible for serving as Chief for the Mouse Genetics and Gene Modification (MGGM) section of the CMB. The incumbent will serve as the point of contact with research staff for the cryopreservation of established biomedical research animal models. The incumbent will interact with principal investigators to develop novel genetically engineered research models to include both live animals and cell lines. The incumbent will utilize CRISPR-Cas techniques and use his/her extensive knowledge of molecular biology techniques to design DNA constructs, guide RNA, and assess integration to targeted sites. The incumbent will also provide training and supervision to 5-10 employees as well as direct the coordination of all support services to fulfill the mission of the MGGM section. The incumbent will have fiduciary responsibility for the development and maintenance of the section’s budget.


  1. Ph.D. from an accredited college/university
  2. Supervisory experience with multiple employees at all levels of education and skill
  3. Extensive knowledge of molecular biology
  4. Extensive experience in the cryopreservation of germplasm and the development and production of transgenic and knock-out animal research models
  5. Proficiency in microinjection of mouse embryos
  6. Advanced knowledge of molecular biology, superior application of techniques, and a high level of success with cutting-edge and evolving methods for integration of genetic material into targeted sites
  7. Extensive experience in the genetic modification of animal and cell lines using various techniques
  8. Extensive experience with CRISPR-Cas techniques to include troubleshooting and refinements to optimize target integration of DNA

Salary will be commensurate with education and experience. A full benefits package is available, including retirement, health insurance, life insurance, long-term care insurance, annual and sick leave, and Thrift Savings Plan (401k equivalent).

To Apply:

Interested candidates should send their curriculum vitae (CV), bibliography, and a one-page statement on their background and interests in the position to by October 13, 2020.

The Department of Health and Human Services, National Institutes of Health, and NIAID are equal opportunity employers dedicated to diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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