For Food Allergy Researchers

Since 2003, NIAID has substantially increased its support for food allergy research, from basic research in allergy and immunology to epidemiological and observational studies to identify risk factors and clinical trials that are testing new strategies to prevent and treat food allergy.

Through the information offered here, researchers can learn about the science being conducted at NIAID and by NIAID-funded researchers. Researchers seeking funding can access opportunities to further their own research, while NIAID and NIH grantees can find out about available resources outside of specific funding opportunities. Recent publications, active networks, and ways to connect with other researchers are also available.

Resources for Researchers

NIAID offers resources such as technologies available for licensing or collaboration, computer applications, and other tools and services developed in its labs to the general scientific community for the advancement of biomedical research.


NIAID supports a spectrum of research, from basic studies in allergy and immunology to food allergy clinical trials. Through these efforts, NIAID-funded scientists and clinicians are making significant progress in combating food allergies that affect millions of children and adults worldwide.

Content last reviewed on October 29, 2018