Evacuation Procedure

  1. Remain calm.
  2. Immediately cease all work.
  3. Leave quickly by way of the nearest safe exit. Do not run.
  4. Do not return to your work area to retrieve personal items.
  5. Shut all doors behind you.
  6. Accompany and assist persons with special needs* and any co-workers who appear to need direction or assistance.

    *These individuals will meet at the designated safe area (e.g., the nearest stairwell). They should be assisted by their designated aide or another co-worker who will notify the Occupant Emergency Coordinator that they are waiting for assistance from emergency personnel.

    • In the event of an emergency, sponsoring staff are responsible for ensuring that their visitors evacuate and remain in the evacuation assembly area until the Occupant Emergency Coordinator can confirm that they have successfully evacuated the building.
    • Proceed as quickly as possible in an orderly manner to the nearest exit or stairway (do not push or shove). Hold onto handrails when using stairs, keeping to the right side of the stairway.
    • Move to previously designated assembly areas or another safe area away from the building.
      • Assembly areas may be in different locations depending on the type of emergency.
      • Staff should follow the direction of building Emergency Team Members.

      My Primary Assembly Area is _______________________________________

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